PolarPro from Shark Tank

PolarPro shark tank

Sports photographers, filmmakers, professional photographers, videographers, and individuals with a passion for great quality images and videos all require the latest accessories for their smartphones, drones, and GoPro cameras these days. Whether you’re using them for recreation or building a business, top-quality accessories such as camera filters, microphones, tripods, mounts, etc., are needed.

This is what PolarPro caters to. The Initiator and Founder of PolarPro, Jeff Overall, pitched his company’s three most popular products in the eighth episode of the 7th season of Shark Tank: the Polar Pole, which is the world’s only battery-powered selfies stick, a case that enables users to charge multiple devices and photo filters for drones. PolarPro makes premium accessories for GoPro cameras, cellphones, and drones. It had over 31 products, including tripods, extension poles, cases, tripods, filters, microphones, etc.

Jeff Overall is a daring and always-on-the-run photographer who created his venture PolarPro to design, produce, and supply accessories for famous cameras, including the GoPro. When Jeff Overall was in college, he captured his ski team in accomplishment, and later, he saw that his video content was overexposed. He then learned about polarized film and checked if it worked when positioned above the lens of his GoPro and Tada! He had solved the problem. He used to cut rounds from polarized film layers and try to fix his GoPro issues. He later discovered that many were struggling with the same problem he faced with a GoPro.

He took it upon himself to fix the problem and knew that his newly found polarized lens filter object would assist other GoPro lovers like himself. He landed on Shark Tank in pursuit of $500K for 10% of his business. PolarPro has profit margins extending from seventy-one to three hundred percent. Mark made the best offer to Jeff Overall and PolarPro by giving him what he asked for ($500K in exchange for 10%). Daymond offered him $500K in business for 15% while also stating that he could help PolarPro with their licensing issues. Lori claimed she wanted to be PolarPro’s strategic equal and offered  Jeff Overall $500k in trade for 10% of his company. On the other hand, Robert said he’d stick with Lori and Mark for an additional $500 for a 10% bet.

PolarPro was a huge success at Shark Tank as Jeff struck a deal with Mark and Robert for $1 million in trade for 20% of PolarPro.

Our Review of PolarPro

Jeff Overall started his business PolarPro while attending the University of California, Santa Barbara. It was back in October 2011. The company began with a polarizer filter for all who had overexposure issues with their GoPro cameras. The filter Jeff made helped reduce glare and increase contrast when filming outdoors. Later, the business took off, and Jeff introduced a range of products.

PolarPro caters to adventure-seeking and outdoor enthusiasts who use GoPro daily. It helps them capture an unforgettable moment in perfect lighting during extreme sports such as scuba diving, surfing, and snowboarding. PolarPro aims to drive past the restrictions of the conventional camera and set new ways to create, record, shoot, and capture moments.

Pros of PolarPro

  • Sharpness and color accuracy of images and videos
  • The polarized filter is anti-water, anti-reflection, and anti-oil
  • It has scratch-resistant coatings
  • It comes with hydrophobic coatings
  • Premium quality product – brass frame
  • Unmatched clarity of images and videos
  • The variety of products
  • The presentation and packaging are excellent
  • The polarized filter gives a lifetime warranty
  • It has 16 coating layers
  • Provides you with the perfect color neutrality
  • All items are durable
  • Products offer you value for money

Cons of PolarPro

  • The polarized filter is a bit still, making it harder to operate with a glove
  • The filter look is not so blend-able

Who is PolarPro for?

PolarPro is for individuals who love capturing moments with their GoPro cameras, cellphones, and drones. It captures perfection out on the field, which is the main reason behind its success. The full-of-life individuals who are always on the go and have professional careers in design, adventure, amateurs, cinematographers and risk-taking, innovation, videography, and photography. All 31 products of PolarPro help the users with something or the other making their life so much easier and helping them create and shoot content like no other. However, nothing beats their filters. They are consistent in color and quality, giving you the best results.

The polarized filter is for individuals who look to go trekking, scuba diving, skiing, skydiving, capturing wildlife, marinellite, and people who love taking aerial shots with their drones and capturing every moment in life to perfection. Allowing you the utmost clarity and color accuracy in every image and video.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Quite a few brands in the market are seen as competitors to PolarPro. The top competitor is:

Tiffen – is one of the leading manufacturers of imaging accessories for both professional and consumer imaging. Their filters are used by professional photographers, videographers, amateur photographers, cinematographers, etc. They claim to provide breakthroughs in filter technology and are seen as one of the main competitors of GoPro.

Our Final Thoughts

If you’re just getting started in the world of photography, cinematography, or videography, or you recently got a new phone, drone, or smartphone, and you wish to explore the camera’s true potential, PolarPro has just the items you need. Based on our results, you will get the color quality and accuracy you are looking for. All the things are durable, with the polarized filter offering you a lifetime warranty. And if you are a professional, you must get your hands on PolarPro’s products. They will level up your game of capturing images and videos. Simply talking, the products are well worth the money as they provide the utmost precision and tonal clarity.