Touchup Cup from Shark Tank

Touchup Cup shark tank

Touchup Cup is a simple yet highly innovative paint storage solution for touchup projects around the home. It is capable of saving you storage space, time, and money. We all have a nail hole, a stain, a scratch, or a scribble in our home that needs a touchup to refresh the overall look of our living spaces.

Often, we delay these touchups to save money or end up paying for entire cans of paint to cover them up. What’s worse is that we need to make space in our home or garage to store the nearly full cans of paint after the touchup is complete.

The Touchup Cup is a simple solution for all these problems. It prevents you from needing to buy a whole can of paint for any touchup projects around the home. It also saves you the stress and space of making room to store large paint cans in your home.

It is an airtight cup to store some leftover paint for touchup projects later. It has a metal ball inside to shake up the paint, and it can store the paint for up to 10 years. Surprisingly, the Touchup Cup was invented by a 13-year-old who was working on a touchup project with his father.

You may have seen this innovative cup on Shark Tank season 12, episode 1. Co-founders Jason Grill and his son, child entrepreneur and inventor Carson Grill, came on the show seeking $150,000 for 10 percent of their business.

The Sharks were impressed by the then 15-year-old, his invention, and his business knowledge. Carson’s product was sold in over 4,000 retail locations, and he already had a licensing deal with a paint brand. His father Jason handles all the patents and has a full-time job in the pharmaceutical industry.

The duo was looking for a Shark to help them run the business since Carson was still in school. After some back and forth, the duo got two offers and accepted guest Shark Blake Mycoskie’s offer of $200,000 for 25 percent.

Our Review of Touchup Cup

We got our hands on the Touchup Cup, and here is our review of the handy product. The Touchup Cup comes in a triple-pack of three 13 oz. cups, which can contain enough paint for any touchup project around the home.

The cups are also quite small in size, especially when compared to a paint can. This means they do not take up nearly as much space as individual paint cans would. The idea is to use the cups to store leftover paint from an initial paint project.

The cups are clear plastic containers, which makes it easy to see through and identify the color of the paint inside. Each cup also features an empty white label to jot down the date, room, and color of the paint being stored inside.

The durable plastic used for the construction of the Touchup Cup is ideal for long-term storage since the plastic does not rust or clump the paint inside like a regular metal paint can. The airtight twist cap also makes it possible to store paint for up to 10 years without the risk of clumping, drying, or leaking.

Although, you must store the filled Touchup Cup away from direct sunlight and in a cool and dry place for effective storage. Each Touchup Cup also comes with a stainless steel mixing ball inside it to help mix the paint and freshen it when you want to use it for touchups.

Simply shake the Touchup Cup, and the mixing ball will do the job in seconds without leaving a mess. Once you are done with your touchup project, you can clean the twist cap and use it to reseal the remaining paint inside the Touchup Cup.

While reviewing this product, we noticed that the cleaning part is essential for proper storage. If the twist cap is not cleaned properly before resealing, the paint can dry up on the cap, causing issues with long-term storage.

It leaves room for air to sneak in and clump or dry up the paint contents of the cup. Apart from this, we found the Touchup Cup to be an excellent paint storage solution for touchup projects.

Pros of Touchup Cup

Touchup Cup is a great storage product and solution to have at home, especially if you are a new parent. Here are some of its most notable pros:

  • See-through cups to identify paint color and amount without reopening
  • Plastic construction to prevent rust and clump
  • Reusable containers that are easy to clean
  • No-mess stainless steel mixing ball included in each Touchup Cup
  • White label for record-keeping
  • Twist cap seals and keeps paint fresh for up to 10 years
  • Saves money on buying paint cans for touchup projects
  • Saves time required to mix, seal, and reseal messy paint cans
  • Saves storage space required to store typical paint cans

Cons of Touchup Cup

Unlike most things, we only found one con of the Touchup Cup:

  • If the twist cap is not cleaned properly after using the paint and before resealing, it can easily dry up the surface paint and eventually the entire paint inside the cup.

Who Is Touchup Cup For?

The Touchup Cup is an ideal product for any household, but it is especially great for homeowners and DIYers. It allows them to conveniently and cleanly store leftover paint for any touchup projects in the future for up to 10 years.

It is quick and easy to handle, and you will appreciate the no-mess features it affords you. Most importantly, touchup projects will become something you look forward to instead of delaying or overlooking.

Are There Any Alternatives?

We researched the market looking for an alternative to the Touchup Cup, and we found just one. While this product is quite similar to the Touchup Cup and solves similar pain points, it uses a spring mechanism instead of a stainless steel ball.

It is also prone to spillage while the lid of the container is open during a touchup project. This and the spring mechanism make it a very messy product, unlike the Touchup Cup. We do not recommend any alternative to this Shark Tank success.

Our Final Thoughts

Overall, the Touchup Cup is an excellent touchup paint storage solution in every possible way. With a little cleaning care, you can make good use of this product for a lifetime. You will no longer need to delay or spend extra money on touchup projects around your home.

We highly recommend every homeowner and DIY enthusiast get a three-pack of the incredible Touchup Cup.