VADE Nutrition from Shark Tank

VADE Nutrition shark tank

Couple and business partners, John and Meghan Johnson, appeared on Shark Tank season 10 to pitch their nutrition supplements business. The duo utilized the dissolvable food-grad technology to create pre-measured protein pods that offer a full serving of flavorful lean proteins. VADE Nutrition products were nutritious, sugar-free, tasteful, and exactly what an athlete or gym regular would need to boost their calorie intake. The couple asked for $250,000 for 10% equity stakes in their business, and the Sharks were ready to hunt!

What Is VADE Nutrition?

VADE Nutrition is the brainchild of couple Joe and Meghan Johnson, making nutritional supplements accessible and hassle-free. The product solves every athlete’s problem of lugging around tubs and bags of supplements and struggles to measure their intake with scoops. Joe, a college-level wrestler, saw promise in dissolvable food-grade technology during his years at Michigan State University. His wife, Meghan, a former cheerleader, agreed that a pre-made and dissolvable protein pod was a convenient alternative for supplement powders.

The founders of VADE Nutrition walked hand in hand to the stage of Shark Tank season 10 to pitch a nutritious revolution. They showed how easy it was to use their dissolvable protein pods in any liquid of their choice. The duo explained the Latin pretext of their product’s name and demonstrated how the dissolvable membrane encasing a full serving of protein powder would “vanish” if shaken. VADE Nutrition retains its properties in smoothies, shakes, juices, and milk; all you need to do is toss it in, shake and drink!

After their enthusiastic presentation, the couple offered the Sharks some samples to try for themselves. Lori was amazed by the flavors and thought the product was refreshing and new. Kevin steered the conversation toward the ingredients and asked about the sugar and calorie intake. The couple revealed that each pod served 90 calories and had no sugar in the mix. Lori then accepted that she knew little about nutrition supplements and would love if they educated her on the subject.

She wanted to know if 90 calories were on par with typical protein. The couple revealed that their pods were 100% whey isolates, making them one of the leanest proteins on the market; the ingredients include 2 carbs and 1 gram of fat and zero sugar.

The Sharks were impressed by the couple’s unique solution to an old problem, but their sales made the Sharks question their business aptitude. VADE Nutrition had $80,000 in annual sales and raked in only $30,000 the month before their appearance on Shark Tank season 10.

Mark was excited to try the protein shake, but the flavors didn’t bode well with him. Still, he found the product promising and was willing to invest in them. He offered them $250,000 for 20% equity stake against their 10% ask for the same investment.

Lori explained to the Johnson family that she could help them with the packaging and expansion when A-Rod swooped in to make his case. He told the couple that their business model was right up his alley, and if Mark agreed, he’d like to propose a joint offer of $700,000 for 40% equity stakes. Mark was happy to collaborate with the guest Shark and found the ask reasonable.

The couple were elated to have two Sharks in their corner and accepted their offer.

VADE Nutrition is still in business and has been selling its products via Amazon and its website. The Shark Tank effect helped the couple boost their sales and become a profitable business against everyone’s expectations. Mark and A-Rod are no longer in the picture, and despite that, the business had secured $6 million in lifetime sales till 2021.

Joe and Meghan have not faltered in their mission to make nutrition accessible to everyone to this day and have introduced three varieties of their pre-workout packs and many more flavors.

Our Review of VADE Nutrition

VADE Nutrition has the potential to break into the sports and health niche, but its manufacturer and limited resources have tied down Joe and Meghan. They couldn’t meet their annual sales goal because of a bad batch of products, but the recent incline in their profits hints at a different strategy. VADE Nutrition products are exclusively available on their website and Amazon but collaborating with gyms and health centers to market their products can help them expand.

Pros of VADE Nutrition

  • Nutritious
  • Full-serving protein pod
  • Dissolvable film
  • Made from 100% whey isolates
  • Zero sugar intake
  • Variety in flavors

Cons of VADE Nutrition

  • No retail presence
  • Exclusively sold from the website & Amazon

Who Is VADE Nutrition for?

Vade Nutrition is every athlete’s dream and is a convenient alternative to powdered supplements. It eliminates plastic tubs, bags, and measuring scoops and gives you immediate access to one of the leanest proteins in the U.S. market. The dissolvable protein pods facilitate your calorie intake in three easy steps and cut down on time spent preparing your protein shakes and smoothies.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Joe and Meghan had a patent pending for their dissolvable protein pods at the time of their appearance on Shark Tank season 10. Despite that, Strong Pods and XS Protein Pods offer exactly what VADE Nutrition offers as a dissolvable protein supplement. XS™ Protein Pods takes things one step further by making their pods sugar and fats-free and accounting for allergies and taste preferences. Strong Pods is based in Canada, but its products are available in the U.S. and marketed as environment-friendly.

Our Final Thoughts

We think VADE Nutrition would have been able to up their game if A-Rod and Mark hadn’t jumped the ships during negotiations. The product is a game changer in the nutrition supplements market and has the potential to change how athletes and sportsperson consume their calories. Despite the Shark Tank setback, John and Meghan have done well for themselves by turning their losses into profits. If they stick to their motivations, VADE Nutrition can achieve many milestones.