Nopales: Shark Tank Update – Latest Success and Growth

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Nopalera, a skincare brand founded by entrepreneur Sandra Velasquez, made quite an impression in the world of beauty products with its unique line of cactus soaps. Drawing inspiration from her Mexican-American heritage and the abundance of nopales cacti in Mexico, Velasquez utilized the nourishing properties of the nopal cactus to create an all-natural, high-end bath and body product line that is both sustainable and effective.

In season 14, Episode 12 of Shark Tank, Velasquez took her business to the next level by pitching her innovative skincare brand to a panel of veteran investors, including Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Daymond John, Daniel Lubetzky, and Kevin O’Leary. Nopalera’s handcrafted soaps caught the Shark’s attention, combining sustainability, traditional Mexican culture, and skincare efficacy. As the pandemic shifted consumers toward at-home wellness, Nopalera’s unique products carved a niche in the ever-growing beauty market.

Despite the challenges faced by new entrepreneurs during the COVID-19 pandemic, Velasquez’s dedication to her business, perseverance, and belief in the power of the nopal cactus have propelled Nopalera into the spotlight. This expansion has caught the eye of an increasingly eco-conscious consumer base, as well as the unusual combination of self-care and celebration of Latino culture.

About Nopales

Mexican Roots

Nopales, a skincare brand with strong ties to Mexican culture, is founded by Sandra Velasquez, a proud Mexican-American entrepreneur. Nopales’ star ingredient is the nopal cactus, a plant native to Mexico with deep historical roots. The Aztec civilization particularly cherished this cactus for its versatility and nutritional value, and the tradition continues today in southern California, with a blend of modern and traditional influences shaping the brand’s identity.

The Nopal Cactus

Nopales skincare products feature the nopal cactus, also known as prickly pear, as their key ingredient. This cactus, found throughout Mexico and the southern United States, is well-known for its beneficial properties. The plant is rich in essential vitamins, nutrients, and humectants, providing numerous benefits for skin health, such as cell turnover and moisturization.

Founder’s Story

Sandra Velasquez, a New York University graduate and successful entrepreneur, founded Nopales after discovering the power of the nopal cactus. Velasquez has always been drawn to preserving and promoting Mexican culture, and through her work in music and the arts, she has continually explored the beauty and values of her heritage. Nopales skincare was born from this passion, blending pride, craftsmanship, and natural ingredients into a purpose-driven brand.


Nopales soaps and skincare products are intricately handmade using high-quality, natural ingredients. By emphasizing traditional soap-making techniques and harnessing the power of the nopal cactus, Nopales’ products ensure a level of care and craftsmanship that is evident in every product they create.


Nopales skincare products offer a range of benefits to consumers, from moisturization to nourishment. Nopal cactus, the brand’s main ingredient, provides a significant source of Vitamin E, which contributes to healthier, more radiant skin. In addition to their moisturizing properties, Nopales’ products also support healthy cell turnover, making them a valuable addition to any skincare routine.

Nopalera’s Journey on Shark Tank


In Shark Tank Season 14, Episode 12, Sandra Velasquez, the founder of Nopalera, presented her skincare line made with cactus-based ingredients. The Mexican-inspired bath and body products showcased the benefits of the nopal cactus, which is abundant in Southern California and well-known for its skincare and hair care properties.

Feedback from Sharks

Sharks Lori Greiner, Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Kevin O’Leary, and Daniel Lubetzky showed interest in Nopalera’s unique product line. They praised Sandra for her innovative idea and her dedication to promoting the benefits of the nopal cactus.

Investment and Valuation

During the presentation, Sandra sought an investment of $300,000 in exchange for 5% equity in her company, with a pitch valuation of $6 million. Although the Sharks were impressed with her products, they did not agree to her initial funding request.

Daniel Lubetzky made a counteroffer, but his valuation of Nopalera was significantly lower, at $1.2 million. Sandra ultimately did not accept the investment from the Sharks.

Post Shark Tank Growth

After Nopalera’s appearance on Shark Tank, the company experienced growth in sales and consumer interest. Nopalera products became available on various online platforms such as Amazon, Nordstrom, and the company’s own website. The brand gained positive reviews and attention from the community, strengthening its presence in the skincare market.

Audience Reaction

The audience appreciated Nopalera’s natural product line and its focus on sustainable ingredients. They also admired Sandra’s pride in her Mexican heritage and her commitment to promoting the benefits of the nopal cactus. Although Nopalera did not secure a deal on Shark Tank, the company’s exposure on the show boosted sales, attracted customers, and generated awareness in the beauty industry.

Nopalera’s Products

Soaps and Skincare

Nopalera offers a range of natural cactus soaps and skincare products, focusing on the moisturizing and hydrating properties of the nopal cactus. Their signature cactus soaps feature plant butters and oils, which are designed to nourish and moisturize the skin without the use of synthetic fragrances. In addition to their cactus soaps, they offer a variety of skincare products made from Mexican botanicals, making their line both unique and culturally connected.


Among Nopalera’s offerings are cactus flower exfoliants. These exfoliants incorporate the natural humectants found in the nopal cactus, encouraging cell turnover while providing hydration to the skin. Enriched with essential oils, these products work gently on the skin’s surface, leaving it smooth and refreshed without causing irritation.

Bath Products

Complementing their soaps and skincare line, Nopalera also produces artisan bath and body products to enhance the bathing experience. One example is their HIbar, a compact and easy-to-use bath accessory that releases indulgent essential oils and revitalizing botanicals when immersed in water. By incorporating natural ingredients and prioritizing sustainability, Nopalera’s bath products not only benefit the skin but also contribute to a healthier planet.

Sustainability and Values

Natural and Organic

Nopalera is a skincare brand that focuses on creating natural and organic products, such as their signature cactus soaps for bath and body. Their handmade soaps contain plant butters and oils which help in moisturizing the body. These natural ingredients, including lemongrass oil and jasmine oil, not only nourish the skin but also provide an eco-friendly alternative to synthetic skincare products.

Vegan and Cruelty-Free

Nopalera’s commitment to ethical practices is showcased in their vegan and cruelty-free products. The brand ensures that none of its products are tested on animals or contain animal-derived ingredients. This makes Nopalera a compassionate choice for consumers who value cruelty-free lifestyles.


Sustainability is at the core of Nopalera’s values, as they pride themselves in making sustainable products that are gentle on both the skin and the environment. The brand makes a conscious effort to avoid ingredients like palm oil, which contributes to deforestation, focusing instead on natural alternatives such as activated charcoal. Consequently, Nopalera’s products align with the growing demand for environmentally responsible skincare.

Community Impact

Nopalera is not only dedicated to producing eco-friendly soaps but also working towards a positive community impact. The brand’s founder, Sandra Velasquez, has been influenced by her Mexican-American and Latino culture, which she incorporates into her business, promoting cultural pride and representation.

Pride and Representation

Nopalera demonstrates pride in their Latino culture and heritage through their unique, Mexican-inspired botanicals for bath and body. Their line of moisturizing botanical bars and natural soaps pay homage to the rich tradition of indigenous plant-based remedies, connecting consumers with a sense of cultural identity and pride.

Nopalera’s Future Direction

Nopalera, the innovative skincare brand, is focused on a bright and sustainable future as it continues to make waves in the market. With a unique vegan skincare line that uses the hydrating power of the nopal cactus along with other Mexican botanicals, the company has experienced significant growth since its appearance on Shark Tank in January 2023.

In order to maintain its commitment to sustainability, Nopalera continues to source plant butters and oils responsibly, ensuring that its products remain natural and beneficial without the addition of synthetic fragrances. Additionally, the handmade soaps cater to an increasingly environmentally-conscious market.

Following Nopalera’s exposure on Shark Tank, the company has been successful in obtaining funding and forming partnerships, pushing its estimated net worth to around 6 million USD in 2023. As the brand expands, it is focused on leveraging this investment to increase sales and distribution not only online but also through retail stores and boutique outlets.

Nopalera’s distinct, sustainable, and vegan offerings have also generated interest from wholesale buyers, as retailers recognize the appeal of featuring earth-friendly bath and body products on their shelves. Long-term goals include expanding the product line to cater to a broader range of customers, while ensuring that the quality and integrity of its offerings are maintained.

In summary, Nopalera is determined to grow its presence in the skincare industry while remaining true to its core values of sustainability, ethical sourcing, and promoting natural alternatives to traditional personal care items.