Mtailor from Shark Tank

Mtailor shark tank

Most guys hate shopping. They despise going to the mall and trying out a bunch of clothes, only to get confused and go back home without actually buying anything. Online shopping is even worse- there are so many options to choose from that it is easy to get overwhelmed. Moreover, ready-made clothes do not always fit well. The only reason why men choose to buy them is that they are convenient and there aren’t any other options.

Custom clothes, on the other hand, fit perfectly. However, they are expensive and harder to shop for. If you think regular shopping is hard, shopping for custom clothes is a whole other ball game. Miles Penn realized this and wanted to find a solution to the problem. After all, most men do not have the time to spare to go shopping, and they deserve to look good as well.

Miles bought his creation, Mtailor, to Shark Tank. This uses a phone’s camera to measure you and then makes customized shirts based on your preference. The best part is that Mtailor is 20 percent more accurate than human tailors. There are more than 10,000 shirt combinations to choose from that are completely unique and presentable. All you have to do is measure yourself with your phone- an uncomplicated process- pick out the fabric from Mtailor, choose the color and cuff you want, and decide between a tucked or untucked style.

The process of measuring yourself with your phone only takes 30 seconds. All you have to do is change into clothes that fit you well, lean your phone against a straight wall, and wait for the application to tell you how to adjust your phone’s angle. When a green light shows up, you will have to stand back and get into the correct position. Then, you will spin around slowly with your arms up. That’s all! Move away from your phone, and soon, the application will check your measurements against the background. These measurements will be submitted once you approve them, and within 30 seconds, you can choose whatever kind of custom clothes you would want to wear.

With Mtailor, you do not have to spend half your income on the measuring and tailoring process. Usually, a custom shirt costs around $125, but with Mtailor, it will only cost you $69. The best part is that Mtailor has applications for Android as well as iOS, which means that they cater to a large market. The process is simple, saves loads of time, and ensures that each customer is satisfied with their purchase.

Miles has come to Shark Tank asking for 2.5 million dollars in exchange for 10 percent equity in his company. Currently, Mtailor makes a return of 15 percent. Last month, they were able to earn $150,000 and have estimated that the application should bring $1.1 million in sales in the coming year. Every month, they sell thousands of shirts, showing that Mtailor is already successful.

Our Review of Mtailor

Mtailor seems like the perfect application for men who hate shopping. Since men usually do not have enough time to shop for themselves, we believe that they would benefit from Mtailor.

Pros of Mtailor

Mtailor is known to be 20 percent more accurate than human tailors. The great part is that one can measure himself and choose his clothes and style all from the comfort of his home. He does not need to step out of the house and disrupt his busy work routine only to visit the mall and return with nothing of interest.

Moreover, the clothes that are produced with Mtailor are the perfect fit. It comes with a range of options that will allow you to choose whatever style and color you want. You can even choose the collar finish and whether or not you want a tucked-out shirt.

Mtailor makes buying the perfect clothes extremely easy. It is a hassle-free way to shop for what you want and get exactly what you dream of every single time.

Cons of Mtailor

In the early stages of Mtailor, Miles could not keep up with his sales figures. In fact, he missed his target by 50 percent. This is rather unsatisfying and makes one question whether Mtailor would be successful in the future.

Moreover, Miles does not have much experience with the sales part of the business. Even though he was able to develop a technology that would change the way men look at clothes, proceeding with it and making it successful may be difficult.

Who is Mtailor For?

Mtailor is for men who are too busy to go to the mall and shop for themselves or for those who simply hate looking at many clothes in a physical store and trying on a bunch of them before deciding which one to buy. The application is made for individuals who want custom clothes from the comfort of their homes at half the price.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Stitch Fix is an alternative to Mtailor. It allows women, children, and men to choose their clothes using their phones. This application tailors clothes to one’s style and allows customers to schedule delivery based on their preference. It is a personal stylist app that seems to be quite popular.

Our Final Thoughts

Mtailor seems like a great concept. We believe that working men and those who do not want to spend hours trying on clothes at the mall would benefit from the app. Moreover, Mtailor has amazing reviews, and anyone who has used it has only said good things about the clothes delivered to them.

We love the numerous styles available on the app that allow individuals to create a unique outfits for themselves. We believe that custom clothes are a luxury at half the price, and with more work, Mtailor could become the next best thing.