First Saturday Lime Insect Repellent from Shark Tank

First Saturday Lime Insect Repellent shark tank

Insect infestations can be a nuisance. However, they can be just as stubborn to deal with, especially if you live near any natural body or space like a lake, pond, garden with bushes and trees, etc. However, appropriate hygiene maintenance regulations call for the fact that even your outdoor spaces, plants, and pets are also kept clean from any infestations. However, it is just generally a challenge to maintain, given that these cases present the breeding ground.

One such family was absolutely done with insect infestations and was ready to make a power move to find an ultimate ridding solution. Jana and Jessica were sisters who had grown up on their father’s farm, observing his lime mineral business. That’s when they first learned that lime was actually a great insect repellent but not popularly known to be such. The lime mineral would kill any insect infestations by drying out the carcass.

Hence, when presented with an insect infestation issue in her sister’s home, Jana, now a married mom of two, didn’t want to suggest any harmful chemical-based pesticides to her sister Jessica. Yet, for the time being, they researched and got a solution. But it got them thinking about the lime mineral they had seen at work against insects. That’s when they decided that maybe they could make lime work as an insect repellent for them.

However, initially, the sisters got skeptical about lime, too, because the lime mineral can irritate the skin. However, Jana’s husband Zac got them to meet a chemist who would help them develop a safe insect repellent using the lime mineral. Long story short, the family now owns a unique patented formula for an insoluble lime-based insect repellent product range. It doesn’t react with moisture, so it isn’t harmful to the skin and is great for multiple uses.

That’s how they came up with their own insect repellent product range, First Saturday Lime Insect Repellent. The little green frog that you see on their packaging is named Ricardo after their father, Richard. They came up with the frog mascot when during the initial production process, a frog would visit them in the warehouse. So the family decided to make him the company mascot – which is symbolic of their brand now.

After all the patenting and product development was completed, the family started rolling out the safe, eco-friendly insect repellents, rightfully called First Saturday Lime Insect Repellent. Accumulating almost $150,000 in sales and ending a very successful year with $350,000 in total, First Saturday Lime Insect Repellent was a huge success. However, they were aware of their shortcomings and quickly realized that they needed a strategic partner to help the brand grow.

That’s when the family decided to take First Saturday Lime Insect Repellent to Shark Tank. So Jessica Jacobs, Jana, and Zac McDaniel made it to Shark Tank along with their two beautiful kids to help sell the eco-friendly, family-owned product range. After introductions, they made their offer of $100,000 in exchange for 10% equity. After retelling their success story and how much they have earned in sales and revenue, it was time for the sharks to bite back.

Robert and Mark are the first to cite their reasons and quit. But Lori Greiner is interested. However, she makes it clear that requiring her expertise means she is an equal partner, making a counteroffer of 33%. The entrepreneur family immediately chimes in to make it clear that it is not something they want, so how about a middle ground that is worked out? A lot of back and forth went on as Lori was adamant, and so was the family. That is when Kevin jumps in.

Although Kevin had stepped down earlier, the ongoing discussion had prompted his interest again, and he was ready to take the offer on the table, which was $100,000 for a 25% share. The family jumps to the offer, sweeping the deal away from Lori at the last moment. Was this a good call for the family entrepreneurs? Definitely YES! Today their business is all their own as they have successfully taken Kevin’s expertise and returned his money.

Our Review of First Saturday Lime Insect Repellent

First Saturday Lime 20lb

We were fortunate enough to get our hands on the First Saturday Lime Insect Repellent 20lbs pouch for our garden. Safe to say that it is exactly as promised by its makers – high-quality, eco-friendly, and safe for multiple outdoor and indoor uses. It is free from harmful chemicals and best suited for families with children and pets.

Pros of First Saturday Lime Insect Repellent

  • Non-chemicalized
  • Non-silica based product
  • Eco-friendly insect repellent
  • Organic pest barrier
  • Lime mineral-based product
  • Great for both indoor and outdoor usage.

Cons of First Saturday Lime Insect Repellent

Under general comparison, many people may find it a bit pricier than other insect and pest repellents.

Who Is First Saturday Lime Insect Repellent For?

First Saturday Lime Insect Repellent is mainly marketed to families with children and pets who want to use organic and safe insect repellents in their homes. That is also how they have justified the higher price point. Because when families would buy their product, more people would use it for more multifunctioning reasons.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Naturally, you can find a huge array of insect and pest repellent products for indoor and outdoor uses. However, quite obviously, they would be cheaper but not organic or eco-friendly. Hence, the best case scenario would be if you find a cheaper insect repellent that is both organic and eco-friendly as well as safe for your kids and pets.

Our Final Thoughts

First Saturday Lime Insect Repellent is outperforming every year through their website First Saturday Lime, and their products are also readily available on Amazon. First Saturday Lime Insect Repellent has come a long way since its first appearance on Shark Tank, and they have expanded its product range to include multiple usage-based products, all safe and eco-friendly. Check them out for your own homes today!