LUCIDArt from Shark Tank

LUCIDArt shark tank

Today everything is art. From the content we consume on social media platforms to the NFTs we see up for sale for millions of dollars – everything is art. However, back in the day, art was a prolific medium of expression but limited in that sense only. From paintings to hyper-realistic statues and whatnot, we have a whole Renaissance Movement that was brought on by art.

So it is safe to say that art has been around since a long time. It has paved its way while struggling against the modern world, newer technology, tools and backlash for ideas that were considered unacceptable. However, one such art enthusiast came up with an art tool that was supposed to help people trace an image of the thing they wanted to draw. However, you might be wondering then, how come is it an actual “drawing”? And we do have tracing paper for it anyway.

Well, there is a twist in this case, which carries a hint in the brand’s name – LUCIDArt. The art tool created by Les Cookson (Yes, this is the same Les Cookson who showed up back in season 2 of Shark Tank with a Carsick Bib!) is an innovative new art tool that allows you to trace an image that you want to draw, but the result is holographic. And you guessed it right, a holographic image means you can interact with your drawing in real life.

LUCIDArt might have raised some eyebrows and concerns about its utility. But true art lovers know that art has no boundaries or actual utility for it to be considered art. So this amazing innovation was an instant hit with people who found it interesting. Moreover, art historians know that Lucida was an old 1806 patent from an English chemist named William Hyde. So LUCIDArt was a modern iteration of that same optical device idea for art.

Hence, with all that knowledge, skill, and confidence in his product, Les Cookson came back to Shark Tank. This time he was asking for a whopping $300,000 for a 10% stake in his business. As he started his pitch on a lighter note, he joked about his previous appearance on Shark Tank, and the sharks had a good laugh. In essence, he was trying to show that he understood and didn’t go ahead with his last innovation. However, this time his product has a provisional patent already.

He goes on to explain how he is generating sales from people interested in art and learning to draw and, at the same time, from professional artists. However, most of his sales quota is fulfilled by artists who have newly entered this stream of thought and are looking to improve. He emphasizes that he spent four years trying to perfect this device, and it fills him with pride to see that people are actually finding it useful.

Next, he goes on to do a little demonstration for the sharks and shows them how the LUCIDArt tool actually works. Alongside the demonstration, he continues explaining the tool’s cost figures and how much he has accumulated in annual sales. The sharks are visibly impressed by both the demonstration and the figures being explained to them. He tells them that 95% of sales happen directly to the end user, so he spent $70,000 on advertisements.

Now was the time when sharks put on their A-game and wanted to negotiate the pitch with Les as they were interested. Daymond is the first and the only one that grips Les with his counter offer of 20% for $300,000, but Les is not easy to budge. So Daymond lowers it to 17% when Les says that it is fair, but why not go 15%? That is when Daymond smiles, indicating that it was his plan all along. They do the deal, and Les couldn’t have been happier.

Lucy Drawing Tool is available on their official website and is widely sold on Amazon. Since its inception and deal with Daymond, the tool has been a success. It shows how hard work does translate into monetary rewards, as Les couldn’t have imagined being in the position he is in now with his Carsick Bib. The innovative product is a well-loved tool in the art community – by professionals and students all the same.

Our Review of LUCIDArt

We were fortunate enough to get our hands on LUCIDArt Lucy Drawing Tool. It was certainly a different experience than using any other art tool. In fact, you could feel that it is new technology innovation at play unlike anything else you have ever worked with, especially for art. Furthermore, we noticed that scaling your subject is difficult, especially if you are still in the learning stages of drawing.

However, with LUCIDArt Lucy Drawing Tool, rescaling is exceptionally easy. There is no need to measure the subject dimensions when you can trace out the exact holographic shape directly on the paper. In addition to all this, there are incredibly lowered chances of making mistakes in a permanent art form like acrylics and oil pastels. All you have to focus on is your creative input to translate it into a gorgeous art form – all else is already taken care of.

Pros of LUCIDArt

  • The tool is very light in weight, so your physical stature is not burdened.
  • It is easy to understand its utility and set it up for creating art.
  • No more fuss with the permanent art forms, as you have a low chance of making mistakes.
  • It takes the match out of art for you so you can focus on being creative.
  • Perfect for beginners and incredibly handy for professionals.

Cons of LUCIDArt

  • It is a niche-targeted product, and not everyone would find its usability.
  • It requires a certain light set up in your art room to work.
  • It is limited by the canvas size it allows.

Who Is LUCIDArt For?

LUCIDArt Lucy Drawing Tool is a niche-based product, and so it definitely is only for that particular niche, i.e., artists. If you are an art student, a professional artist, or an art enthusiast looking for ways to improve your skills, LUCIDArt Lucy Drawing Tool is for you.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There are not any direct alternatives to LUCIDArt Lucy Drawing Tool. However, in an indirect scheme of things, a projector works in a similar fashion and might not even be limited by the canvas size. So people may find portable projectors as an alternative to LUCIDArt Lucy Drawing Tool.

Our Final Thoughts

Les Cookson clearly nailed the design innovation with LUCIDArt Lucy Drawing Tool, as it is a raging success with artists and have yet to find a direct market competitor. So naturally they have a monopoly and serve their customers well. However, we suggest if you are interested in art and want to give it a shot, this tool is a great way to kick-start a new hobby that will certainly last you a lifetime. Cheers!