ZinePak from Shark Tank

ZinePak shark tank

In 2015, Brittany Hodak and Kim Kaupe appeared on Shark Tank to pitch their audience engagement firm, ZinePak. It’s run by a team of 10, including two women, who produce original material for followers of celebrities, sports players, TV shows, and more.

In addition to a magazine, you may also receive CDs, magnets, or even flower seeds as a bonus. The company has created collectibles of some renowned celebrities such as Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, and Justin Bieber.

As in Taylor Swift’s case, the ZinePak may be found at retail outlets like Walmart or as a limited edition item. ZinePak’s items are flying off the shelves as quickly as ZinePak is creating them, and celebrities love to give ZinePak items to their followers.

For die-hard fans, ZinePak offers custom publishing services that result in the delivery of limited-edition items and collectibles. From CDs to DVDs to trading cards showcasing artists like KISS and Taylor Swift, there’s something for everyone in each shipment.

Kaupe and Hodak founded the company after meeting at a New York marketing firm in 2011, where they were both working. Their company ZinePak is now worth more than $25 million, thanks to the hard work of its founders and the team.

They meet with the customer, plan out their ideas for the ZinePak, and then put their employees to work, developing content and other goodies for the bundle.

In addition to being a retail product, ZinePaks can be given away during special events. They even provide digital ZinePaks on special occasions.

Is ZinePak Still an Active Company?

The company is currently operating with $5 million in yearly revenue as of May 2022.

How Did the ZinePak Pitch Go?

Brittany Hodak and Kim Kaupe were never able to finalize the transaction with Lori and Robert.

Although their appearance in Shark Tank¬†boosted their revenue, the company renamed itself “The Superfan Company” after the show.

Hodak sold her firm stock in 2018 for an unknown sum so she could devote more time to speaking and consulting. Kim renamed the company Bright Ideas Only in 2020.

As a result of a cease and desist order for trademark infringement, she had to alter the name. As a result of their debut on the Shark Tank, they were able to get more consulting, speaking, and writing engagements.

These newer aspects of the company won the hearts of the founders in the years that followed. Since¬†moving to Nashville in 2016, they’ve been concentrating more on their speaking and consulting company, which they’ve always liked.

Brittany has shifted her focus from making things for certain fandoms to helping customers discover their own fandoms and bolster their businesses.

Brands of all sizes may benefit from what she’s learned over fifteen years in the fashion and entertainment industry and over 10 years as an entrepreneur, whether their firm is in cosmetics or mortgages!

Our Review of ZinePak

After using ZinePak for a short period of time, we are pleased with our decision to give it a try. We have a slew of collectibles from well-known musicians like Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, who are idolized across the world.

Everything we received was a one-of-a-kind, limited edition item. The company appears to be expanding and bringing in more revenue with every passing year.

With ZinePak, entertainers can now use new goods, experiences, and collectibles to build stronger relationships with their fans.

Kim and Brittany, the firm’s co-founders, think they had a lot of success in the early stages of the company, achieving milestones like revenue of $1 million in less than a year and 2 million product sales globally in only 18 months, among others, to mention a few.

The company has certainly gained a lot of fame in a good way. Some of the world’s most famous entertainers have worked with them throughout the years: Taylor Swift and Katy Perry are just two examples.

As a result of their international exposure, they changed their name to The Superfan Company from ZinePak, which helped catapult them to even greater success.

Pros of ZinePak

  • Suitable for those who are devoted admirers of their favorite stars and celebrities.
  • CDs are also available, which is a plus because you can keep them as a memory.

Cons of ZinePak

  • None

Who Is ZinePak For?

Everyone who likes music should check out ZinePak. Passionate music enthusiasts seek more than music, which is why ZinePak is perfect for die-hard fans of celebrities.

They often look for a unique experience and ways to show their love to their favorite celebrities, which is now possible with ZinePak.

Even if you are not at your favorite star’s concert, you may get the same effect of an adrenaline rush by looking at these collectibles.

In addition to the CD, ZinePak includes a fan magazine, guitar picks, posters, and even perfume samples and greeting cards in their packages. These allow musicians to connect with their audience on a more intimate level.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Until now, we haven’t come across any rivals or substitutes for ZinePak.

Our Final Thoughts

ZinePak has grown tremendously, as shown by the fact that the company now has its own Wikipedia page, which includes information on its debut on Shark Tank.

With Robert and Lori’s help, ZinePak has continued to develop and has now collaborated with Guardians of the Galaxy, Taylor Swift, American Idol, Johnny Cash, and Disney’s Frozen.

You can only find some of ZinePak’s items on Walmart and Amazon since they both have a catalog on ZinePak’s website.

The goods are available for purchase straight from the website, which also features a blog and a gallery of recently released or limited edition ZinePaks.