Hampton Adams Athletic Tape from Shark Tank

Hampton Adams Athletic Tape shark tank

Nowadays, many people are becoming increasingly aware of how important physical fitness is. In a world where we saw a pandemic killing the majority of those people who had earlier failed to look after their physical health – many people took that as a lesson to move towards becoming a better, healthier version of themselves.

However, apart from challenging your patience and discipline, becoming physically fit involves all sorts of external resources, too – the biggest of all being the gym. Unless you can afford to have your own gym at your home or workspace, you are like everybody else who goes to a third-party gym and takes a trainer’s services.

Seneca Hampton was just like this too. Having a strong passion for athletics and finding the right course of motivation – he started going to the gym to gain his desired physical appearance and fulfill his health and fitness goals. However, soon he noticed how the regular athletic tape was just not cutting it for him. Hence, he took it upon himself to mitigate this issue once and for all.

His motives were clear and also strongly backed by his family. As Seneca came from an educated family background, given his mother was a nurse and his father was a football coach, they all knew how important taping was to prevent injury. But the nuance of the sticky residue being left behind on the skin and cleats after was once that needed solving.

And so, Seneca made up his mind that he would create what he now calls Hampton Adams Athletic Tape. He pushed his extended knowledge of preventing injury and how taping is great for sore muscles that helps athletes a lot – he came up with this design innovation of a tape that works for athletes and healthcare professionals and doesn’t leave a sticky residue behind.

However, being clear on your motives and designs isn’t enough to get a product manufacturing up and to run. So Seneca set out on a hunt to find the perfect formula and met with many manufacturing heads before he landed the ideal recipe to curate exactly what he had in mind. Safe to say, being adamant and not compromising on your knowledge works.

Soon enough, Seneca had Hampton Adams Athletic Tape – a brand up and running and consistently being sold out on Amazon. He started with a mere $700 and kept on reinvesting the profit he earned to scale and expand his business. Even though it took him some loans, he was able to establish his name before realizing what he was missing.

After an exceptionally successful run at the selling game, Seneca realized that he was like a hamster running on the wheel. He never has enough in his inventory. Before long, he is sold out. Therefore, scaling the manufacturing was troublesome and required a business mind that could also help with the extended finances of doing it in one go.

Moreover, business expansion to cover more countries was out of the question at this point, given he neither had the finances nor the resources. That is when he turned to take a chance at Shark Tank. He presented a pitch for a whopping $500,000 for a mere 10% of the equity in return. So the chances of attaining that sum were slim unless negotiations were made.

However, for Seneca, the pitch was justified, given he had a successfully established business and brand name, flourishing already. But did the judges match his vision? The answer is no. Although both the sports-loving sharks, Mark Cuban and Robert Herjavec, were interested, they were stuck to one answer for Seneca: to sell.

Having not thought about selling his business, Seneca was not going for it. And even though Kevin O’Leary presented him with a deal, he wasn’t completely satisfied to nod in affirmative. Hence, unfortunate but remains true that Seneca left without a deal on Shark Tank despite having no backup plan in place.

Today, despite the failure of attaining a deal, Hampton Adams Athletic Tape is a successfully running brand. You can find their products on Amazon as well as on their official website HamptonAdams.com. Seneca made it even without the sharks investing in his business with a dedicated mission to become a one-stop shop for all things athletic tape.

Our Review of Hampton Adams Athletic Tape

We were fortunate enough to get our hands on Hampton Adams Athletic Tape via Amazon. It is safe to say that the product quality speaks for itself. Although it is a niche-based product and not the majority of people would even know how it works – those who do know can see why they need it and won’t ever purchase any other cheap alternative.

Pros of Hampton Adams Athletic Tape

  • No stickiness and hassle with the glue –The tape is made by using a unique formula to ensure that it reels and applies easily. Works wonders for athletes like boxing champs, weight lifters, sparring players, rock climbers, etc.
  • You can tear it using your fingers –The tape is extremely adhesive. However, you won’t need scissors, shears, or specialized tape cutters for it. You can just wrap and tear to stick it where you want. The difference in quality will truly surprise you.
  • Perfectly sticky –Are you also tired of tapes that don’t hold? Hampton Adams Athletic Tape is made with a premium adhesive that sticks as it should. It is perfect for body, cleats, and sticks like lacrosse and hockey.
  • Made with medical grade substance –made with 100% cotton, it works great for therapists to use for physical therapy of their patients.

Cons of Hampton Adams Athletic Tape

It is a niche product, so not many people even know what it is, let alone find a use for it.

Who Is Hampton Adams Athletic Tape For?

Hampton Adams Athletic Tape is primarily for athletes and physical fitness enthusiasts. However, due to its high-quality production and objective, it can be used for therapy too. It truly is a kind of design innovation when it comes to athletic tapes and body taping – making it easier to apply and remove for people on their own.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Naturally, you can find cheaper alternatives, but they won’t serve the purpose over which Hampton Adams Athletic Tape’s whole foundation is built as a business, i.e., no sticky residue. So if that is something of a priority to you, you will never go for any other alternatives and only stick with Hampton Adams Athletic Tape.

Our Final Thoughts

It was a shame for Shark Tank judges to have not realized the power of Seneca’s knowledge and skill that he had already invested in his business. Asking him to sell his brainchild was not only shameful but demotivating, given that he was just under financial constraints for expansion and not complaining about the work of it all. It is great to see Seneca thrive despite it all.