Pure Ayre from Shark Tank

Pure Ayre shark tank

James Mitchell introduced Pure Ayre to the world as an odor eliminator. He believed that his product was environmentally sustainable and non-toxic. Unlike scented air fresheners, the unique formula breaks down the molecules that produce unpleasant odors, leaving nothing behind. It can be applied to the skin and freshen the breath. This product can also eliminate the smell of dog poop or cat urine. It is regarded as the only odor eliminator in the market strong enough to combat unpleasant smells, whether you use it on humans or animals.

When Mitchell pitched his product to Shark Tank, he was confident that Barbara would be interested in his venture. He described how his product was environmentally safe and worked to eliminate bad breath and unpleasant animal odors in a home. Let’s see whether or not the Sharks took a bite out of Mitchell’s business in exchange for his asking price.

Mitchell asked for $150,000 for 10% stakes in the company. He touted his product as the only natural and safe one currently available that does the job. He showed Corcoran how he used the spray.

Inquiring about patents, the Sharks demanded information that Mitchell refused to provide. He feared that if he patented his product, some phony would copy his product. Sharks were reluctant to invest because of the difficulty of obtaining a patent for a product. However, Mitchell regained the ground for a moment when he revealed his sales. According to him, the company had sold over $3 million worth of products since its inception.

However, he was still far from victory. When the sharks got to know that Pure Ayre was pulled from Walgreens shelves, their eyebrows raised. Kevin O’Leary inquired about the reason he was taken off the shelf. He continued by asking about the owner’s plans to rectify the situation.

Mitchell was in a state of disarray. The Sharks were wary of his company because of its continued success and failure history. Barbara Corcoran was the first to excuse herself. Kevin Harrington had his doubts about Mitchell’s competence. Therefore, he refused to invest in his company. The remaining three sharks planned a strategy that left Mitchell confused.

Daymond John was the first to make a proposition. He said he’d give him the money, but only if he gets half of it back. Kevin O’Leary responded with a counter-proposal. He said he would give Mitchell a 7% payment for life if he let him buy his company. Robert Herjavec said he wouldn’t make an offer if Mitchell even considered selling the entire company. He swore he would be out when Mitchell waffled.

Mitchell was so confused that he decided to ask for his wife’s advice to help him make a final decision. In the meantime, Kevin and Daymond made a new offer to Mitchell. They wanted to acquire the company for $150,000 and gave Mitchell a lifelong royalty of 7%, but he wouldn’t have any involvement in his own company. Despite Herjavec’s offer of an additional $75,000, Mitchell declined. As a result, he exited Shark Tank without a deal.

Mitchell’s firm appeared to be prospering despite his disastrous Shark Tank appearance. As of February 2015, he had a booth at the Seattle Kennel Club Show, where he sold the product. Despite Mitchell’s lack of business acumen, his product appears to have the staying power to keep him afloat. It would appear that a top-notch product is essential to a company’s long-term success. The business is still going strong in 2022, bringing in $5 million a year.

Our Review of Pure Ayre

Pure Ayre is a multipurpose odor remover that has multiple uses. It is a safe, natural way to clean your house. It can remove odors from anything from automobiles and carpets to closets and bathrooms. It can even eliminate the smell of cigarette smoke and remove odors from furniture and draperies.

This product is natural and chemical-free with no artificial smell. Therefore, it is highly recommended for newborns. Carpets, bedding, pee, clothing, spit-up, sour milk, strollers, and many other household items can be cleaned with the help of this product.

Moreover, you can use the Pure Ayre to remove odors from your pets’ cages and bedding. It is a natural solution to remove feces, urine, vomit, and skunk spray aromas from your pets’ cages.

Cars, homes, clothing, furniture, carpets, and pets can benefit from Pure Ayre’s effective and natural Skunk odor eliminator. Spray Pure Ayre Skunk as soon as you detect a skunk odor, and you’ll be golden. You can also spray your pets and yourself with Pure Ayre to eliminate musty odors during all of your boating and marine activities.

Pure Ayre has commercial and industrial uses, too. It can be utilized in various commercial and industrial settings, including hotels, office buildings, ships, health care facilities, police stations, and other modes of transportation.

It is highly efficient because it can be used in any given location at a moment’s notice. It has a lasting effect in nature because it breaks the molecular bonds of the chemicals that cause odors. Moreover, you can purchase it for an economical price.

Who is it Best For?

Pure Ayre can be used in houses, garages, and other places where you experience unpleasant smells. It can also be utilized in industrial and commercial settings. If you have pets, you might need a potent odor eliminator; let Pure Ayre do the job for you.

Are There Any Alternatives?

One of the best alternatives to Pure Ayre is Angry Oranges. It’s hard to beat this product as a pet odor remover because it smells so good and works so well. It’s non-toxic and biodegradable, thanks to the oil present in orange peels. It can be sprayed in kennels, on yard surfaces, and anyplace else pet scents are an issue.

Our Final Thoughts

It’s chemical-free, safe, and good for you. Because it’s so safe, you can even spray it directly on animals and people. When used properly, it is highly efficient, strong, and potent. It can be used in various commercial and residential settings to eliminate even the most revolting odors. Moreover, there is no risk involved in its usage.