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Everyone loves pasta, but it is certainly not one of the healthiest dishes. What if we told you there is a healthy and delicious low-carb alternative to regular pasta that allows you to enjoy your favorite snack without feeling guilty? The idea for this snack came into existence when Alfonso Tejada of Miami decided that he wanted to tap into the ever-growing organic food market. After a lot of experimentation, Tejada finally came up with Palmini. Read our review to learn more about this product.

Palmini is a brand that sells pasta made from Hearts of Palm, the bud core from specific palm trees. While this product tastes just like ordinary pasta, it has several health benefits, such as being sugar-free, gluten-free, and low on carbs. Moreover, this product has been made keeping in view the environment and has eco-friendly packaging. When this pasta is cut correctly and cooked, we assure you that you will hardly notice any difference.

Palmini’s pasta contains only 20 calories and 4 grams of carbs per serving and is also 100% non-GMO. Moreover, it contains high amounts of fiber and is 100% natural and chemical-free. Their pasta is made from 100% Hearts of Palm, so you can even have it straight from the container. However, when properly prepared and rinsed, it tastes just like pasta. Additionally, they have introduced a range of pasta products, including Palmini Low Carb Rice, Palmini Linguine, Palmini Lasagna, and Palmini Angel Hair.

The best part about this product is that it does not taste rubbery and makes for a healthy meal. Another plus point is that the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee allowing customers to receive a complete refund if unsatisfied with the product. Palmini also offers several recipes on their website, including Keto-friendly recipes, vegetarian recipes, and other recipe videos on how you can cook their delicious pasta creatively. The pasta comes in ready-to-eat cans or pouches.

It took Tejada two years to acquire the unique and patented equipment for processing Hearts of Palm into pasta. He then began selling his product, starting with only a few cans per day. Tejada was aware that he would require assistance in reaching his ultimate goal. After auditioning for Shark Tank, he appeared on the episode seeking an investment of $300,000 for 10% ownership of his food business. Tejada told the Sharks that his goal is to revolutionize the pasta industry for times to come.   He further explained how pasta is a source of pleasure for many people.

However, unfortunately, they still have to avoid it due to the adverse effects it has on their health, as it is high in carbohydrates, calories, sugar, and gluten. Palmini is an excellent alternative to pasta which tastes fantastic, is also high in fiber, and contains a very low amount of sugar and calories. One of the Sharks pointed out that she is a huge fan of Hearts of Palm and consumes it regularly. A guest Shark also praised the pasta’s texture and the fact that it contains minimal carbohydrates. Tejada’s pitch at Shark Tank was entertaining enough to catch the attention of the Sharks, who were taken aback by his enthusiasm. Finally, two Sharks offered to invest $300,000 in exchange for 30% equity in his business, to which Tejada made a counteroffer of $300,000 for 18% equity. After several negotiations, finalized a deal of $300,000 in exchange for 25% equity between Palmini’s owner and two Sharks.

Palmini is still an active business and is doing quite well, having established its name as one of the bestselling items in the pasta category. Their products are available on the website and on Amazon. You can also find his pasta at major retailers like Whole Food, Kroger Stores, and Albertsons. Moreover, they are also very active on social media and regularly update their Facebook page, where you can track recent offers. Palmini is one of the most popular dishes among people seeking vegan-friendly meals!

Our Review of Palmini

Cutting down on pasta can be challenging as it is one of the most delicious meals. Palmini removes that problem by providing you with low-calorie, sugar-free, vegan-friendly pasta.

You will rarely find the words healthy and pasta used in the same phase. However, Palmini has made it quite possible by introducing the first ever pasta made from Hearts of Palm. This pasta does not contain any refined sugar or high-fat content, which has the potential to shoot your blood sugar level. Moreover, it also has high fiber content, making it an excellent choice for Keto-dieters. This product comes in eco-friendly packaging, which is quite visually appealing. The best part is that you can mix this pasta with several ingredients allowing you to cook it easily while adding a delicious flavor.

Tip: it is recommended to soak the pasta in milk to remove the Hearts of Palm-like flavor. Rest assured, you will barely taste that flavor after the pasta is cooked.

Pros of Palmini

  • 100% GMO-free, gluten-free and sugar-free.
  • Each serving of pasta contains only 20 calories.
  • It has introduced a range of pasta made from Hearts of Palm.
  • Packaging is made from eco-friendly materials.

Cons of Palmini

  • Doesn’t taste exactly like regular pasta.

Who Is Palmini for?

Palmini is anyone looking for a healthy way to consume pasta. Not only does this product resemble pasta, but it also replicates its taste. It is available in containers which allow you to consume the pasta on its own or cut and prepare it into a proper meal. This pasta is also perfect for anyone looking for a low-carb and low-calorie food item for their diet. Moreover, it can also be consumed by people who want to avoid gluten and seek an alternative to regular pasta. Furthermore, this pasta is sugar-free and can also be consumed by people who have diabetes or are on a sugar-free diet.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Some of the best alternatives we have found for Palmini include Braila, Pink Harvest Farms, and Queens Quinoa.

Our Final Thoughts

Healthy pasta that delivers numerous health benefits –sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Palmini is here to turn this dream into a reality by providing you with the satisfaction of consuming your favorite food item without worrying about its adverse effects on health. Unlike Palmini’s pasta, traditional pasta contains high-fat content, refined carbohydrates, and calories. Palmini allows you to enjoy pasta’s goodness without stressing out your health.