Wired Waffles from Shark Tank

Wired Waffles shark tank

Do you like to delay getting up in the morning and prefer 10 minutes of sleep over having a scrumptious breakfast? How often have you had to skip having breakfast altogether just because you wanted to be on time for work after getting up late? Have you had to resort to taking unhealthy takeaways in the morning because the alternative was starting your day without breakfast? Our Wired Waffles review will benefit you if you have answered any of the questions above with a “yes.”

Imagine a world where you could have something similar to coffee in the morning that boosts your system into working par excellence. How would you feel if it tastes better than coffee and you don’t even have to get in a line to get it? If the prospects excite you and you are interested to know, then we present to you ‘Wired Waffles.’ In a nutshell, Tasty Belgian Waffles infused with caffeine give you a tasty energy boost in the morning!

Wired Waffles is a company that specializes in making Belgium waffles. These pre-made and pre-packaged waffles are ready-to-eat and make for a perfect energy-boosting snack or breakfast to have between meals. They can also be consumed as a dessert with a delicious scoop of ice cream. Wired Waffles contain around 200mg of caffeine per serving (2.5 oz).

These waffles are much like energy drinks. Roger Sullivan, the founder of Wired Waffles, decided to bring a new and existing twist to the energy business. Wired Waffles satisfy your sweet tooth cravings and give you the energy you need. What sets the Wired Waffles apart from other products in the energy industry is that they don’t contain harmful stimulants.

Roger iterated his product multiple times before achieving a perfectly balanced blend of healthy, delicious, and gluten-free waffles. Wired Waffles are perfectly moist and delicious. They come in various flavors, including chocolate chip, cinnamon, etc. The best thing about these waffles is that it contains natural caffeine extracts.

He managed to keep his business going for three years without external help. Determined to achieve big things with his unique idea, Roger decided to pitch Wired Waffles the Sharks at Shark Tank. He aimed to seek an investment of 75,000 dollars in exchange for a 25 percent ownership of Wired Waffles. He started his pitch by distributing Waffles to the Sharks. However, the Sharks have quite a few reservations about his product.

Lori pointed out that the product contained a warning label stating that children should not consume these waffles. However, it is natural for kids to be attracted to these things, and keeping them away from their reach could be a problem for the parents. Similarly, other Sharks also backed out for reasons like the taste, low sales, etc.

Final Deal: unfortunately, Roger did not get any deal from the Sharks and left Shark Tank without a contract.

Despite not scoring a deal with the Sharks, the appearance of Shark Tank helped Roger generate a lot of buzz around the product. He managed to set meetings with several book brokers to make his product available in several retail outlets. If you are wondering whether Wired Waffles is still in business, unfortunately, it is not.

Our Review of Wired Waffles

Wired Waffles provide you with a caffeine-infused meal to jump-start your day. This product is ideal for someone who either doesn’t like the taste of coffee or appreciates its energy-boosting effects. Wired Waffles are also a timesaving alternative owing to their pre-made and pre-packaged nature, making them ideal for consumption on the Go. While its utility is highly subjective for people due to their interests, likings, and dislikes, Wired Waffles tick the right boxes as an alternative to coffee and breakfast.

Wired Waffles contain around 200 calories per serving, a low-calorie snack. So, it helps keeps your caloric intake in check. However, it is essential to note that Wired Waffles is not for children, as it clearly says so on their label.

Pros of Wired Waffles

  • No preparation time as the products come prepared and packaged.
  • It is equivalent to drinking three cups of coffee will wake you up for sure.
  • Easy to eat on the go.

Cons of Wired Waffles

  • 200 mg of caffeine may wake you up, but long-term effects need careful consideration.
  • Most users think that the taste is bland and requires improvement.
  • Not safe for children. Difficult to stop them from having this snack.
  • Expensive than regular coffee.
  • Too much caffeine is not suitable for your health.

Who are Wired Waffles for?

Wired Waffles is for all adults looking to boost energy in the morning without having to prepare coffee or other breakfast items. This snack contains around 200 calories per serving, making it ideal for anyone looking to have a healthy snack between meals. Wired Waffles are also perfect for hiking or road trips as they don’t require preparation and are easy to carry. Wired Waffles are not to be consumed by children.

Are There Any Alternatives?

We have not found any alternative for Wired Waffles that produce caffeine-infused waffles. However, several other products in the market contain a high caffeine content. The best one we have found is Bang – Caffeinated Ice Cream. This creamy, rich ice cream contains around 125 mg of caffeine per scoop and comes in various exciting flavors. However, it would help to keep your caffeine intake in check, as too much of it can harm your health.

Our Final Thoughts

Wired Waffles aimed to replace an unhealthy energy drink with a breakfast item that is a guilty pleasure for many –waffles. Each waffle by Wired Waffles contained around the same amount of caffeine as three cups of coffee and around 200 calories. Wired Waffles were marketed as a low-caloric and energy-boosting breakfast perfect for people who were either always on the go or had little time to prepare breakfast. Unfortunately, the founder of Wired Waffles decided to close down this business and explore other options in the energy industry.