Beatbox Beverages from Shark Tank

Beatbox Beverages shark tank

Not just any wine but something fruity that tastes like punch? It has zero sugar and a few calories. Plus, it has got only 1g carb.

How about a nice punch of alcohol?

Yes, we are trying to convince you to get a wine/alcoholic fruit punch, which you can stock up on for your next pool party.

It’s called Beatbox Beverages, and it offers the right amount of ABV, enough to get you pleasantly drunk but not wasted.

Justin Fenchel, Brad Schultz, and Aimy Steadman came up with the idea when they all met at a business school. Justin wanted to develop an alternative drink option to a 30-pack beer people had at parties. The three entrepreneurs created different flavors with different alcohol content.

This portable party punch is created with an orange wine and is like a clear spirit. This forms the alcohol base, mixed with beverages to make the punch. The wine is available in a party-size pack, equal to 7 wine bottles.

What makes this wine unique is that it claims to have zero sugar, low calories, and the perfect amount of ABV.

Are They Still an Active Company?

Yes, They’re still in business.

Today, Beatbox Beverages not only sells its party punches online through its official website and retailers but also has more than 12,000 stores. It generates annual revenue of $11.5 million, thanks to Mark Cuban’s involvement in the company.

The entrepreneurs successfully got a Shark’s attention and were lucky enough to appear in an episode of Beyond the Tank on February 4, 2016. Initially, Beatbox Beverages was only available in Texas. Today, it can be found in multiple US states, and the company’s aim is to spread its name all over the US.

Before Beatbox Beverages appeared on Shark Tank, they had made $230,000 in sales in 18 months. In the four months after the show, they cleared $440,000. The brand has been successful so far because, under Mark’s advice, Beatbox Beverages hasn’t competed with big competitors but focused on providing the right flavors to their customers. Their brand does not just sell wine but fun!

Beatbox Beverages has been featured in Forbes, TMZ, COMPLEX, Business Insider, ADWEEK, and THRILLIST. It has partnered with other small wine brands and is working with celebrities to promote its party punch.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Justin Fenchel, Brad Schultz, and Aimy Steadman appeared on Ep.06 of Shark Tank in Season 6, which aired on October 24, 2014. The entrepreneurs presented their brand Beatbox Beverages and wanted an investment of $200,000 for a 10% stake in the company.

The pitch starts with an expensive bottle of wine, which the entrepreneurs call boring. A cart is rolled out that has the Beatbox Beverages. Justin explains the product and calls it “party in a box. Samples are handed out to the Sharks, and everybody likes them.

Mr. Wonderful takes a sip of his fruit punch and says it tastes like crap. The Sharks want to know more about how the product is distributed. Brad says that they were self-distributing but couldn’t market the product. Hence, they have been using a co-packer.

Beatbox Beverages earned $245K right before appearing on Shark Tank. When they started, they were $100K in debt and are now free to expand their brand using the flavors as USP. Mark thinks the way the entrepreneurs plan to handle distribution is wrong. Beverages that make it into a market based on their flavors sometimes rise to the top, while their competitors beat down some.

Kevin doesn’t think the entrepreneurs are ready to handle distribution, and he backs out. Barbara makes an offer of $400K for a 20% stake, and Kevin makes an offer of $200K for a 20% stake. Mark says that Beatbox Beverages is not an average wine product and needs to grow. He says he’s the best man to take this company to new heights and offers $600K for a 33% stake.

Justin counters with a million dollars for a 33% stake, and Mark says yes. The deal is made, and the three entrepreneurs leave happy.

Our Review of Beatbox Beverages

If you are a wine snob, Beatbox Beverages are not for you. This is a party drink that is convenient, fun, and refreshing. Drinks labeled under “Hard Punch” have a strong alcohol content, whereas the ones under Zero Sugar are not that boozy.

Beatbox Beverages offers half a dozen flavors, which include Pink Lemonade, Peach Punch, Blue Razzberry, Fresh Watermelon, Fruit Punch, and Tropical Punch.

Pros of Beatbox Beverages

  • Beverages under the category Zero Sugar have 6% ABV
  • Beverages under the category Hard Punch have 11.1% ABV
  • All drinks have fewer calories
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegan
  • Eco-friendly packaging

Cons of Beatbox Beverages

  • Contains artificial flavors
  • Some of the flavors have a strong taste
  • The beverages contain too much artificial sweetener

Who Are Beatbox Beverages For?

Beatbox Beverage’s target audience is young millennials. The website has an age disclaimer, which shows it is aware of its responsibilities as a brand selling alcohol.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Bota Box

There are not many companies that sell wine-like fruit punches in a box. However, you will find cheap wine in a box at your local store but only in the standard flavors. This gives Beatbox Beverages an edge. However, it does have competitors, one of which happens to be Bota Box.

The company offers Sauvignons, Chardonnays, Pinot Grigios, and Red Blends. Its line of fruity wines contains only two flavors, including Strawberry Margarita and Classic Lime Margarita. These wines contain all-natural ingredients and are sweetened with agave nectar. Compared to Beatbox Beverages, they have higher alcohol content.

Our Final Thoughts

Under Mark’s guidance, Beatbox Beverages have made millions of dollars and expanded its operations in more than 10 US states. This tells us that Justin Fenchel, Brad Schultz, and Aimy Steadman made the right decision to bring their brand to Shark Tank.

From the looks of how fast the company is succeeding, we believe that the boozy fruit punches offer quality taste and a strong punch that allows you to have fun all party long.