Bunch from Shark Tank

Bunch shark tank

Bunch is a cargo electric bike that is built on the same model as a tricycle. Cargo bikes can be used to transport goods or even little children in an environment-friendly and healthier way. Aaron Powell, the owner of bunch Cargo Bikes, innovated the design of electric Cargo Bikes and came up with Bunch. Bunch is supposed to be a high-quality cargo bike that can easily carry heavy loads with its optimal and efficient design. It is not intended to give you any speed, but the design has been specialized to help you go up hills and difficult terrain without exerting too much pressure, using only torque. While there are other cargo electric bikes in the market, the high quality and efficient design of this bike is truly what sets it apart.

Aaron Powell made his appearance on Shark Tank in season 12 with the Bunch Bikes. With his pitch, he did manage to grab the attention and the interest of all the Sharks since they appreciated the quality and efficiency of the bike. Most of them also suggested that they would love to be customers as well. Aaron was seeking $250,000 for 10% of the business. The Sharks were hesitant to make an offer because of supply chain issues and the high costs of the bikes. The only Shark who willingly made an offer was Barbara, but she offered $250,000 for a 40% stake in the company, which seemed like giving up too much of the company for Aaron.

Barbara was one of the Sharks that Aaron had his eye on, and he could tell that she was interested in the business, being a cyclist herself, and after much back and forth, they were finally able to make a deal with $100,000, $150,000 loan, and a 15% stake in the company.

An interesting bit about this company is that Robert Herjavec also became an investor in the company after being a customer of the bikes in 2020.

Bunch bikes is still an active company and doing quite well for itself in the present.

Our Review Of Bunch

So, when we found out that Robert Herjavec also invested in the company after trying the bike for himself, we knew that it had to be tried out. We wanted to see if this electric cargo bike actually offers as much utility as it claims it does or is it just creating hype?

When ordering, we noticed that the company offers four different models of bikes depending on whether you are transporting children or goods. The new models of the cycle that were innovated after Shark Tank are also able to hold dogs and up to 6 children which is basically a whole family!

The bike we ordered came fully assembled, which is one of the best things about this bike. Assembly of bikes and other such equipment often takes a long time and many people do not have the professional expertise to assemble such equipment properly. Naturally, this counts as a big pro for Bunch Bikes.

Other than that, the bike also has a front-loaded box for the cargo that you will be transporting, and a safety harness as well which keeps your cargo safe throughout the journey.

Upon riding the bike ourselves, we noticed that it is truly excellent quality. The bike seemed to be very durable and we were easily able to use it with minimal concern. The bike is excellent for transporting goods and even taking your children or your dog for a ride outside the house.

The main concern that most people show with this bike is that it is expensive. As Kevin O’Leary said on Shark Tank, the high cost of the bikes is justified because of the quality that you are getting. The bike is something that people will reach out for quite often, but it is true that not everyone will be able to afford it.

The only other concern is that it is based on the model of a tricycle. Which means that the bike has three wheels instead of two. For avid bicyclists, this could be a bit of a learning curve since three wheels make the bike less compact. Of course, this is a conscious design choice since the bike is intended to carry heavy cargo, which is easier to do with three wheels instead of two. The only problem that remains is that it is slightly difficult to turn corners with this bike.

Pros Of Bunch

There are many pros we can attribute to Bunch Bikes, and some of them include the following:

  • The bike is very high quality
  • It can carry goods, children, and dogs securely
  • The engine of the bike is high-powered as well

Cons Of Bunch

There are a few cons of the Bunch Bike that we picked up on as well:

  • The bike is quite expensive and not everyone will be able to afford it
  • The three wheels make it a little difficult to turn corners

Who Is Bunch For?

Bunch Bike is the perfect bike for families. If you want to take your kids for a ride and don’t want to take the car out, the Bunch Bike is right there, waiting for you. The same goes for dog-owners who want to take their dogs out on longer distances. On the other hand, it is also excellent for carrying groceries or equipment from one place to another without needing to take your car out.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There are a few alternatives to the Bunch Bike, but most of them are made by European manufacturers. Cargo bikes can also be manufactured by custom bike companies but they will charge much more than a pre-established brand.

Our Final Thoughts

Bunch Bikes feature an innovative design and have come up with a bike that is better than most other electric cargo bikes that are available in the market at present. The high cost of the bike is mostly justified and is a truly great investment for families.