Nerd It Now from Shark Tank

Nerd It Now shark tank

Specific devices seem to bring in all the assistance you would need for certain things. Nerd It Now is a product that gives you a fair amount of control over fixing your digital devices. It’s a repair service that allows you to have your phone, mobile, tablet, or laptop fixed as soon as there are problems with the devices.

The thing that makes the product stand out is the fact that the founder of the company is quite a notable character. We find that the Markevis Gideon is quite a go-getter. He always has been. He was a kid in Wilmington, Delaware, working for a long time. His first gigs would involve moving and shoveling people’s driveways so that he could make his own money as a kid. He has hustled for a long time, trying to make money.

When he grew up, he continued his interests in money-making. As a college student, has had a couple of ways to earn money, one of which was repairing computers. His hobby improved, and he monetized it with Nerd It Now. His idea for Nerd It Now only started from his home and then managed to proliferate that he had a storefront all in twelve months.

Now that we have further information about Nerdist Now, we can look at how the pitch for the Shark Tank went:

Markevis and his two partners enter the tank seeking $150,000 for 20% of their business. They explain that they have a specific business model they follow and seem ready to take on any questions from the Sharks. They also talk about the company and how Gideon enlisted his former college mates into the company he had established. All of them are Widener University alums, and they ran circuits all around Delaware trying to find the money. They managed to find a $9000 grant from the University of Delaware, and that’s when their company took off.

They then decide to be super mobile with their business. They bought an ambulance and decided to take it on the road. It became a mobile repair lab. They also talked about the fact that they had a storefront. They used this storefront to sell and buy aged electronics. There was also a mobile unit and a kiosk, so if there were people who had to drop off their broken electronics could do so whenever they wanted. The booth is a pick-up and drop-off point that allows the customers to have a simple process of connecting with the company.

Gideon is already thinking about expanding to other areas in Delaware. Still, he also wants to expand to places like Baltimore and needs investment from a Shakr to run that decision.

All the Sharks seem to enjoy the pitch and the idea. They say that the company is doing great work. However, the business isn’t something that can grow or expand quickly, which is why they seem hesitant about the investment. It’s a service business, which means that there are problems with scalability. Many Sharks believe that the company needs to progress more and manage to go out as one.

The company is still active, and they have received a fair bit of grants since their time on Shark Tank. They have gotten all of $200,000 in donations from different banks, so it’s safe to say they have a fair bit of work.

Our Review of Nerd It Now

The fact that Nerd It Now was a mobile tablet repair market makes us want to root for it. There is a severe need for the Nerd It Now services, which is why we’re happy that it’s getting the funding and grants it needs. There are pros and cons to all sorts of products. Let’s look at the pros and cons below:

Pros of Nerd It Now

  1. It allows for mobile repairs. In a world where people think that mobiles having fundamental problems means that they need to get new ones, mobile repairs are a necessity. It could help save people a lot of money.
  2. It allows for the fixing of any electronic. You don’t have to worry about the fact that you will need to get a new electronic. The company expands its expertise to laptops, tablets, and everything else.
  3. The repairs are quick. The service means you can drop off your product in the morning, and you will have it completely fixed and good as new at the end of the day. This property can help it eliminate all sorts of competition.
  4. Helps eliminate waste. Many people feel things being irreparable means that they need to be replaced. This can add to the overall wastage in the environment.

Cons of Nerd It Now

  1. There aren’t enough kiosks for it to be something that has proper expansion.

Who is Nerd It Now For?

Some people just want their phones fixed. These people also don’t feel like spending excessive amounts of money on buying whole new phones. Nerd It Now is for people who believe in setting things instead of getting new ones. It’s also for people who frequently have problems with their digital devices. If you want to get your electronic devices repaired as soon as possible, Nerd It Now is for you.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Companies out there are doing similar services to that of Nerd It Now. However, every few of them have essential mobile services that are incredibly convenient. None of these companies can completely replace the kind of work that occurs in hardware houses. However, Nerd It Now tends to fix all problems that you may have with your electronics.

Our Final Thoughts

We think that the company has an excellent base for growth. It may not have gotten the support it needed from the Sharks, but the entrepreneurs behind the venture are young and passionate, so they are more than likely to succeed. There could be some issues in expansion, but with suitable measures, they can overcome these.