Pie Wine Review from Shark Tank: Sipping on Innovation and Flavor

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Pie Wine captured the attention of many when it debuted on the popular TV show Shark Tank, introducing a unique twist to traditional wine offerings. The product aims to complement a favorite American staple: pizza. It emerges from a blend of entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for pairing wine with various food groups. The concept for Pie Wine not only piqued the interest of viewers and taste aficionados but also showcased a burgeoning trend in the beverage industry: the creation of niche products designed to enhance specific dining experiences.

The appeal of Pie Wine lies not just in its novel pairing but also in the journey it took from idea to television and beyond. With a story that starts with the collaboration between two best friends and their shared vision to innovate within the wine market, Pie Wine represents the entrepreneurial dream. Their appearance on Shark Tank provided a platform to demonstrate the potential of their product, despite the outcome of the pitch. Since then, the brand has experienced growth and resonated with consumers looking for a wine that aligns with their casual dining occasions.

Key Takeaways

  • Pie Wine offers a specialized wine experience tailored for pizza enthusiasts.
  • The brand witnessed growth through strategic marketing post-Shark Tank.
  • Consumer feedback underscores the importance of niche products in the beverage market.

Origin of Pie Wine


The innovative beverage known as Pie Wine has its roots in the creativity of two entrepreneurs who identified a unique market niche and decided to pitch their idea on the popular TV show “Shark Tank”.

Founding Story

Pie Wine was founded by two best friends with a vision to blend the iconic pairing of pizza and wine into a single can. Their concept was simple yet groundbreaking, aimed at capturing the hearts of casual diners and wine enthusiasts alike. Starting in early 2022, they developed the business in California, where the company’s roots took hold.

Shark Tank Appearance

The co-founders of Pie Wine took their idea to the “Shark Tank” stage, seeking an investment to elevate their business. They presented their unique product to the Sharks, the panel of potential investors that includes big names like Kevin O’Leary, Mark Cuban, Daymond John, and Lori Greiner. Their pitch and product piqued the interest of the entrepreneur community.

Kevin Klein and Josh Green

Kevin Klein and Josh Green, the co-founders of Pie Wine, brought complementary skills to their business venture. Klein, with a background as a radio host and content writer, handled the company’s media and content strategy. Josh Green, on the other hand, worked alongside Klein to manage the business operations and product development, steering the company towards success.

Product Details


Pie Wine brings innovation to the table with wines designed to complement your favorite pizza dishes. With careful consideration to pairing options, they offer a selection of wines sure to enhance your dining experience.

Wine Varieties

Pie Wine has developed a special lineup of wines that includes both red and white wine options, aiming to cater to different palates and preferences. Each variety is tailored to be a delightful addition to a pizza meal.

Flavor Profiles

The flavor profiles of Pie Wine range from zesty and fruity to robust and savory, encompassing the spectrum of sweet to dry. They have worked meticulously to craft varieties such as crisp sparkling wine reminiscent of sparkling celebrations and full-bodied reds that hold their own alongside hearty pizza toppings.

Packaging and Pricing

Packaging is both functional and aesthetic, with each bottle reflecting the fun spirit of the brand. Pie Wine’s pricing is competitive, usually hovering around $20, making it an accessible luxury for the target demographic. Customers can often enjoy the perk of free shipping on their orders.

Food Pairings

Pie Wine excels at pairing recommendations, suggesting unique combinations like a light lambrusco with a cheesy margherita or a bold red to stand up to a meaty pepperoni pizza. They also suggest white wine variants that complement veggie or seafood-based pizzas, offering a refreshing counterbalance to the flavors.

Business Growth


In the dynamically evolving wine industry, Pie Wine has carved out a niche for itself, with a focus on marketing agility and strategic partnerships that have enabled remarkable growth post its Shark Tank appearance.

Marketing Strategies

Pie Wine’s marketing methods are multifaceted, capitalizing on digital platforms to engage with a wider audience. Their social media presence, especially on Twitter, is leveraged to create a buzz around their products, such as “Sweet Za” and “Sweet Za White”. This online flare profile has helped them in not only creating a brand identity but also in driving pre-sale orders.

Sales and Distribution

As they continue to expand, Pie Wine’s sales figures tell a story of success. They report a strong trajectory with distribution now spanning across 8 states, reflecting the brand’s increasing popularity. Their strategy involves partnerships with various retailers and a push into both online and offline spaces, setting the stage for a projection of over $6.5 million in future sales.

Collaborations and Sponsors

Pie Wine has synergized with other culinary and beverage brands, such as BeatBox Beverages and Sprinkles Cupcakes, to enhance their market presence. They have also explored creative avenues like launching themed merchandise and t-shirts, tapping into the enthusiasm of wine enthusiasts and culinary aficionados alike. These collaborations reinforce Pie Wine’s commitment to building a lifestyle around their brand that resonates with their consumer base.

Consumer Experience

Pie Wine has garnered attention for its novel approach to pairing wine with pizza. Customers and wine enthusiasts alike have shared their experiences, highlighting the compatibility of Pie Wine with classic pizza nights.

Customer Reviews

Consumers have often highlighted Pie Wine as an innovative addition to their pizza night. Reviews frequently mention the convenience of the canned wine, making it an accessible option for those who may traditionally opt for beer during casual dining. Wine enthusiasts commend the efforts in capturing diverse flavors that complement a variety of pizza types. Feedback on platforms like Shark Tank and social media indicates a growing interest in this og pizza wine.

Wine and Pizza Culture

Pie Wine seeks to enhance the classic wine and pizza experience by selecting California grapes from vineyards known for their quality. This selection contributes to the wine’s ability to pair well with the vast array of flavors found in different pizza styles. Celebrated pastry chef Candace Nelson, known for her expertise in food and drink, appreciates the tailored approach Pie Wines takes. While some may view the canned wine market as a competition to traditional bottled wines, Pie Wines stands out due to its specific focus on the fusion of wine and pizza culture, potentially influencing its net worth and revenue within the beverage industry.