The Bear and the Rat from Shark Tank

The Bear and the Rat shark tank

Matt Meyer was an adolescent boy of eight years when he first thought of ice cream that his family poodle Babette could enjoy with him. He and his family used to have this ritual of going down to the local ice cream shop every Sunday. They would take their poodle along, but there was hardly ever anything available that Babette would enjoy with them.

That’s how Matt knew he would do something about it as he didn’t want Babette missing out on this as the poodle was very much part of the family. And that’s how The Bear & the Rat was born. Even though the name for the product didn’t come till later, the idea was there in spirit all those years Matt was growing up.

Matt was clear on the fact that he wanted the same experience for dogs of every family that he has enjoyed with his family every Sunday having ice cream. And so, as soon as he could have been capable of formulating The Bear & The Rat frozen yogurt, he knew he had a business. Soon enough, he also involved his longtime girlfriend and now wife in the business.

Together they developed a whole line of frozen yogurt especially and specifically curated for dogs. The pro-biotic and gluten-free frozen yogurts were definitely a treat of dog dreams, and Matt knew naming the brand should be an ode to his rat terrier and Lhasa Apso. And so the name The Bear & the Rat Cool Treats for Dogs was decided.

Matt has ensured that all the products under his brand of The Bear & the Rat Cool Treats for Dogs are human-grade but made for dogs. Therefore, he ensured this by consulting animal nutritionists and veterinarians for their approval. Consequently, he launched flavors all loved by dogs, Choc O Not, Banana Peanut Barker, and Bacon Peanut Barker.

However, he knew that to expand his product line further and work on a large-scale distribution. He would require some significant funding. That’s when he came across Shark Tank on TV, and it suddenly made sense. He talked to his wife Meg about it, who was instantly onboard with the idea, and together they decided to take The Bear & the Rat to national TV.

The husband-wife entrepreneur duo made it to the Shark Tank stage with their two beautiful dogs and a tub full of frozen yogurt. They proposed their pitch of $125K for 20% of the equity in their business while the dogs enjoyed The Bear & the Rat Cool Treats tub. Matt also passed around the samples for judges to taste.

However, it was quite a nasty shocker when all of the judges unanimously agreed that The Bear & the Rat Cool Treats for Dogs are definitely just for the dogs. They might be human-grade, but none of the humans tasting it right now are enjoying it as much as the two pups who licked the tub clean. The judges clearly didn’t like the product at all.

That is when it dawns upon Matt and Meg that they are losing the judges and, consequently, the deal too. And as they had predicted, all the judges went out almost immediately. Although they liked the Meyers as well as their dogs, the product didn’t sit well with them for one reason or another. However, it is safe to say the judges couldn’t have been more wrong.

The Bear & the Rat Cool Treats for Dogs continues to sell to this day. They have an up-and-running website Cool Treats for Dogs, and a large-scale Amazon selling base to cover other regions too. Despite not winning a deal at Shark Tank, The Bear and The Rat Cool Treats for Dogs is still a successful business for Meyers and a household name for all dog owners.

Our Review of the Bear & the Rat Cool Treats for Dogs

Although the judges at Shark Tank might not have liked the product at all, it continues to sell to this day, and we were fortunate enough to get our hands on The Bear & the Rat Cool Treats for Dogs in the flavor Bacon & Peanut Butter. Undoubtedly, our dogs instantly fell in love with it. It surely is a treat straight out of dog dreams for your dogs. And like any dog lover would do anything for their pup, you certainly would not mind buying a tub for your pups to enjoy while you dig in some Haagen Dazs for yourself.

Pros of the Bear & the Rat Cool Treats for Dogs

  • Probiotic
  • Gluten-free
  • No hydrogenated fats
  • Free from high fructose corn syrup
  • No bleached or bromated flour
  • No synthetic nitrates or nitrites
  • Available in three amazing flavors
  • A great chill treatfor your dogs.
  • Human grade but suitable for dogs.
  • Great value for money.
  • Available in 4 different tub sizes.

Cons of the Bear & the Rat Cool Treats for Dogs

  • Not a good taste for humans.

Who Is The Bear & The Rat Cool Treats For Dogs For?

It is right there in the name of the product. The Bear & the Rat Cool Treats are really for dogs. It is made with dogs in mind, so they don’t feel left out any time you are enjoying some family dessert time together. While humans can also enjoy the product, it really isn’t as tasty as regular ice cream or frozen yogurt brands. So it is best if you store these for your pup while you store other brands’ ice cream for yourself.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Starbucks recently launched a Pup Cup product line with Puppachino. The fancy name may throw some people to consider the beverage caffeinated, but there is nothing at all in the cup except for chilled whipped cream that your dog can enjoy. It is definitely one of the fancy, occasional things you can buy for your dog while you are out on a drive and buy yourself a cold coffee.

Our Final Thoughts

The Bear & the Rat Cool Treats for Dogs might not have won a deal on Shark Tank, but they definitely won many hearts of dog lovers. Because soon enough, their website crashed thanks to the overwhelming amount of orders they received. They also went on to be made available in physical retail stores and officially announced being put under Whole Foods across the country. As of February 2022, the business is generating $5 million annually.