Trophy Smack from Shark Tank

Trophy Smack shark tank

Since appearing on Shark Tank, Trophy Smack has continued selling products on Amazon. They have received great reviews from consumers. If you love customizable trophies and want them timely delivered to your doorstep, check out Trophy Smack products on Amazon. ASIN: B07L1C3FBL

Trophy Smack was pitched by Matt Walsh and Dax Holt on the 12th season of Shark Tank. Matt Walsh came from a logistics and supply chain background Dax Holt departed from his job as an on-air personality and joined the venture.

The concept of Trophy Smack came about after Walsh came close to winning a Fantasy Football game in 2016. He wanted to buy himself a 6-inch trophy but discovered this product didn’t exist. After pairing with Holt, the duo decided to launch Trophy Smack, seeing potential in the opportunity.

What Makes Trophy Smack Unique?

Trophy Smack is known for manufacturing and distributing belts and trophies for matches, championships, and fantasy sports leagues. The company was founded in January 2018. They create trophies for sports like soccer, basketball, baseball, and fantasy football.

Both Walsh and Holt believe that with Trophy Smack, they can make high-quality trophies and offer speedy delivery compared to their competition. Trophy Smack also creates sports accessories such as championship belts, loser trophies, player draft boards, and tattoos. The trophies are top-quality and can be customized as the client wishes.

Originally Trophy Smack was created to cater to fantasy sports. However, as the company progressed, it started catering to other games. Due to Walsh and Holt’s expertise as manufacturing and logistic experts, Trophy Smack became an instant success. In the first year only, it generated a total of $850,000 in sales. In 2019 it generated a total of 1.9 million dollars in sales and made a $755,000 profit despite the Covid-19 lockdowns.

The products created by Trophy Smack stand out due to their unique designs, quick delivery, and product durability. If dusted and maintained, these trophies last years, even if they switch hands. This makes Trophy Smack a highly sought business by both fans and organizers.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Matt Walsh and Dax Holt appeared on season 12, episode 9 of Shark Tank, and sought investment of $600,000 while offering 8% equity in their company. During the episode, the duo pitched their company to the sharks and earned the sharks’ appreciation.

They explained how they first launched their company online with an initial investment of $60,000. Their inventory sold out within three weeks, after which they invested $250,000 into the business. They also reduced their assembly time by 90%. Between 2018 and 2019, revenue rose rapidly.

Based on the business’s financial success, Kevin O’Leary offered $600,000 for 20% equity. Kevin made this offer stating that he wanted this deal to work in the corporate market and had good market knowledge.

Mark Cuban also thought 8% equity was insufficient and offered $600,000 in return for 17% equity. Lori Greiner was interested in this deal as well. However, Mark clearly stated that if Walsh and Holt considered Lori’s offer, then he was out. The entrepreneurs took Mark Cuban’s offer of $600,000 at 17% equity of the company.

Is Trophy Smack an Active Company?

Since appearing on Shark Tank, there has been no looking back for Trophy Smack. After the removal of Covid-19 restrictions, their sales boomed rapidly.

By the time Trophy Smack appeared on Shark Tank, the company had generated $650,000 in sales. This was by July 2020. In early 2021, the company also launched a new product line. This web-based tool lets customers design championship rings from scratch. Today, Trophy Smack also caters to genres outside fantasy sports, such as corporate awards, customized gifts, and wedding gifts.

Our Review of Trophy Smack

Pros of Trophy Smack

  • They create high-quality trophies with a large variety to choose from.
  • Trophies are durable and well-priced.
  • Trophies are also customizable. Trophy Smack reaches out to enquire about engravings, fonts, and texts.
  • They offer quick delivery. If you need the products immediately, you can also get them for a fee.
  • The products come in customized foam protection that can be reused.

Cons of Trophy Smack

  • Trophy Smack lacks communication. Getting in touch with customer service is a time-consuming process. Emails and messages are not replied to regularly.
  • Bolts used to hold the ball in place need to be tightened over time. They can be of better quality.

Who Is Trophy Smack for?

Trophy Smack is for avid sports players who want to feel good about their victory. It can also be used by those looking to host a championship. The trophies you receive are of great quality, well priced, and long-lasting. You can also buy belts and plaques with options for customization. Simply order the trophy one week before the event is due, and you will receive your order on time. There will be no need to worry.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Trophy Smack is one of the best trophy designers out there. However, they have many competitors, all offering different designs, pricing, and quality features. Trophy Smack’s major competitors include 3D Trophy Factory, K2 Awards, and Society Awards.

Our Final Thoughts

Trophy Smack’s entrepreneurs had a great pitch and got their desired investment. They caught the attention of Shark Mark Cuban and got a great deal. Today you can receive regular updates from Trophy Smack on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. With a strong business model focused on steady growth, Trophy Smack is expected to introduce more products and earn higher profits soon.