The Paint Brush Cover from Shark Tank

The Paint Brush Cover shark tank

You might have seen plenty of brands, startups, and other entrepreneurial ventures surrounding paint jobs, wall paints, interior home and exterior wall painting, paints, tools, rollers, brushes, and the list can just keep on going. At this point, an extensive array of products belonging to the same pool is used for achieving one common goal – a splendid paint job.

It has become a whole industry over time with as many innovations in products and tools and the trio we are talking about today was also much interested in stepping up their game to join in it too. These three New Jersey men are two brothers and their friends who came together to create the very coveted The Paint Brush Cover.

Sal DePaola, John DePaola, and Anthony Caputo were just a bunch of boys who happen to have a collective experience of well over 60 years of paint jobs. From canvas paintings and wall murals to extensive commercial paint jobs – they are professionals at their work spanning over years of hard work and product of labor of love.

However, as they grew their friendship over the years, they seemingly found common ground in their confessions of never being able to find a convenient time amidst their paint jobs, to simply put the brush down and help themselves to a much-needed break. Or maybe even attend some other important stuff going on in their lives.

For instance, maybe they’ve got to pick up their kids from school, take them to swimming lessons, or just idly take a call. It may happen so, but not as often as they’d like and not without compromising the paint job or risking the paint liquid drying out. Over getting their heads together to find a solution for this, they hit the jackpot called The Paint Brush Cover.

The idea totally blew their minds as they were convinced it should become a big deal in the industry with the power to revolutionize every painter’s job. And so, steadying their confidence in their product, they went on to launch the company in 2011. They prepared a coveted case simply for placing your paintbrush inside.

The purpose of The Paint Brush Cover was to help painters put down the brush without risking the brush drying out with the paint and reducing its clean-up time after. The air-tight seal of the case was meant to store brushes that haven’t been cleaned without drying them out and brushes that have been cleaned, aiding in the longevity of their lives.

All in all, the visionary product was seemingly reducing the amount of paint wasted and brushes ruined while allowing painters some much-needed off time. Therefore, their unique idea had to be pitched on Shark Tank. And so the trio prepared to show up with a proposal of $200k for 10% equity in their startup. It should be enough for their product distribution going through.

However, unlike their business startup idea that was unique and confident, their pitch was awkward when Sal forgot his speech and got all flustered. However, fortunately, he had his two best men by his side, who were quite successfully able to recover the lost charm. In fact, all the judges were interested in the product ensuing in a bidding war.

However, Lori hails supreme when she agrees with the trio and goes for the offer they had initially brought to the table, which is $200k for 10%. One of the best deals to have been acquired by a startup on Shark Tank, the boys are delighted to have successfully pitched their product and won the deal of their dreams.

Today, The Paint Brush Cover is a renowned brand for everyone, especially painters. It has expanded far and wide with a lot more products besides the OG paint brush case the trio had cooked up together. They sell online through their official website, and on Amazon. But you can also find them physically on multiple retailers across the country as listed on their website.

Our Review of The Paint Brush Cover

We were fortunate to get our hands on the coveted and prized product, The Paint Brush Cover, and safe to say. It is an ideal product for painters. General people may find it an ordinary air-tight plastic container, flattened out and shaped like a brush. However, its true value can only be seen if you are a painter.

The sturdy case is easy to clean for multiple uses and great for storing wet and dry brushes. You can also add a rope at the top of it where they have given a loop, making it easier to carry and include in all of your other stuff. It is good quality, affordable, and certainly an innovative design concept to have revolutionized paint jobs across the world.

Pros of The Paint Brush Cover

  • Sturdy, plastic container.
  • Innovative design concept.
  • Best for both wet and dry brushes.
  • Keepyour brushes fresh between coats.
  • Allows the painter to take breaks.
  • You can store brushes over the weekend.
  • Lab-tested.
  • Exactly as sampled and shown on Shark Tank.

Cons of The Paint Brush Cover

  • People may not find its usability.

Who Is The Paint Brush Cover For?

The Paint Brush Cover is for painters and is even marketed as such. The general public may not find any usability in it because it is a specified product designed to suit the needs of a painter. So whether you are a commercial painter, a canvas painter, or a household painter, The Paint Brush Cover is one of the best things you can buy for yourself or gift to your painting buddies.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There aren’t any exact alternatives for this product, given the fact that it is a unique design innovation. However, if it really doesn’t matter to you how your brushes suffice amidst a paint job or how much paint dries out and gets wasted, you may use any plastic container whatsoever. Hence, it could work as an alternative for you.

Our Final Thoughts

As of November 2021, the company is still very much in business, grossing over $5 million in revenue. Moreover, John DePaola, one of the three musketeers responsible for the brand, was charged in a drug case, being accused of being a drug dealer. His lawyer called it baffling and went to fight the case for him, where he managed to walk free.