BrilliantPad from Shark Tank

BrilliantPad shark tank

BrilliantPad is a self-cleaning dog pad invented by Brett Shorenstein and Alan Cook. This provides a mess-free solution for small dogs who often need to go to the bathroom when they are inside the house. BrilliantPad took 18 months, 20 dogs, and many dog owners to create. The first prototype was made within three months, but dogs were not fond of it, so the duo started creating a brand-new version that would be functional.

Alan came up with the idea of BrilliantPad accidentally when he became part of the pet industry 15 years ago. He had a girlfriend during that time and would help her clean her cat’s litter box, which would stink up the entire house. That is when he invented the Scoop Free Automatic Litter Box- a product that became extremely popular. The BrilliantPad is another product that Alan aims to bring to the market, which is made particularly for small dogs.

In 2017, Brett and Alan realized they needed funding for their product before launching it officially. They ran a crowdfunding Indiegogo campaign so that they could raise $100,000 for the production of BrilliantPad. Within just a few weeks, they were able to raise 177 percent more than their target.

Alan came to Shark Tank looking for a $500,000 investment in exchange for 5 percent equity in his business. He explained to the Sharks that small dogs need to go potty often, which causes millions of soggy pads every year. This mess is disgusting, but with BrilliantPad, dog owners have nothing to worry about anymore. The product replaces a dirty pad with a fresh, clean one, so that pet owners do not even have to touch a stinky pad again.

The best part is that BrilliantPad is made in a way to deal with dog pee as well as dog poop. This leaves a dog owner’s house odor free and extremely clean. This is because BrilliantPad makes use of 27 dog pads, which means that it is ultra-absorbent. Once it is soiled, it will be replaced instantly, so that dog owners do not even have to touch the dirty doggy pad. There is an adjustable timer on the side of the pad, which owners can set to one, two, or three times a day, depending on how often their dogs need to use the bathroom.

Each unit costs $54 to make, and $19.99 is charged on a subscription basis. Each BrilliantPad unit is sold for $125, creating a huge profit margin. The fact that Alan had worked with a kitty litter before gave the Sharks confidence in Alan and his abilities. Kevin made Alan an offer of $500,000 in exchange for 10 percent equity with an 11 percent loan. Lori is the second Shark to give Alan an offer- $500,000 for 5 percent equity, along with $5 royalty for every unit sold until $500,000 has been recovered.

Alan chooses to go for Lori’s offer but asks for $500,00 in exchange for 5 percent equity and a royalty of $2.5 for every unit until $500,000 is recovered. Lori accepts the offer and the pair celebrate their first deal together.

Our Review of BrilliantPad

BrilliantPad seems like the perfect invention, especially since it will benefit dog owners and ensure they don’t ever have to touch dog poop again or change stinky pads.

Pros of BrilliantPad

BrilliantPad helps wrap and seal dirty pads after they have been used each time. The roll is long-lasting, so that dog owners do not have to touch any soiled pads for weeks. The roll is replaced easily, keeping the house clean. This makes BrilliantPad a wonderful purchase for little dogs who often need to go to the bathroom because of their small bladders.

Moreover, BrilliantPad allows customization so that owners can set a time based on how many times a day they want to change the pads. This is great for dog owners who have busy schedules. BrilliantPad also ensures that your house remains free of odor and the best part is that you do not have to take your dog out each time it needs to pee or poop, protecting it from bad weather, noise pollution, and predators.

Cons of BrilliantPad

There are not many cons to BrilliantPad. However, dogs might take time to adapt to the pad, especially since it is a new concept. You might have to make your dog practice on the pad, and in the process, dog owners might have to deal with pee and poop flying around their house.

However, once dogs understand how the system works, the BrilliantPad will make your life easier and your house cleaner.

Who is BrilliantPad for?

BrilliantPad is for dog owners tired of stinky homes and picking up their dog poop multiple times a day. It allows dogs to pee and poop on absorbable pads that are automatically replaced so that dog owners do not have to use their hands.

Are there Any Alternatives?

There is no product like BrilliantPad in the market right now.

Our Final Thoughts

BrilliantPad wraps waste and seals it, so that dog owners do not have to worry about the smell of litter encompassing their homes. Moreover, they can say goodbye to messy surfaces since BrilliantPad ensures that every surface of your house is dry and clean.

We believe that BrilliantPad is the greatest invention that dog owners can benefit from. It is a universal product that is easy to use and makes an excellent investment.