Sunscreen Mist from Shark Tank

Sunscreen Mist shark tank

The Sunscreen Mist is a large-scale sunscreen dispenser that sprays the product all over the body. It is similar to amusement park water misting stations; they also have smaller stations with misting nozzles that consumers may use for themselves or others.

UV rays are harmful to our skin. We are all aware of the significance of safeguarding oneself against them. Sunscreen is essential for skin cancer prevention and should be used whenever you go out. Sunscreen Mist was developed in 2006 and manufactured unique automatic sunscreen spray units and booths.

A spray-on sunscreen machine offers SPF 15 and SPF 30 broad-spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreens, a tan enhancer, soothing aloe, and an insect shield with SPF 30. Tony Fayne and Josh Kaplan founded Sunscreen Mist.

It has been acknowledged as a market pioneer in producing automatic and patented sunscreen spray Booths and Stations since its debut in 2006. Sunscreen Mist spray-on sunscreen machines make it fast, convenient and easy for people of all ages to shield their skin from sun damage.

The death of one of Tony Fayne’s close friends from melanoma at an early age earned him the good name of a visionary, and he was on his way to developing something that might deliver on-the-spot sunscreen for individuals who are out.

Tony and Josh approached Shark Tank with a $400,000 offer for a 15% stake in their firm. They described the product; then, a model entered the booth for a complete demo. A parent and daughter portrayed the self-application station.

Mr. Wonderful inquired whether they had solved an issue that did not exist. The Sharks questioned if the booths provided complete coverage. Each application is said to cost between $1 and $5. They sell machines wholesale for $6990 and retail for $17,000. The Sharks balk at the $31,000 cost of the booth.

They have a New York owner that moves booths to events. Potential customers included huge commercial firms such as the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. However, they did not use the machine.

Mr. Wonderful believed they should get into a licensing agreement with vending firms that can deploy a significant number of machines at events.

Barbara called it quits because she thought the business was too difficult. Robert followed Mark, argued they exaggerated everything, and left too. Lori was curious about how they generate sales and believes it is due to accessibility. They might not have enough practical examples; therefore, she was also out. The episode concluded with no success for the venture.

Despite their failure on Shark Tank, the founders of Sunscreen Mist did not abandon their purpose. Since first debuting, they’ve added cooling aloe, tan accelerator, and insect spray to their machines. As of August 2021, the company has 18 devices installed in North America, one in South America, two in Africa, one in the Middle East, one in Rome, one in Spain, one in Germany, one in Norway, two in Asia, and one in Australia.

They also provide transportable equipment for outdoor events such as concerts and festivals. The company’s annual profit is $2 million.

Our Review of Sunscreen Mist

How much are you ready to pay for an even coating of sunscreen applied to your entire body? Would you spend a few dollars just for the luxury of a Sun Screen Mist? Given the consequences of not shielding your skin from sun damage, this appears to be a steal, particularly if you forgot to carry your sunscreen.

Without question, it’s a fantastic all-cash business, but was this idea deserving of a Shark Tank investment?

Sunscreen Mist booths brought down a substantial purpose, but the idea of installing kiosks to events and the whopping purchase of $17,000 machines is quite ambitious.

However, the appearance on Shark Tank had delivered the message, and Screen Mist got a bunch of clients. The Sunscreen Mist booths can be useful if installed at beach parties or even sports events where sun exposure is quite high.

Also, the recent upgrade to the product line, including cooling aloe, tan accelerator, and insect spray, has made the brand much worthy.

Pros of Sunscreen Mist

  • It protects against harmful UV rays and offers SPF 15 and SPF 30 broad-spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreens, a tan enhancer, soothing aloe, and an insect shield with SPF 30.
  • It does not irritate the skin and absorbs readily.
  • A completely automated mister applies sunscreen to the body; it is a dual-user mister that operates with another user.

Cons of Sunscreen Mist

  • It can irritate the lungs if sprayed directly on the face or inhaled.
  • There is no guarantee that the mist is applied evenly.
  • It can be quite inconvenient to apply in public places like malls.

Who Is Sunscreen Mist For?

Sunscreen Mist was developed in 2007 by Tony Fayne and Josh Kaplan because they discovered that only 30% of individuals apply sunblock before heading out in the sun, whether at the workplace, the beaches, the tennis court, or any other outdoor site.

Sunburn caused by insufficient protection can be painful and possibly cause skin cancer. The co-founders realized people needed protection, so they devised a simple method for spraying sunscreen at the place of use.

The SPF 15 and SPF 30 broad-spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreens, a tan enhancer, soothing aloe, and an insect shield with SPF 30 can be used by individuals of all age groups.

Are There Any Alternatives?

While Tony Frayne had his vision to launch this product in the market, the concept was a no-brainer and was already there in the market. While the company strives to set its ground in the market, there is competition to look out for.

Sunscreen Mist’s key rivals in the market include Fluid Power Solutions,Pittsburgh Laundry Systems, Cleasby Manufacturing, Tek solutions, Surface Suncare, and FRS Robotics.


Our Final Thought

Tony and Josh left the Shark Tank without a contract for Sunscreen Mist. Despite leaving the program with no further funding, the two stayed dedicated to their company and aim of minimizing skin cancer occurrences.

Sunscreen Mist’s website ( was developed to give users information. Some maps indicate the suppliers, the merchandise, and where authentic sunblocks may be obtained at each station.

Many news and blog posts have highlighted and promoted Sunscreen Mist, which has surely contributed to their rising recognition. They even have a blog section on their website to document their journey thus far.

Even without the Sharks’ help and overall scorn, the Sunscreen Mist firm remains a profitable company with its feet on the ground.