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SnagaStool shark tank

After a long day’s work, all you want to do is head to the bar with your buddies and find the most comfortable place to sit and unwind for the remainder of the evening. You reach the bar only to find your favorite stools taken, and an already tiring day seems to be getting worse. At that point, you probably wish you could make a reservation via an app to book the best stools at any bar, but it turns out there is no such app.

This is exactly the same situation Dean Whitney and Jamie Manning were going through when they decided to create such an app themselves.

What is SnagaStool?

SnagaStool is the first of its kind mobile app that lets you secure your preferred seat at the bar. When you sit at the bar, you get the best service, the best view, a conversation with the bartender, and the television. But it is rare to find a seat at the bar since they’re usually full. This is where the SnagaStool app comes into play. The app lets you choose a date, time, and how many stools you want to reserve; however, you can only choose from the bars that are registered on the app. This app can help you reserve some of the hottest seats at a bar. Bars also love the app because it gives them chances to fill empty seats during slow periods, attract new customers, and win over devoted followers.

Saving a stool is not an old concept; it has been done for centuries by paying off a few dollars in return for the best seats in the house. The charges vary from being minimal to premium for special events like the Super Bowl or the NFL.

The app enables you to book and pay for your preferred seat, while the bar owners could use it to attract customers by providing complimentary appetizers or other incentives. Bar owners can also charge a higher price for their seats depending on the occasion, and SnagaStool will receive a commission. Using SnagaStool can let you take the best seats at the bar even when it is already crowded, making you feel like VIPs.

Dean and Jamie, however, need investment to grow their app and market their idea since it is available only in the Boston region right now, which is why they decide to appear on the shark tank.

SnagaStool on the Shark Tank

Jamie and Dean enter the shark tank looking for a $120,000 investment in return for 18% ownership in the company. They begin their pitch by explaining the concept behind the app and what it offers both its customers and bar owners. Since they only have 3 bars registered under them to demonstrate their theory, the sharks seem unimpressed.

The first to question them is Robert, who asks them about the benefit a bar owner would have through the app. Jamie explains how the bar owner could lure in customers by offering incentives during off-peak hours. Lori objects to the idea of suggesting that prior reservations could lead to several customers being pissed off, especially if they are loyal ones. Mark, on the other hand, is intrigued by the concept since a sign would act as a marketing tactic and introduce SnagaStool to potential customers who would consider using it.

Things start to fall apart quickly when the sharks realize that the app is not making any revenue and is more of a proof-of-concept rather than an operating app. Mark says the only way SnagaStool could be a successful company is if they offer the bars a guarantee, then investing in them is going to provide a steady stream of income. Mark opts out after telling them that he doesn’t believe what this app can provide the users or the bars and how it is going to be successful; it is merely a concept that still needs a lot of work.

Robert implies that during peak seasons, bars are already packed full, and why would they need the app when it doesn’t matter who is sitting where and when during the Superbowl; therefore, he opts out as well. Daymond also refuses to invest, saying that he is just not a restaurant or bar person.

Lori and Kevin both like the idea and believe that there is something to it; however, for Lori, it is just too early to make such a big investment when things are so unsure. She opts out, and so does Kevin, agreeing with Robert’s sentiments that there is no real incentive that SnagaStool is offering; it is just not attractive and solid enough.

The SnagaStool duo walks out without a deal.

Our Review of the SnagaStool app

The SnagaStool app had a good concept, and it came from an experience several people are too familiar with. However, the app did not have a clear concept as to its purpose, and while it is still available on the Apple app store, there have not been many installations. We believe if you want to go to a bar with a bunch of your friends, the seating doesn’t really matter, and if you want to watch a game, you will go to a bar you are familiar with and might have already made arrangements for the big game night. Therefore, the SnagaStool application is not really necessary.

Pros of the SnagaStool App

All SnagaStool can do for you is get you a seat at the bar; other than that, it doesn’t offer any real benefits.

Cons of the SnagaStool App

The SnagaStool app will charge you for a seat at the bar, which might be a good option if you are too desperate. Otherwise, not sitting at the bar isn’t that big of a deal. Additionally, through the app, you will have only 3 bars to choose from since those are the only ones registered under the app. Not much of a benefit, don’t you think?

Who is SnagaStool App for?

SnagaStool app is for anyone looking to grab the best seats at the bar and not minding spending some cash for it.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There are several applications that are solely for bar owners but none that could reserve a seat for you at the bar.

Our Final Thoughts

As of now, SnagaStool is out of business. You can find the app on the Apple store, but it will be of no use to you. Their social media pages also seem to have died out.

SnagaStool has, however, collaborated with companies like Lyft, offering users a $50 ride credit as part of the deal.

If you ever want to appear on Shark Tank, make sure you have a solid business plan without any loopholes. Sadly, SnagaStool had far too many, and there was nothing certain about their concept.