Major Mom from Shark Tank

Major Mom shark tank

If there’s one thing we all hate in our lives, it’s clutter. Yet, we succumb to it every day. Takeout receipts thrown haphazardly on the bedside table, piles of clothes on the chair, empty snack wrappers under the bed from late-night snacking, dozens of shoes right beside the front door, unorganized kitchen cabinets, and the list goes on.

Where does it end?

Apparently, nowhere or at least until you decide to take a stand.

On February 5, 2016, all of America got their answer to how they can solve their clutter problem.

Episode 719 of Shark Tank introduced us to Angela Cody- Rouget, AKA Major Mom. She pitched the idea of a service that combats clutter with help from a team of liberators (professional organizers). You are probably wondering how Angela’s service is any different from hiring a maid to clean your house.

Well, Major Mom does more than just ditch and declutter. Yes, the liberators help you get rid of junk and put things in order. Clients are also provided with a plan to continue their lives free of disorder and completely organized.

Major Mom was founded in 2006 and currently offers decluttering services in 5 states. After spending 14 years serving her country as a Satellite Commander and Missileer in the US Air Force, she decided to hang the uniform for motherhood.

Is the Company Still Active?

Major Mom was in business way before Angela pitched her idea to the Sharks. Today, the service is running strong.

Angela is currently working on ways to franchise her brand so that she can create more job opportunities to expand her team of liberators. She understands how difficult it can be to balance life when you are torn between a career and kids. Hence, Major Mom aims to create order in a chaotic home.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

It’s been six years since Angela appeared on Shark Tank for $150,000 for a 20% stake in the business. Her application process for the show was full of hurdles. However, Major Mom had created a big enough name for herself that the producers of Shark Tank contacted her directly. Their next episode featured businesses found and operated by US Armed Forces Veterans who had served for more than a decade.

The Shark Tank pitch by Major Mom was perhaps the most unique this season. Angela marched into the room in camouflage gear, bringing the Sharks’ attention to her. With a salute, Angela introduced herself and launched into her positive speech. She detailed what her team of liberators did and how her business could transform a cluttered house to perfection. She explained her franchise plans to expand her business outside of Colorado and finished by saying something so profound that the Sharks were impressed.

“If the President can trust me with the keys to the nukes, the Sharks can trust me with their money.”

A franchise license would cost $25,000 and $5,000 for marketing. After quizzing Angela about the franchise plans, here’s how the verdict went:

Kevin thought that $25,000 was too much. He didn’t see any value in the $30,000 profit the franchise would make yearly. Angela explained that for the profit to be high, she would need to open 150 franchises, and they would need to be 100% successful.

Kevin and Mark pointed out the difficulty of the goal, and they were out. Herjavec believed that Angela wasn’t ready to take on such a huge responsibility, and he was out. Daymond thought her scaling idea was extremely difficult to implement, and he dropped out. Lastly, Lori said that too many franchises might cause problems for Angela in terms of supervising the quality of service, and she dropped out too.

Our Review of Major Mom

We believe Major Mom is a kick-ass service that prepares you for everything! From residential to office organizing and paper management, find the space to work without a mess. If you are moving, let the liberators unpack your belongings and organize the new home.

The arrival of a baby brings loads of happiness and fear about how to child-proof everything. No need to panic because Major Mom will come to your rescue. Have you ever heard about an organizing service that teaches you techniques on how to get your children on board for decluttering day? Major Mom has a few tricks up her sleeves that will amaze you.

Organizing your house allows you to manage your home, and no one knows this value better than Major Mom. Downsizing is very difficult for all of us because sometimes, you can’t seem to part with things you love. A third person might help you get a new perspective, which will speed things up. Lastly, when merging households, let Major Mom take over to avoid bickering.

Pros and Cons of Major Mom

Pros of Major Mom

  • High-quality service backed by the owner who has received accolades in organizing
  • Affordable service price (Can be discussed based on the project)
  • Professionals who will give you information on how to organize your house without procrastination and get the kids involved in the process
  • Job opportunities for people who want to get organized in life

Cons of Major Mom

  • Diluted market
  • Most people prefer to organize at their own pace and see such services as a waste of time

Who Is Major Mom For?

Major Mom is basically for EVERYONE. Singles busy with work, moms with responsibilities who can’t find time to organize, business owners who want to clean up the office space to increase efficiency, and homeowners who are moving.

This service will appeal most to people who love organizing their houses. An ordered living space allows them to create spare time and work efficiently, whether cooking in the kitchen or working in the office.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Neat Method

Neat Method is the perfect alternative to Major Mom. It’s a luxury organizing service that only declutters your house but also gives you the option to design the interior with their broad range of products, such as cabinets, closets, labeling, bins, baskets, etc.

Our Final Thoughts

Even though Angela did not get her investment on Shark Tank, she did receive a lot of press. Her appearance on the show worked wonders for her, so much so that she gained 18 clients and $1,675.

What does this tell us? Major Mom has got some game!

The company now has branches in San Antonio, Columbus, Colorado Springs, Denver, Phoenix, and Indianapolis.