2400 Expert from Shark Tank

2400 Expert shark tank

2400 Expert, now renamed Prep Expert, is an online resource website designed to help students prepare for various tests, exams, and platforms. They also provide valuable reviews, guides, and tips and tricks that help students improve their grades and scores.

2400 Expert was created by Shaan Patel, a driven student hailing from an immigrant family, one of the few students ever to achieve a perfect 2400 on his SAT scores. He started teaching his own courses with his own money after pitching his idea and getting rejected by multiple publishers. After proving his course results, with students jumping an average of 400 points on their SATs, he was able to finally land a book deal with McGraw-Hill.

Shaan Patel appeared on Season 7, Episode 15 of Shark Tank, looking to expand his business nationwide. Shaan first provided his back story, how his parents were immigrants who opened up a motel. About how he grew up and studied through bad schools and still managed to get into medical school and later also got an MBA from Yale. He explained his new test-giving system and how it can help students achieve better scores. Shaan was seeking out a $250,000 investment for a 10% stake in his business.

Shaan provided details about his sales figures, which were around $1.2 million in the business’s first 4 years. He also mentioned the average score improvement his students achieved. The first shark to have questions was Kevin O’Leary, asking about customer acquisition and how it is key to a business like Shaan’s. Shaan wasn’t able to provide a solid answer to Kevin but did say that the parents were the customers.

Daymond was the first shark to back out, stating he was already in the online education business. Lori was next to voice her concerns, asking Shaan if he wanted to be a doctor or an entrepreneur. Both Kevin and Lori were hesitant, as they thought Shaan wasn’t ready to put his all into the business. After a little more discussion, both Kevin and Lori were out.

Mark Cuban, the last shark left, seemed interested in the opportunity and offered $250,000 for a 20% stake. Shaan countered twice, once for a $250,000 investment for a 15% stake, next with a $300,000 investment for 20%. Since Mark didn’t budge, Shaan accepted Cuban’s original offer of $250K for 15% of his business.

Since Shaan’s appearance on Shark Tank and after changing his business’s name to Prep Expert, his business has expanded and grown, almost quadrupling his annual revenue. Shaan was also able to complete both his medical degree from USC and his MBA.

Our Review of 2400 Expert

2400 Expert or Prep Expert is now one of the most popular SAT and test preparation companies. The company has grown and expanded all across the nation, gaining incredible popularity among students and parents for SAT and ACT prep.

They provide courses created and designed by experts to help students improve their scores. One of the best things about them is that they provide both online and face-to-face classes and courses – you can learn however you prefer to learn.

Prep Expert has proven results, even providing money-back guarantees to students. If you don’t achieve a score jump after enrolling in their courses, they will reimburse your money. Of course, there is a fine print involved, so we’d recommend going through it before enrolling in a course.

They provide various kinds of courses for all kinds of students. You can enroll in a 6-week course, a 3-week course, and a self-paced course. They also provide private tutors for students looking for one-on-one education. Their private tutors also have proven results and themselves have scored in the 99th percentile. You can also find reviews of these personal tutors available online.

Pros of 2400 Expert

  • Test Taking Strategies: Prep Expert doesn’t just educate; they provide real, great test-taking strategies that help students achieve higher scores.
  • Practice Material: they provide and use high-quality practice material, past exams, and official practice tests to improve their students’ scores.
  • Course Quality: Their live classes are engaging and immersive, with high-quality instructors. The number of choices students have – online, face-to-face, crash courses, and self-paced courses make it easy for any kind of student to learn and improve.

Cons of 2400 Expert

  • Price: if you compare 2400 Expert or Prep Expert to other prep courses, you will find them to be higher in price than average.
  • Accessibility: 2400 Expert or Prep Expert don’t offer mobile apps or sites to study on the go. Students would love having a prep app they can make use of on the go.

Who is 2400 Expert for?

2400 Expert is for students looking to improve their SAT or ACT scores. They also provide courses and tutoring for GEDs, AP subject tests, IELTS, SHSAT, and much more. There is a course on offer for almost anyone – they even offer masterclasses, some taught by founder Shaan Patel himself.

Are there any Alternatives?

There are a lot of alternatives available in the market today. Education websites like PrepScholar, Magoosh, Udemy, Veritas Prep, and many more provide courses, test-giving strategies, and more. Another alternative to 2400 Expert could be enrolling with a tutor directly or enrolling in a coaching center.

Our Final Thoughts

2400 Expert or Prep Expert is a great educational website. It helps students get engaged in their subjects, actively helps improve their test scores, employs some of the highest quality instructors available online, and provides an amazing learning experience. Parents looking for courses to help their children improve won’t be disappointed, and they’ll see improvement soon. What makes them even more enticing for parents and students is their money-back guarantee.

With live classes, access to official past exams, and official practice material, 2400 Experts is one of the best test prep solutions available in the market today!