Drain Wig from Shark Tank

Drain Wig shark tank

Gifford and Jennifer Biggs are parents of five daughters with long hair. They would struggle with one problem in particular while raising their kids – hair in the drain. To end the fights that would shake the entire household, they decided to come up with Drain Wig, an original and innovative device that was made to catch hair so that it could be easily removed before it caused a clog in the drain.

The couple came up with an idea when a piece of dental floss went down the drain one time, and Jennifer pulled it up, removing a huge clump of hair in the process that had been blocking the pipe. That is when she had a moment of inspiration- one did not have to use his hands to pull out disgusting pieces of hair from the shower drain ever again.

The couple experimented with their product for three long years- they used different prototypes to pull out hair from the shower in their family home, after which the Drain Wig prototype was finally successful. Before coming to Shark Tank, the couple had sold millions of pieces since it was such a useful, inexpensive device. Drain Wig was stocked in Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Walgreens, and CVS, and was available online on QVC and Amazon.

Gifford and Jennifer came to Shark Tank asking for a $300,000 investment in exchange for a 5 percent equity in their company. They talked about their product and how it would attach itself to the stainless-steel chain of the drain, collect hair, and then remove the device when users wanted to unclog it. Drain Wig had to be replaced every two to four months, depending on the amount of hair the user had.

Drain Wig also came with a bathtub version- the suction cup could easily be attached to the bath’s side without disrupting the use of the stopper. It cost $1.20 to make the device, which was then sold for $9.99 on the market. This created a good profit margin for the owners. So far, retail sales had amounted to $14.2- a number that inspired the Sharks.

The couple had come onto Shark Tank because initially, they had been in touch with an infomercial company with which they made a three-year deal that would allow them to get royalty over every device sold. However, over the past three years, the founders had only received $800,000 in terms of royalties. After paying off their investors, the couple was looking to take control of their company.

Kevin and Daymond were interested in Drain Wig but asked for a minimum of 20 percent share in the company. Lori wanted 25 percent of the business in return for the investment that the couple was asking. Even though the duo was not happy with giving away so much of their company, they put in a counteroffer for 15 percent, and Kevin immediately took them up on the offer.

Our Review of Drain Wig

Drain Wig is an innovative product designed to suit the needs of the masses. It can prevent a shower drain from getting clogged- a problem every household faces at least once a week.

Pros of Drain Wig

Drain Wig is a product like no other. It has high functionality and can be used for two to four months before the owners consider replacing it. It catches all the hair without clogging the drain, ensuring that shower time is smooth and easy for everyone in the family.

Moreover, it comes in two variants, a shower version, and a bath version. This is a great concept as it attracts more customers without limiting their options.

The price at which Drain Wig is being sold is attractive – it is a device that most households can afford, making it an easy buy. It is no wonder that this device is available on many platforms and has already become a staple utility product in a massive chunk of households.

Drain Wig is also a wonderful device that can be used in common bathrooms, especially in hostels, universities, and hotels. It would ensure that there is never a clogged drain.

Cons of Drain Wig

The founders of Drain Wig eventually made a bad deal and had been recovering from it for years. Now that they finally owned their business, they wanted to rebrand it and build it up. This seems like a gamble, especially since this was the first time Gifford and Jennifer worked without any other investors and held on to most of the business.

Who is Drain Wig for?

Drain Wig is for anyone with a lot of hair who does not want to dirty their hands by removing strands of hair from the drain that eventually causes pipes to clog. It can be used by men or women and anyone else.

Are there Any Alternatives?

Currently, there are no alternatives to Drain Wig on the market.

Our Final Thoughts

We believe that there is a lot of potential for Drain Wig. It is an essential product that every household needs. After all, no one likes to get their hands dirty by touching hair strands. We also believe that the market for Drain Wig is great, as many customers will repurchase this device every few months because of its high functionality.