ShowerPill from Shark Tank

ShowerPill shark tank

It all started as a locker room joke. When a team member rushed out without a shower, the rest of the team would muse that he had taken a shower pill. You know that the world is split about how much you should shower. Half the people were shocked when Mila Kunis admitted she couldn’t shower every day nor bathe her children.

Half the people attacked her for being a lousy parent, while others related and came to her defense. The ShowerPill was the solution that three athletes and friends, Wendell, Wale, and Justin, came up with. They understood that showering every time you broke a sweat wasn’t feasible for many people.

To solve this stinky, unhygienic problem, they created the ShowerPill body wipes. Antibacterial and moisturizing wipes make you feel like you just stepped out of the shower. These weren’t ordinary wipes. They were extra thick and about the size of a washcloth. Designed to get rid of dirt and body odor while you’re under a time crunch.

The pitch was going great until the sharks asked about the numbers. They started strong by sharing the issue and a brilliant demonstration by the lovely former UFC champion Misha “Cupcake” Tate.

When asked about their gross margins, the team fumbled and confused each other and the judges. Although they had several opportunities to talk about the numbers, the sharks only became more perplexed as they listened harder. One by one, each shark opted out of taking a deal despite interest in their business.

The sharks reassured them that they had a great idea and would figure it out eventually. Retired MLB superstar Alex Rodriguez, a guest shark on the show, advised them to get a CFO. That way, they can never again mess up the numbers at such a pivotal point.

Now the company has rebranded itself as Hustle Clean. Now they have an expanded product line, including activated charcoal face wipes, hand sanitizer, and an Epsom salt soak. Every purchase made helps fund sports scholarships for underprivileged athletes and gets body wipes to places without clean water. Despite being rejected by the sharks they have managed to nurture a successful business. Maybe they finally figured out those numbers.

Our Review of ShowerPill

We set out to properly evaluate whether the Showerpill body wipes, now known as Hustle Clean body wipes. Honestly, we had to break a sweat to see if they accomplished what they promised.

The individually wrapped shower wipe made it easy to grab one and go. When you use conventional face wipes or baby wipes, you often pull out an extra wipe or two when you only want one. That is particularly annoying. That’s no issue with the Hustle Clean body wipes.

The wipe is the same size as seen on Shark Tank, the size of a washcloth. We were worried that the wipe might become saturated with dirt and sweat before we finished wiping our bodies. However, it was able to clean us off from our neck down to our feet with no problem.

The wipe itself was thick, so it didn’t tear. It is available odorless or scented. Two scents, “Fresh” and “Lavender,” are very pleasing. It makes you smell like you used lovely soap or body wash.

There are no sulfates, parabens, or alcohol in the wipes, so you can use them on your kids. Many of their ingredients are used in baby products. Maybe Mila Kunis uses them on her kids in between showers.

Overall, we were pleased with them. We recommend you always keep one handy with you at all times. Like many of their testimonials claim, they are lifesavers!

Pros of ShowerPill

  1. The body doesn’t stay covered in sweat
  2. Fresh feeling as if you just took a shower
  3. Quick and efficient for when you’re in a hurry
  4. Cheaper alternative than showering at a truck stop
  5. Save to use on children
  6. Durable wipes don’t disintegrate
  7. Capable of being washed and recycled
  8. Individually wrapped for easy access
  9. Portable can fit in a wallet or purse
  10. FDA approved and kills 99.9% of germs

Cons of ShowerPill

  1. It cannot be a permanent replacement for a shower
  2. Individual wrapping means more plastic packaging waste

Who is ShowerPill for?

During the Shark Tank episode, Lori Griener said you could go on and on about how many people could use this product. It is not limited to only high-performance athletes.

However, they are the first people who would use them. Since athletes and even your average Joe take fewer baths than they would like to admit, this is the perfect body odor solution.

Other than athletes, mothers could use these on themselves or their children while traveling or super busy. Babies and young children always find some way to make themselves super dirty, so one of these wipes could benefit a mom bag.

Truck drivers must pay anywhere from $10 to $15 for a shower at a truck stop. They can use these wipes to save money until they reach a free shower.

Have you ever gone on a multiple-day hike or camping for a vacation? You can imagine how suitable such a product is to stay clean and fresh in the great outdoors. Remember to keep your plastic trash with you until you can dispose of it properly.

People recovering from surgery or too sick to wash don’t always have someone to help. If they feel icky, they should have something on hand to help make themselves clean again until their caretaker can assist them.

The elderly find it harder to care for their hygiene as they age. When they become institutionalized or get full-time care at home, that’s not a problem. However, they don’t regress to that point in a blink of an eye. While they are still independent enough to look after themselves, ShowerPill, now Hustle Clean, body wipes are convenient.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There are many body wipes on the market. However, the only sulfate, paraben, and alcohol-free are the Dude face and body cleansing wipes. These are marketed only to men, unlike the ShowerPill but could be used by women.

Our Final Thoughts

These are a necessity for everyone. You will never go back once you use one. We think ShowerPill, no Hustle Clean, is here to stay.