The Pop from Shark Tank

The Pop shark tank

The Pop is a medical-grade pacifier manufactured by a company called Doodle. If the pacifier is dropped on the floor, it snaps and converts into a protective casing, aiming to keep the pacifier bacteria-free.

The unique element of this product is that there aren’t many companies that have released such a helpful product. The pop pacifier saves moms the time and effort of sterilizing a pacifier after their child drops it on the floor.

Luckily, the Pop was able to land a contract on Shark Tank and market their pacifiers on a large scale. In 2018, the firm had a bank issue that prevented them from paying vendors or receiving payments. However, the problem was resolved after two weeks, and the bank referred to it as a mix-up.

Later, the firm launched another version of the pacifier, and the company’s annual revenue is expected to be approximately 1 million dollars by 2022.

The creator of the Pop Nicki came to Shark Tank hoping to land a deal for two hundred and fifty thousand dollars in exchange for a 5% share in her company. She begins by explaining how she collaborated with Janna Badger, the brains behind the idea, and how they created the Pop. She then gave the shark some samples. As they put the pacifiers in their mouths, Robert and Daymond made the crowd chuckle.

Nicki further tells the sharks that her product is patented and can be found at renowned brands like Nordstrom and Buy Buy Baby. They also sold around twenty-five thousand pieces on Kickstarter, and the firm had been officially operational for four months before the shooting of Shark Tank.

Nicki informs the sharks that one piece of the Pop costs 1.20 dollars to make and sells for 9.99 dollars. Daymond is the first to speak out against the hefty valuation. Kevin then offers a 10% offer of 250,000 dollars.

Sarah is the next in line to make a 250,000 offer for a 15% stake in the company. Sarah explains that she is asking for 5% more than Kevin since she will be able to showcase the product to millions of women through her website. Mark chooses not to make an offer. Lori eventually joins Sarah in her offer, offering 250,000 for 20%, which they will split evenly. In the end, Nicki picks Kevin’s deal.

Our Review of the Pop

The Pop is a useful product for moms since it allows them to easily pop the pacifier and throw it in their bags without worrying about it catching germs. The pop feature allows moms to avoid sterilizing the pacifier every time their infant pulls it out of their mouth and drops it. Mothers can insert the pacifier and place it in their child’s mouths.

If you’re still concerned about germs, you may run it in the dishwasher before using it again. Even though the pacifier frequently pops when dropped, the company has explicitly indicated that it may not pop every time it is dropped.

Another feature that makes the Pop stand out is that it is constructed entirely of natural materials and has no toxic chemicals. The pacifier is composed of high-quality silicone, which ensures its longevity and durability.

Before purchasing this product, parents should keep in mind that it could require extra work since the nipple may start popping in if the infant tends to chew the pacifiers or starts pulling them out of their mouth. The retracted nipple will need to be manually brought out and placed back in the child’s mouth frequently, which may frustrate some parents.

However, this product is worth a try if your baby does not chew on their pacifiers or constantly takes them out of their mouth.

Pros of the Pop

Here are a few benefits of using the Pop:

  • The pacifiers are free of any harmful components such as lead or BPA
  • The pacifiers help parents avoid frequent sterilization
  • Parents can easily store the pacifier in their bags without having to worry about them getting dirty

Cons of the Pop

Here are a few drawbacks of the Pop that parents need to consider before buying it:

  • The pacifier may not pop every time it is dropped
  • The pacifier may not be suitable for babies that chew on pacifiers and pull them out of their mouths because you will have to manually retract the pacifier every time

Who Is The Pop For?

The Pop is best suited for babies that are a few months old. We feel that the Pop and Go model would be better suited to older babies. Moreover, it is only suitable for newborns that do not chew on their nipples and regularly take them out of their mouth.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Here are a few alternatives to the Pop:

  • The Mama Bear pacifier
  • Little Bae Bae retractable pacifier clip

We have put The Mama Bear Pacifier on top of our list of alternatives for The Pop as, unlike The Pop, this pacifier comes for babies of different ages.

Moreover, the Mama Bear Pacifier is also made of safe components, and the high-quality silicone material makes them durable. The prices are also similar as The Pop pacifier is sold at 9.99 dollars, and The Mama Bear Pacifier comes at a 10-dollar price tag.

The best part about the Mama Bear Pacifier is that if parents do not like it, they can get a refund within one year of purchasing it.

Our Final Thoughts

The Pop pacifier is a worthwhile product since it relieves mothers of the need to wash pacifiers regularly, making their job easier. It also has an affordable price tag. However, it is only intended for use with newborns who are a few months old and may not be suitable for babies who enjoy chewing on nipples and regularly removing pacifiers out of their mouths.

So, what are you waiting for? Try out the pacifier to see whether you enjoy it. If it works for you, it might be a highly useful product.