Ready Festive Review from Shark Tank: Unwrapping the Holiday Subscription Box Craze

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Season 14 of Shark Tank witnessed the innovative pitch for Ready Festive, a company that promises to make holiday and event decorating seamless with their subscription-based boxes. Founded by Elizabeth Voelker and Kristina Barnes, the business tapped into the market of home aesthetics with a unique offering: themed decorative boxes that align with the changing seasons and festivities throughout the year. Capturing the essence of celebratory occasions, Ready Festive aims to save time and inspire customers with their curated and customizable decorations.

The entrepreneurs from San Francisco, California presented their business model and products to the Sharks with hopes of securing an investment. Voelker and Barnes were seeking $250,000 in exchange for 10% equity in their company, highlighting how their service eliminates the hassle of decorating for various holidays and events. With decor for occasions spanning from Christmas to Easter, and everything in between, Ready Festive struck a chord with busy individuals who cherish festive spirits but may lack the time or creativity to decorate their spaces accordingly.

Key Takeaways

  • Ready Festive offers a subscription service for seasonal and holiday home decor.
  • The company was founded by Elizabeth Voelker and Kristina Barnes and featured on Shark Tank.
  • Ready Festive’s service is designed to provide convenience and inspiration for home decoration throughout the year.

Company Overview

Ready Festive offers a unique approach to seasonal and holiday celebrations, delivering customized home décor directly to customers’ doorsteps.

Founders’ Background

Elizabeth Voelker and Kristina Barnes are the innovative minds behind Ready Festive. Voelker, having studied marketing at Penn State University, brought her expertise from a former role as a consumer marketing manager at Sports Illustrated. Together with Barnes, they based their company out of San Francisco and set out to simplify home decor for every season and celebration.

Business Model and Services

Ready Festive operates on a subscription box service model, providing a curated selection of home decor items. The service is customizable, allowing customers to select decor based on their personal taste and the current season or holiday. From Easter to Christmas, and everything in between, customers receive festive items that add a seasonal touch to their homes. The business model emphasizes convenience and celebrates seasonal changes throughout the year.

Shark Tank Pitch

Voelker and Barnes made a memorable appearance on Shark Tank during Season 14, Episode 9, seeking an investment to expand their Ready Festive service. They pitched their business model and product to the sharks — Robert Herjavec, Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, and Barbara Corcoran. The company was valued at $2.5 million, and they proposed a 10% equity stake. The founders managed to strike a deal with Herjavec, who invested $250,000 for 18% equity, implying a final valuation of $2.8 million.

Product Details

Ready Festive offers a convenient way to decorate for the holidays throughout the year without the hassle of shopping for decorations. Customers can choose a subscription that best fits their decorating needs and receive boxes filled with thematic decorations for the seasons or holidays of their choice.

Subscription Options

Ready Festive provides a subscription box service with different levels of commitment. Customers can opt for the Deluxe Box, Standard Box, or Mini Box. Each of these boxes is designed to cater to varying levels of holiday cheer and budget constraints. Subscribers must choose a minimum of three boxes per year, ensuring regular updates to their seasonal home decor.

Themes and Decorations

The service offers more than 14 boxes to choose from, stretching across multiple holidays and seasons. From Christmas to Halloween, each box is filled with a range of decorative items curated to elevate the festive atmosphere. These can include a variety of holiday decor and seasonal decorations that reflect the spirit of the current holiday theme.

Customization and Personalization

To ensure that the decorations align with personal tastes, Ready Festive allows subscribers to fill out a questionnaire that captures their preferences. This process ensures that each box is personalized and tailored to the customer’s decorative style. The service promises that every seasonal shipment will be as unique as the subscriber, making it a suitable gift for oneself or a loved one. With customization and a focus on personalization, Ready Festive turns seasonal decoration into a hassle-free and delightful experience.

Seasonal Features and Add-Ons

Ready Festive specializes in delivering the spirit of the seasons right to their customers’ doorsteps. Every box is thoughtfully curated to suit the various holidays and seasons, ensuring homes are always celebration-ready.

Holidays and Events

  • Spring: Customers enjoy a fresh burst of color as Ready Festive’s spring boxes feature decor for Easter and St. Patrick’s Day, with items such as wreaths, table runners, and festive garlands.
  • Summer: The summer collection often includes vibrant decorations for the 4th of July and Memorial Day, showcasing the American spirit with flags, banners, and themed tableware.
  • Fall: As the leaves change, Ready Festive transitions to autumnal themes, providing an array of items for Halloween and Thanksgiving, including pumpkins, candles, and fall-inspired centerpieces.
  • Winter: Winter boxes bring warmth during the chilly season with decorations for Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve, featuring lights, ornaments, and countdown calendars.

Customers have the option to subscribe to a specific season or a combination, with add-ons available for those looking to further personalize their holiday decorating experience. Each box is designed to capture the essence of the current holiday or season, making sure they celebrate in style and ease.