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Lovepop shark tank

What is the connection between designing ships and creating pop-up holiday cards? Well, we’ll know now. Lovepop is an innovative greeting cards company owned by engineers who have studied ship design and naval architecture.

The company creates elaborate paper souvenirs that are more than just greeting cards using hand-crafted 3D paper sculptures. Wombi Rose and John Wise, the co-founder, came up with the concept after visiting Asia and exploring the incredible art form of Kirigami.

The LovePop Cards are 3-D pop-up cards that appear as if by magic. When you open a Love Pop Card, it suddenly becomes a unique three-dimensional piece of artwork, just like other holiday or greeting cards on the market.

The cards are created with CAD software and fold entirely flat; the “sculptures” are secured to the cards with string and magically appear when you unfold them.

The public’s reaction to Love Pop has been overwhelmingly positive. Most people keep the cards safe and decorate with them. Typical cards are only a bit more than a basic card, which is fair since a lot of attention is given to designs.

Investors are also interested in the firm: they’ve generated $2.6 million from 22 unnamed investors, and they’re looking for another $825K.

Lovepop most certainly required cash to purchase retail items, and they decided to pitch a deal with Shark Tank.

Lovepop had already made over $300,000 in sales before competing on Shark Tank. While most members of Shark Tank liked the idea, some were not quite amused to invest in the Pop-up greeting cards; Robert was taken aback by their enthusiastic customer care and service culture. He offered $300,000 in return for a 20% stake in Lovepop.

Lovepop is quite active in the business. Clients may purchase innumerable cards via the company’s website and stores throughout the United States, Europe, and Japan, in addition to overseas distributors and Amazon.

Lovepop has extended its product line and offers pop-up books for children, bouquets, gift bags, calendars, and wristbands.

Our Review of the Lovepop 3D Pop-Up Greeting Cards

Lovepop cards build a one-of-a-kind, emotional, and tactile bond between two individuals. The sharks were impressed by the entrepreneurs’ confidence but were also eager to get their hands on the cards and see how spectacular they might be.

Lovepop was delighted to respond and gave the sharks limited-edition cards demonstrating the adaptability of their three-dimensional creations. The Sharks were eager to accept that the product was desired with remarkable compositions like a 3D racecar for Robert Herjavec or a 3D landscape for Barbra Cochran. Still, everything changed when the Lovepop team revealed their equally innovative business plan.

Lovepop creates distinctive 3D patterns with their trademarked technique, Slicegami, a blend of the traditional art form kirigami with slice form structure.

Lovepop greeting cards are suitable for every occasion, particularly “just for you” moments. These cards are ideal for sending to loved ones who live abroad or who you can’t see but want to let know you’re thinking of them.

Birthday Cards, Christmas Candle Pop Up Cards, Flower Basket Pop Up Cards, Thinking of You Bouquet Pop Up Cards, Lovely Hummingbird Pop Up Cards, and Winter Willow Scene Pop Up Cards are just a few of their best-selling products.

The cards are made in such bright and cheery colors that they immediately put a grin on your face. They come in various sizes, with an envelope and a blank card for you to write your note on. The designers have a knack for making the recipient feel special right away.

Pros of Lovepop

  • Kirigami, an ancient art form, and slice form structure combine to produce one-of-a-kind 3D card designs.
  • Cards for many occasions, including birthdays, holidays, and condolences.
  • Thousands of satisfied customers
  • There are several retail sites around the United States.
  • Shipping to Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, and Switzerland is available.

Cons of Lovepop

  • Only a small percentage of consumers have complained about prolonged shipment time and bad customer service.

Who Are the Lovepop 3D Pop-Up Cards For?

The creative, intricately designed Lovepop 3D pop-up cards are designed for every occasion, from happy to sad, a celebration to condolence, and for every relation there is.

These cleverly crafted pop-up cards can deliver your sentiments and expressions for a loved one without saying anything.

For those who love to gift their loved ones on special occasions or wish to send their love to someone living far away, these beautifully crafted greeting cards can get the job done right away.

They have such an elaborate design and structure that people often use them as a decorative.

Lovepop has been introducing more designs over time, making a choice harder for its customers. These cards will be a treat to the eyes of those who love artistry.

Are There Any Alternatives?

3-D pop-up cards are not a new concept, and it is no surprise that Lovepop has quite a competition in the market. However, what sets them apart is their precise technique and well-crafted 3D designs.

Nevertheless, if you still wish to explore more options, you can check out some greetings cards at Design Design for clients in the US, and for those in the United Kingdom, you can also check out UK Greetings.

They are also card publishers and make greeting cards for different occasions while offering gift sets and decorations.

Our Final Thoughts

The variety of cards offered by Lovepop, according to this Lovepop cards review, is well worth the investment. Although the cards are rather pricey than other choices, Lovepop cards are unique, with intricate craftsmanship.

If you live in North America and have any reservations, visiting a Lovepop retail outlet could be a treat to your eyes, and you won’t be able to stop yourself from buying a bunch of them.

Alternatively, for an online purchase, place your order in advance to guarantee that you have your cards before the day you want to send them out. Cheers!