Bambooee from Shark Tank

Bambooee shark tank

Bambooee is a smart alternative devised by couple Irene and Noam Krasniansky, who came up with the idea to replace actual bamboo paper towels. The couple loves trees, which led them to strategize a plan that prevented them from cutting a bamboo tree to make paper towels.

Bambooee is made from rayon, which is extracted from bamboo plants. Not many know this, but bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world. Hence, bamboo plants and trees are more sustainable than cutting trees, as they’re also re-harvested yearly. The best part about Bambooee is that each roll carries twenty rolls that are reusable.

When you’ve used a roll, you can always wash it and use it again. This is why Bambooee is considered a cost-cutting solution for many households. The couple wanted to create something that would positively impact the environment and simultaneously be a worthwhile purchase for many homes. The Krasnianskys were undoubtedly able to achieve both purposes, as Bambooee ticks both boxes.

Since each Bambooee paper towel can be washed a hundred times, imagine how many paper towels you will save in a year? If all households buy Bambooee instead of regular paper towels, it will spare numerous trees from getting cut. We will have more trees around, and there will be a substantial increase in sustainability.

It all started in 2011, when the matriarch of the family, Irene, decided she didn’t want to use paper towels anymore. This realization came about when she realized how negatively paper towels impact the environment, considering numerous trees are cut down to make them. This led to Noam finding a cost-cutting and sustainable alternative that would also be eco-friendly. Noam’s journey led him to come up with the brilliant idea of Bambooee.

When Bambooee was launched, it struggled to garner some attention initially since nobody knew the purpose behind the conception. However, it soon started to get some traction locally, as the Kranianskys were called to kitchen shows to explain their product. Many people, especially home runners, were intrigued by Bambooee’s idea, and that’s when Bambooee started making decent sales.

Bambooee was getting more out there as it started winning awards at numerous shows. Besides paper towels, Bambooee also sells sweeper pads known as “Swiffer Style.” The Kranianskys ensure to plant a tree each time they sell a Bambooee roll, leading them to plant 50,000 trees so far. The couple believes in giving back to society, and they truly are.

The couple entered Shark Tank hoping to get 10% equity for $200,000. The sharks struggled to take the pair seriously, but Noam claimed the numbers they made were significant. Kevin O’Leary commented that a bamboo cloth isn’t a new invention. However, other sharks believed the company’s value after Noam explained the increasing sales figures to them.

Unfortunately, O’Leary still wasn’t buying the claim that Bambooee has such incredible impacts on the environment. He didn’t offer them a deal the pair was hoping to get. However, Lori Greiner made them the exact offer the couple was looking for (10% for $200,000), and they accepted it, leaving Shark Tank with a deal.

Our Review of Bambooee

Bambooee is undoubtedly a practical purchase for households looking for reusable paper towels. Thinking about it from a financial point of view, do you know how much money you can save if you start using Bambooee instead of regular paper towels?

The best part about Bambooee paper towels is their reusable factor. No matter how often you use it, you can always wash it and use it again and again. These soft and comfortable bamboo cloths make them highly convenient to use. Numerous mothers and home-runners thank Bambooee for creating an affordable and cost-cutting solution.

It might surprise you, but Bambooee has multiple uses. The bamboo can be fed to livestock instead of the unhealthy GMO corn. Bambooee can also be used to manufacture different clothing items and aid in paper and pulp production. In a nutshell, Bambooee is highly versatile, as it serves numerous purposes.

However, the best purpose Bambooee serves is that it saves trees. According to research, 3,000 paper towels are made daily; imagine the burden on trees they put on.

Bambooee is made without pesticides or fertilizer, making it raw and organic. Also, it’s known to produce 35% more oxygen while absorbing 400% more greenhouse gases.

The couple behind Bambooee’s conception plants many trees with each sale they make, helping them influence society positively. The Kranianskys are lovers of trees, trying to get a message out that conveys the beauty and importance of planting trees.

Thanks to the Kranianskys’ visit to Shark Tank, Bambooee’s sales have doubled, and the couple is taking their business everywhere. They’ve been visiting retail shops, expanding their product line, and raising more awareness regarding tree plantations while raising their children.


  • It supports the saving of trees.
  • Reusable over a hundred times.
  • It can be used for different purposes.
  • Paper towels are made from soft fabric.
  • They’re made organically from sustainable resources.


  • It may fade sooner after repeated washing.

Who Is Bambooee for?

Bambooee is for those looking to save trees and help the environment. If you feel strongly about global warming, we suggest you switch to Bambooee to use biodegradable paper towels. The best part is you can wash and use them repeatedly, saving you a lot of money. If these are some of the factors that interest you, Bambooee is for you.

Alternatives to Bambooee

There currently is no alternative to Bambooee, as it’s the first of its kind. This has undoubtedly helped the Kranianskys monopolize the market by selling a unique idea.

Our Final Thoughts

Bambooee has garnered good reviews worldwide, contributing to its success and market growth. Since many people have become passionate about global warming and saving Earth from harmful emissions, Bambooee is undoubtedly hitting the right spots.

The brand has thrived since it visited Shark Tank, as its sales have doubled in the last year. One can only say that the creative and cost-cutting idea that is Bambooee will only thrive even more in the near future.