Wine Balloon from Shark Tank

Wine balloon shark tank

Wine is the only alcoholic drink that ages better with taste due to its complex chemical reactions. Wine is also a pricey drink for that reason, among many others. However, wine can oxidize if exposed to air for a long time. Eric Corti found a solution for that specific problem.

Like many of us, Eric and his wife can not drink up an entire bottle in one go. Their wine eventually goes to waste because it oxidizes. Once oxidized, the initial flavors and smell of the wine will change.

Corti stumbled upon a solution when he disassembled a blood pressure cuff. He created a simple and effective way to cork the wine using the tubing and pump.

It’s elementary in the way it works: the Wine Balloon fills up the empty space above the wine, becoming a barrier between the wine and the air, thus preventing it from being oxidized.

Corti wanted to ensure that people could enjoy their wine and not worry about it tasting spoiled. After many demos and research, Eric Corti invented The Wine Balloon. The company later changed its name to Air Cork.

He first appeared on season three of Shark Tank with an innovative product and a proposal. He asked the Sharks for a $40,000 investment for 30% equity in his business.

The product did vow the Sharks easily. Lori Greiner questioned if The Wine Balloon was patented. Corti told her that he had a pending patent.

He explained to the Sharks that the Wine Balloon remains inflated, effectively blocking exposure to atmosphere, for 3 to 4 days. They can always re-inflate the Balloon when it loses its pressure and form


Corti skillfully sold more than 700 units without any marketing or advertising.

Corti’s sales were not impressive, but what captivated the Sharks’ interest was the practicality of the product. This would surely impress wine enthusiasts.

O’Leary proposed the offer of $40,000 if Corti would let him license his invention to a wine preservation company already in operation.

Greiner made the offer of buying Corti out for a sum of $500,000. This made Mark Cuban bump his offer to $600,000 and pressured Corti to make a deal with Greiner.

Corti countered their offer for with a 3% royalty inclusive of the deal. Mark Cuban did not agree with the royalty. Corti reduced the royalty by 1%, but Cuban still left. As the negotiations progressed, Greiner lowered her offer.

Cuban eventually came back and reduced the proposed investment to $400,000 without royalty. Corti accepted the amount ultimately.

Corti did not close the deal with the Sharks. He instead wanted to keep the company under his control and work without the investment of the Sharks. This decision turned out in his favor, as he went on to achieve great things.

After Shark Tank, he made an appearance on another TVshow, Kitchen Inventors, where he made a successful deal and the company changed its name. The sales of Wine Balloon have been impressive and consistent.

By the end of 2021, he had an annual profit of $7 million. Wine Balloon has become wildly successful in the market since Corti’s appearance on the two reality shows.

Our Review Of Wine Balloon

The Wine Balloon is a clever product, one that has created waves in the market for wine drinkers. The product uses a simple technique and it’s easy to use.

Eric Corti, without investing in marketing, was able to sell 700 units. The reason for these sales is simple. There was a problem that wine lovers all over the coutnry were experieincing and one man found a solution to increase the longevity of their bottle.  Thank to Wine Balloon, customers can enjoy their wine for a longer period of time while retaining its natural aroma.

The Balloon is manufactured in the United States. It is made of ingredients that are approved by the FDA standards for food contact. You can trust Wine Balloon to ensure your wine tastes immaculate after being opened.

Customer reviews for Wine Balloon have been favorable. People are satisfied that the product delivers on its promise without being too complicated. Some customers have also pointed out that their wine has tasted fresh for weeks after opening. Other customers were also happy because of the great value for the price.

People can purchase Wine Balloons from their website as well as Amazon.

Pros of Wine Balloon

The Sharks and the customers equally loved this product. It is because of the many pros it has.

  • Customers get a free pack of three spare balloons with each Wine Balloon they purchase.
  • Free shipping is available on two or more Wine Balloons.
  • The Wine Balloon stays sealed for 3 days maximum.
  • Wine Balloons are available in different colors.

Cons of Wine Balloon

Wine Balloon is a customer’s favorite brand/product. Its cons are limited.

  • Wine Balloon is designed only for standard 750 ml wine bottles or smaller only.

Who Is Wine Balloon For?

Wine Balloon is for wine lovers. For people who enjoy taking their time drinking their wine, Wine Balloon is created for them. They can preserve their wine and enjoy it today and tomorrow, whenever they want.

Are There Any Alternatives?

In the market, there are many different ways to preserve wine:

  1. Vacu Vin Wine Saver Pump
  2. Private Preserve Wine Preservation System
  3. Coravin Model Two
  4. Sunwuun Wine Vacuum Sealer

These alternative options are also suitable, but what makes Wine Balloon special is its simplicity. These products are complex, especially if you are new to drinking wine. A Wine Balloon will make preserving your wine seem like a piece of cake. It is also not as expensive as some of the other options.

Final Thoughts

Eric Corti’s appearance on Shark Tank was interesting, to say the least. Evidently, his experience was not what he expected. The Sharks loved his product and could see the potential for growth in his product. Greiner wanted Corti to sell his product to her.

Cori did give in to the pressure of the Sharks at the time, but fortunately, afterward, he refused to sign the deal and went his own way. Wine Balloon changed the game for preserving wine through a simple method, and the product resonated with the many wine enthusiasts.