Slumberkins from Shark Tank

Slumberkins shark tank

Every parent knows the drill: it’s bedtime, but your little one is wide awake and full of energy. You try everything to get them to settle down, but nothing seems to work. Eventually, you’re so exhausted that you give up and hope they’ll fall asleep on their own. Sound familiar?

The good news is that you’re not alone. Many moms go through the challenging task of making their children sleep. Callie Christiansen and Kelly Oriard, two mommy entrepreneurs, were in the same boat. During their maternity leave, they developed a bedtime plushy blanket to enhance better sleep time for children.

Slumberkins offers a line of cuddly plush toys that help children learn about emotions, self-care, and healthy sleep habits. The toys are available in various animals, including otters, unicorns, and sloths, and each comes with a removable stuffing insert.

Each plushy comes with a different lesson parents may want to teach their children. For instance, Hammerhead focuses on resolving conflicts, dragon focuses on enhancing the child’s creativity, and Yak helps the child overcome fear and low self-esteem. Slumberkins also offers a subscription service that delivers new stuffed animals and stories every month.

Kelly Oriard and Callie Christiansen started the pitch by taking sharks into the nostalgia of their favorite childhood toys. Kelly explained that they came seeking $175,000 in return for a 5% interest for their company, Slumberkins.

Upon inquiring, Kelly mentioned that each unit costs them around $15, and they sell it in the market from $44 to $53 each, including the book. The mom duo mentioned that they needed money to fill in the supply demands and are planning to reduce the manufacturing cost to $6 for each unit.

Mark Cuban’s face was lit up with an angelic grin. They were well aware, he continued, that kids become hooked to things that made them feel good. Unfortunately, none of the sharks invested in the company.

Daymond recently sustained a significant loss in that sector. Therefore, he decided to forego further investment. Because of the Slumberkins’ high price tag (almost $50), Kevin also declined.

Lori looked up to Calie and Kelly but was afraid to follow in their footsteps because of the intense rivalry and competitiveness in the plush toy industry. Mark also decided to pull out since he felt that a 5% stake was inadequate.

After praising them for their work, Robert mentioned that they should not think about expanding and turned down the investment deal.

Although the sharks passed on making an investment, the company’s co-CEOs have committed to continue expanding the business naturally, with a focus on consumer-to-consumer transactions

Shark Tank has helped many businesses grow and succeed, and Slumberkins is no exception. Thanks to the show’s exposure, the company has been able to reach a wide audience of potential customers. And with its unique product offerings and commitment to quality, it’s no wonder that Slumberkins has become one of the most popular businesses featured on the show.

According to the interview, they were able to build and extend their company as a result of the exposure they received on Shark Tank. After the Slumberkins appearance on Shark Tank, their sales increased by almost 200% compared to the previous year.  That’s not all, however; they’re teaming up with the Jim Henson Company to produce a live-action puppet series for their younger audience.

Our Review of Slumberkins

Slumberkins is the first children’s toy that helps children sleep, in the form of soft, huggable pillows that also double as stuffed animals. We were impressed by the quality and the calming bedtime routine they promote, which quickly won over our hearts. The animals are made of high-quality materials and incredibly soft and cuddly.

Our favorite part of the Slumberkins experience is the bedtime routine card that comes with each animal. The routine includes activities like reading, and deep breathing helps the children to wind down at the end of the day.

We would highly recommend Slumberkins to any parent looking for a way to help their child relax at bedtime.

Pros of Slumberkins:

  • Promotes healthy sleep habits in children.
  • They last much longer than many other plush animals.
  • They create a story for the children to follow as they cuddle and sleep with their toys.
  • Encourages children to learn new lessons.
  • Each storybook comes with positive affirmations.

Cons of Slumberkins:

  • Slumberkins are not like other stuffed animals; kids may think they’re not fun or exciting, which can lead to them becoming bored with them faster.
  • Many parents may find it expensive.

Who Is Slumberkins For?

Slumberkins is for families, especially parents who want their kids to develop healthy sleeping habits. It encourages the children to learn new things with each story and for the parents who want to give their kids a plushy friend.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Although there are not any exact competitors of Slumberkins, but many other toys serve the purpose of making children fall asleep. One option is the Bedtime Favorites stuffed animals from Pottery Barn Kids. These plush toys are designed to help kids fall asleep, and they come in a variety of different animal styles.

Another option is the Tranquil Turtle from Cloud B. This toy projects a calming light show onto the ceiling and plays soothing sounds to help kids drift off to sleep. Finally, the Goodnight Lamp from Sevenhugs is a connectable lamp that can be controlled via smartphone. It emits a warm, soft light that gradually dims over time, helping lull kids to sleep.

While there are several options available, Slumberkins remain one of the most popular choices for parents looking for a way to help their kids get a good night’s sleep.

Our Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to make your kids’ bedtime more fun, Slumberkins are perfect for you! They give the appearance of lovable stuffed animals and are sure to comfort your kids as they drift off to sleep in their beds. The company has also expanded its product line to include a wide variety of items for children and adults.