Pop It Pal from Shark Tank

Pop It Pal shark tank

What do you do if a pimple appears on your face? You might try and ignore it for a couple of days, but most of us resort to popping it and letting the puss ooze out. And boy, doesn’t that feel good!

Honestly, the amount of stress you can get rid of by popping out just one pimple is amazing. And this is exactly what Billie Pierce and Summer Pierce felt, but they decided to do something about it.

So, what exactly is Pop It Pal? Continue reading to find out.

What is Pop It Pal?

Bill Pierce and Summer Pierce were just a normal married couple who never considered starting a company, much less leading a hugely successful one across the country. Summer sustained an injury back in 2017, forcing her to take a significant absence from her nursing position, but fate had other plans for them.

Bill and Summer discussed numerous company concepts throughout this protracted period of healing in an effort to come up with a source of revenue that would enable them to continue living the way they did even if Summer left her difficult nursing position. The duo stumbled upon the online fad of pimple popping as they were considering business ideas. They had an idea after watching how popular these pimple-popping clips were.

They decided to come up with a device that could benefit everyone as a stress reliever in the form of a pimple-popping toy. That’s when they came up with the first prototype in the form of a silicon-based device with fake pimples and fake pus, and hence, Pop It Pal was created.

Pop It Pal is basically a toy that features pimples ready to be popped and release the disgusting puss within it. It serves the purpose that other toys like the fidget spinner were aimed at reducing stress in adults.

While it may seem like a useless toy, the sales numbers suggest otherwise. Ever since its launch on the internet, people seem to actually benefit from it even though they might feel disgusted at first; it definitely helped several customers release stress.

The duo was successful in connecting with customers by offering this solution that reduces stress. Through effective digital advertising, they were able to make over $300000 in revenue in just a few months.

Since their business started doing exceptionally well, they decided to take it further by getting a shark to invest, and here is how their Shark Tank pitch went.

Pop It Pal on Shark Tank

The husband and wife duo enter the Shark Tank looking for a $250000 investment in return for 10% equity. They start their pitch by telling the sharks how popping pimples is a trend, and so many people love doing it, to which all of the sharks feel disgusted. They proceeded by informing them that consumers feel an enormous amount of satisfaction by doing so; however, popping pimples on the skin is actually really bad and could leave marks.

With Pop It Pal, you no longer need to pop the pimples on your skin as you could feel the same amount of satisfaction by doing it with the toy, and the puss will keep on oozing out just like it does with real pimples.

They hand out samples to the sharks, and as much as they hate looking at them, all the sharks enjoy popping the pimples one after the other and totally understand what the fuss is all about. After getting a clearer picture of the sales of the product and realizing there was a pretty big market for this toy, the offers started coming in.

Bill and Summer Pierce accept Kevin’s offer for a $250000 investment in return for 5% ownership along with a $1.50 royalty per unit till he recovers $750000.

Our Review of Pop It Pal

Pop It Pal may initially seem like just another pointless invention that nobody needs. However, public demand suggests that it is unquestionably a toy for excellent stress management. In only the initial 3 weeks, the Pop It Pal promotional video on several social media platforms had over 30 million views. Pop It Pal’s social media pages continue to garner respectable numbers. Over 12,000 of these one-of-a-kind stress-relieving toys had already been produced by the time Bill and Summer appeared on Shark Tank.

Pop It Pal’s construction might be characterized as being rather straightforward. It’s a rectangle silicone blob that is skin-friendly with 16 holes that resemble pimples. The silicone sponge includes a beeswax-made plastic puss tube.

The best feature of Pop It Pal is that it can be reused again and again, and it only needs to be refilled with puss. It is washable so that you can keep it as hygienic as possible and just continue popping.

The only downside is that this toy is towards the pricier end, mostly because of the use of premium silicone.

Pros of Pop It Pal

  • Comes with a refilling puss tube
  • It is delivered to your doorstep free of charge
  • Has a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Comes in three different colors
  • Relieves stress efficiently
  • Safe for use by humans

Cons of Pop It Pal

  • Unavailable in retail establishments
  • A bit towards the pricey end

Who Is Pop It Pal For?

Pop It Pal is undoubtedly an unusual product. Consider purchasing a Pop It Pal if you are sick with fidget spinners and stress balls or if they are no longer effective for you. For individuals who have a persistent tendency to burst their own pimples, this toy is a viable substitute.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Yes, there are now several Pop It Pal substitutes available. Numerous manufacturers have ventured into creating these toys for stress alleviation and have been successful in garnering positive consumer reactions. There are a few notable alternatives to bursting pimples that one should take into account.

A toy by KYW called the popping pimple toy is also fairly well-liked on Amazon and features a silicone shaped like a nose with a refillable puss.

Our Final Thoughts

The deal with Kevin closed successfully, and the company went on to produce the toy with different colored puss as well as glitter puss. The toy has a therapeutic effect on individuals who are chronic skin-pickers or have dermatillomania.

Pop It Pal has earned a reputation as a powerful stress-relieving toy; however, we feel it should bring its price down a bit and make the toy available on the shelves of retail stores.