What Companies Does Polaris Own: A Comprehensive Guide to the Polaris Empire

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When you hear the name Polaris, what comes to mind? Perhaps it’s their famous off-road vehicles or maybe even their motorcycles. Polaris Industries, a global power sports leader, is renowned for its diverse portfolio of innovative and high-quality products. But did you know that this industry giant has ownership stakes in several other companies?

Polaris owns well-known brands including Indian Motorcycle and Slingshot under its motorcycle division. When it comes to off-road vehicles, they’re not just about ATVs and snowmobiles anymore. They’ve got a tight grip on brands like RZR, Ranger, General, Sportsman, and Youth as part of their Off-Road Vehicles (ORV) division.

So next time when you’re admiring an Indian Motorcycle or riding an ATV from Ranger series remember – they’re all part of the impressive family that makes up Polaris Industries. This sprawling corporate family is a testament to Polaris’ strategy of diversification and growth in the powersports market. You might be surprised at just how expansive this company’s reach truly is!

A Quick Look at Polaris

Let’s dive right into discussing Polaris Inc. You might know this American company for its well-respected reputation in the world of powersports. But, did you know that they own a handful of other companies too?

Established in 1954, Polaris has firmly planted its roots within the industry by offering high-quality, innovative recreational and utility vehicles. From snowmobiles to motorcycles and from off-road vehicles to boats, Polaris has made its mark on every terrain.

But let’s get more specific about which brands fall under the vast umbrella of Polaris:

  • Indian Motorcycle: Here’s an iconic brand that brings together history and modern performance in a unique blend. After acquiring Indian Motorcycle in 2011, Polaris breathed new life into these classic American bikes.
  • Ranger Boats: With a focus on fishing vessels, Ranger Boats joined the Polaris family in 2018. Now it’s all about creating superb water experiences for anglers.
  • Transamerican Auto Parts (TAP): This acquisition broadened Polaris’ reach into aftermarket parts and accessories for trucks and Jeeps when TAP became part of the fold in 2016.

It’s clear that through these acquisitions, your favorite adventure vehicle could be a product of one company—Polaris! It’s not just about producing diverse types of vehicles; it also signifies how committed they are to enhancing your outdoor experience regardless of terrain or preference.

Take note though: as impressive as their portfolio is, there are some brands often mistakenly associated with them:

Misconception Reality
Victory Motorcycles Discontinued by Polaris
Klim Independent Company

Remember: while Victory Motorcycles was indeed previously owned by them until early 2017 — it was discontinued so isn’t technically “owned” anymore. As for Klim? They’re actually independent but have had partnerships with Polaris!

In essence? When you’re engaging with any product from Indian Motorcycle, Ranger Boats or Transamerican Auto Parts—you’re interacting with something born out of the powerhouse that is Polaris.

Polaris: The Parent Company

When you think of outdoor adventure, one name probably springs to mind: Polaris. This giant in the world of power sports is more than just a single brand; it’s a parent company that owns a diverse portfolio.

If you’re wondering what companies Polaris owns, then let’s dive right in. Several brands fall under the broad umbrella of Polaris. These include:

  • Indian Motorcycle: Known for its high-end cruiser motorcycles, Indian Motorcycle has been part of the Polaris family since 2011.
  • RZR: A popular choice among off-road enthusiasts, RZR is known for its side-by-side vehicles.
  • Ranger: Another hit in the off-road market, Ranger focuses on utility side-by-side vehicles.

This isn’t an exhaustive list by any means. Beyond these well-known names, there are several other brands within the Polaris fold:

Brand Specialty
Aixam Mega Compact commercial and passenger vehicles
Goupil Electric utility trucks and vans
SnowCheck Snowmobile customization

While some companies might be content with such a robust lineup, it doesn’t stop here for Polaris. They’ve also made strategic investments in electric vehicle technology through their holdings with Brammo and Zero Motorcycles.

The beauty of this diversified portfolio is that it allows Polaris to cater to a wide variety of audiences. Whether you’re into motorcycles or snowmobiles or prefer your adventures on four wheels rather than two, there’s likely something from Polaris designed specifically with you in mind.

But remember that owning multiple businesses isn’t just about increasing product offerings – it’s also about strengthening business viability through diversification. In today’s ever-changing marketplace where consumer preferences shift as quickly as new technologies emerge, having fingers in many pies helps keep things steady for giants like Polaris.

So next time you head out on an outdoor adventure using your favorite power sport vehicle, take a moment to appreciate not only the ride but also the remarkable breadth and depth of the company behind it – Polaris.

High-Performing Brands Under the Polaris Umbrella

When you’re considering the wide range of companies that Polaris owns, it’s important to highlight some of their high-performing brands. These are well-established names in various industries, from snowmobiles and ATVs to motorcycles and boats.

Polaris Industries itself is a renowned name in off-road vehicles. They’re known for their top-notch quality and performance, making them a staple brand for outdoor enthusiasts. With an array of options including ATVs, UTVs, and snowmobiles among others, there’s something for every thrill-seeker out there.

Another notable brand under Polaris’ wing is Indian Motorcycle. A true icon in American motorcycle history since its inception in 1901. It’s renowned for its classic designs paired with modern performance features – providing riders with a unique blend of style and functionality.

On the water-based front, we find Bennington, a luxury pontoon boat manufacturer owned by Polaris. Bennington sets standards high when it comes to innovation and craftsmanship. From fishing pontoons to sporty runabouts, they cater to all sorts of boating enthusiasts.

Let’s not forget about GEM, short for Global Electric Motorcars which offers street-legal electric vehicles ideal for short-distance travel or neighborhood commuting.

Here’s a quick overview:

Brand Industry
Polaris Industries Off-road vehicles
Indian Motorcycle Motorcycles
Bennington Pontoon boats
GEM Electric Vehicles

These are just some highlights amongst numerous other brands that fall under the expansive umbrella of Polaris Industries Inc., each contributing significantly towards making this company a global powerhouse in recreational vehicles manufacturing.

Diving into the Adventure Group of Polaris Family

As you navigate through the diverse portfolio of Polaris Industries, it’s evident that adventure is a central theme. The company, renowned for its innovative off-road vehicles, also has several subsidiaries under its umbrella that cater to thrill-seekers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Let’s start with Indian Motorcycle. Established in 1901, Indian Motorcycle is America’s first motorcycle company. Polaris acquired this iconic brand in 2011, adding a touch of classic American heritage to its family.

Next up is Timbersled, your ticket to year-round thrill rides. Acquired by Polaris in 2015, Timbersled transforms your dirt bike into a snow bike, allowing you to conquer deep snow-covered terrains with ease.

Transamerican Auto Parts (TAP) also belongs to the Polaris family tree. TAP provides aftermarket parts and accessories for trucks and jeeps. Also part of the group are 4 Wheel Parts, G2 Axle & Gear, Smittybilt, and more brands offering an extensive range of products for off-road and performance enthusiasts.

And who can forget about Boat Holdings LLC? As the leading manufacturer of pontoon boats in the US, Boat Holdings brought four notable brands – Bennington, Godfrey, Hurricane, and Rinker – into the fold when it joined forces with Polaris in 2018.

Here’s a quick recap:

Company Year Acquired
Indian Motorcycle 2011
Timbersled 2015
Transamerican Auto Parts (TAP) 2016
Boat Holdings LLC 2018

From motorcycles to pontoons and everything in between – these companies represent different aspects of adventure under one roof: Polaris Industries.

When Two Wheels are Better: Motorcycle Brands Owned by Polaris

When you think of Polaris, the first thing that might come to your mind is snowmobiles or all-terrain vehicles. However, Polaris has a strong presence in the motorcycle industry as well. They’ve got some impressive brands under their belt.

One of them is Indian Motorcycle. This legendary brand was acquired by Polaris in 2011, and it’s been a game changer for them ever since. As one of America’s first motorcycle companies, Indian Motorcycle has a storied history dating back to 1901. Today, they continue to manufacture high-quality bikes renowned for their performance and style.

Next up is Victory Motorcycles. Established in 1997 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Polaris Industries, Victory Motorcycles was an innovative force in American motorcycling for nearly two decades before ceasing production in 2017.

Finally, there’s also the off-road bike manufacturer Husqvarna Motorcycles, though it’s important to note that this brand isn’t wholly owned by Polaris but rather through shared ownership with KTM AG.

Here’s a quick recap:

Brand Acquisition Year Status
Indian 2011 Active
Victory 1997 Ceased Production (2017)
Husqvarna* Shared Ownership Active

*Shared ownership with KTM AG

From cruisers to touring bikes and beyond, these brands have served different segments of motorcycle enthusiasts over the years. It goes without saying that Polaris’ investments into these motorcycle companies have greatly expanded its portfolio and solidified its place within the industry.

Navigating the Waters: Boat Subsidiaries of Polaris

Did you know that Polaris isn’t just about snowmobiles and ATVs? That’s right. They’ve made a significant splash in the boating industry too. Let’s dive into some of their noteworthy marine subsidiaries.

One of the prominent members of Polaris’ fleet is Bennington Pontoon Boats. Acquired in 2018, Bennington has been around since 1997, crafting luxury pontoon boats with remarkable design and performance features. You’ll find these boats cruising on waterways across America due to their reputation for quality and comfort.

Another key player under Polaris’ umbrella is Godfrey Marine, specializing in deck boats and pontoons. Since its inception back in 1953, Godfrey offers an array of choices to boat enthusiasts from Sanpan, AquaPatio, Sweetwater Pontoons to Hurricane Deck boats. With such diverse options available, there’s a boat for every kind of seafarer out there.

What’s more? Polaris also owns Hurricane, renowned for creating the original deck boat back in 1974. If you’re looking for versatility balanced with performance – Hurricane might be your go-to brand.

Let’s not forget about Rinker Boat Company that became part of Polaris in 2019. Rinker has a long-standing history dating back to 1945 as a family-owned business producing sport boats and express cruisers that stand up against time.

To give you a clearer picture, here are the brands owned by Polaris:

Brand Year Acquired
Bennington Pontoon Boats 2018
Godfrey Marine Not Available
Hurricane Not Available
Rinker Boat Company 2019

From pontoons to speedboats – it seems like there’s no stopping this titan from making waves in the watersport industry! Remember when you’re next on the water; your dream ride might just be one of these stellar creations from Polaris’ portfolio.

Taking to the Skies: Aviation Ventures of Polaris

When you think about Polaris, what likely comes to mind are rugged all-terrain vehicles or perhaps sleek snowmobiles. But did you know that the company’s reach extends far beyond the ground? Indeed, Polaris owns several aviation companies, each contributing to its diverse portfolio.

One of these is Piper Aircraft Inc., a leading manufacturer of general aviation aircraft. Polaris acquired Piper in 2021, bringing a robust lineup of personal and business aircraft under its umbrella. From single-engine trainers to luxurious business jets, Piper’s offerings have broadened Polaris’ scope in the aviation industry.

Another notable mention within Polaris’ flight-focused ventures is its ownership stake in Kestrel Aircraft Company. Known for designing high-performance, composite-built aircraft, Kestrel adds another dimension to Polaris’ presence in the skies.

Let’s take a closer look at these two key players:

Company Founded Key Products
Piper Aircraft Inc. 1927 Single & twin-engine planes
Kestrel Aircraft Company 2010 High-performance aircraft

Remember though, it’s not just about owning companies; it’s about fostering innovation and expanding horizons. Through these acquisitions and partnerships:

  • Polaris has secured a strong position in the global aviation market.
  • The company has diversified its product range beyond ATVs and snowmobiles.
  • They’ve successfully penetrated into sectors like personal transportation and business travel.

It’s clear that with their various acquisitions, including those in the field of aviation, Polaris isn’t content with keeping their feet on the ground. They’re reaching for new heights and proving that they’re more than just off-road vehicle manufacturers – they’re pioneers exploring uncharted territories across multiple arenas!

Exploring Military and Defense Footholds by Polaris

Polaris is not just about recreational vehicles. It’s a major player in the military and defense sector too! Their Government & Defense division offers highly capable, rugged, and versatile off-road vehicles designed to meet the unique needs of military customers.

One of the key subsidiaries under Polaris’ umbrella is Polaris Government and Defense, formerly known as Polaris Defense. This division is responsible for providing all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), side-by-side vehicles (SxS), and more recently, ultra-light tactical vehicles (ULV) for military use.

A shining example of their offerings is the MRZR range of ultra-light tactical vehicles. These beasts are designed with versatility in mind – able to traverse through tough terrains while carrying troops or cargo efficiently.

Vehicle Type Notable Features
1 MRZR Alpha Can carry up to 6 occupants, improved performance over previous models
2 DAGOR A1 ULV Provides speed & mobility while offering high payload capacity

Another subsidiary playing its part in defense is Aixam Mega. This European-based company produces small cars and commercial trucks that can be driven without a license in some regions, but it’s also involved in producing specialty military equipment like lightweight armor solutions.

These are just two examples among many other companies Polaris owns within the defense sector:

  • Indian Motorcycle
  • Pro Armor
  • Kolpin Outdoors
  • TAP Automotive Holdings
  • Transamerican Auto Parts

With these diversified holdings, it’s clear that Polaris has established robust footholds within both commercial and defense-related sectors, exhibiting their commitment towards innovation across different industries.

Other Notable Subsidiaries & Acquisitions by Polaris

Delving into the corporate structure of Polaris, you’ll find a fascinating array of diverse subsidiaries and strategic acquisitions. Let’s take a closer look at some key players that fall under the expansive umbrella of this powerhouse.

Taylor-Dunn, acquired in 2016, is one such subsidiary. With over six decades of experience, they’re leaders in commercial and industrial vehicles. Their reputation for durable, dependable vehicles perfectly aligns with Polaris’s commitment to superior quality.

The purchase of Transamerican Auto Parts (TAP) also took place in 2016. This acquisition marked a significant expansion into the off-road aftermarket segment for Polaris. TAP’s portfolio includes well-known brands like Pro Comp, Rubicon Express, and Smittybilt – all catering to SUV and truck enthusiasts.

Your attention should also be drawn to KLIM, an Idaho-based company specializing in technical riding gear. When Polaris obtained KLIM back in 2012, it allowed them to tap into the premium equipment market for snowmobiles and motorcycles.

In addition, let’s not forget about Boat Holdings LLC, acquired by Polaris in 2018. This venture made waves as it signaled their entry into the recreational boating market through Boat Holdings’ four established brands: Bennington, Godfrey Pontoon Boats, Hurricane Deck Boats and Rinker Cruisers.

Here are these notable subsidiaries & acquisitions summarized:

Year Acquisition
2012 KLIM
2016 Taylor-Dunn
2016 Transamerican Auto Parts (TAP)
2018 Boat Holdings LLC

To sum it up – whether it’s land or sea mobility solutions you’re after; from rugged off-roaders to luxurious pontoons – there’s likely a vehicle built by one of Polaris’ many reputable subsidiaries or acquisitions that fits your needs.

Conclusion: Understanding the Extent of Ownage

You’ve made it to the end, and now you possess a robust knowledge about what companies Polaris owns. This sprawling conglomerate has its fingers in many pies, with ownership spanning across several unique and varied industries.

Polaris’s diverse portfolio includes:

  • Indian Motorcycle
  • RZR off-road vehicles
  • Ranger utility side-by-sides
  • General recreational off-highway vehicles
  • Snowmobiles under the Polaris brand name

And this is just scratching the surface. This broad spectrum of brands allows Polaris to cater to an extensive range of customers, from thrill-seekers looking for their next adventure vehicle, to everyday commuters who value reliability and efficiency.

But let’s not forget about their acquisitions either. Over time, they’ve strategically acquired companies that complement their existing offerings or give them access to new markets. The acquisition of Boat Holdings LLC added luxury pontoon boats under the Bennington brand to their portfolio. Similarly, TAP Automotive’s acquisition helped them tap into aftermarket parts and accessories for Jeep® and truck enthusiasts.

This vast network of owned businesses helps Polaris maintain a strong position in the market while also offering you — as a consumer — an extensive range of options when choosing your next ride or outdoor gear.

So there you have it! You now know just how deep Polaris’ ownage extends within various industry sectors. It’s a testament not only to their business acumen but also their dedication toward providing quality products for all sorts of outdoor enthusiasts.