Simple Habit from Shark Tank

Simple Habit shark tank

Simple Habit is an application lying in the category of relaxation and wellness. The app offers users stress meditation techniques and other stress relief exercises.

What stands out about the app is that once users download and open it, they are asked to answer a few questions, after which the application recommends customized meditation and stress relief exercises according to their needs.

Simple Habit rapidly gained popularity after making an appearance on shark tank. The app also received the Google Play prize for being the top app in the app store in 2018. The Forbes list of 30 under 30 also featured Yunha Kim, the app’s creator.

During the Covid 19 pandemic, the company also introduced “Better Together,” which allowed relatives and friends to meditate together in a virtual setting. The company continues to thrive, and as of 2022, the app’s expected yearly revenue was roughly 34 million dollars.

The founder of Simple Habit, Yunha Kim, visited the shark tank and requested a six hundred thousand dollar investment in exchange for a 5% stake in her company. She cleverly starts by inviting sharks to participate in a meditation activity. During the meditation, Mark confronts her about the high valuation.

She informs the sharks that she presently has over 500,000 people using the app and that her annual revenue is about seven fifty thousand dollars. Even though the app is free, she charges 11.99 dollars a month for premium content and claims to have about 5,000 premium customers.

She also mentions that they are filming in 2017 and have raised 2.8 million dollars, with plans to raise at least $5 million the next year even though they are not yet profitable. Since she believes that the company does not require extra funding, Lori doesn’t invest. Additionally, Mark Cuban doesn’t invest and refers to Yunha as a gold digger.

Daymond is also out as he believes Yunha is taking the opportunity from someone else. Richard offers her an offer of three hundred thousand dollars for 10% as he is unsure about the six hundred thousand dollar demand for 5%. In the end, Robert offers to join Richard in his offer. However, Yunha rejects the offer and walks out of the shark tank with no deal.

Our Review OF Simple Habit

We believe that Simple Habit is a must-have app on everyone’s phone. In today’s fast-paced world, it is easy to get caught up in day-to-day struggles such as working and managing a family. Some people forget to take time out for themselves and relax for their mental peace and health.

Having Simple Habit on your phone can help you relax and wind down after a long day. The best part is that the app is very easy to use and requires small effort. It contains a “for you” page that offers suggestions, preferred meditation routines, and meditations that you have stored. So all you have to do is open the app and begin meditation.

Moreover, the app’s premium version is affordable, considering its features. It lets users track their progress, is great for people who may be new to meditation routines, and helps users try out numerous meditations suggested according to their needs.

The fact that the app has received the award for the most downloaded app on the Google Play Store also says a lot about its efficiency. The reviews are also promising and show that the app has helped many people feel much calmer.

However, we believe that the annual subscription is a little pricier and that the apps lack the feature to change the meditation sounds in each routine which can be annoying for some users. Nonetheless, the pros are much higher than the cons, and we recommend everyone who may have a stressful lifestyle try out Simple Habit.

Pros of Simple Habit

Here are a few benefits of Simple Habit:

  • Ideal for stress management
  • Includes a feature that tracks user’s progress
  • An excellent resource for individuals new to mediation
  • Wide range of meditation options

Cons of Simple Habit

Here are a few drawbacks of Simple Habit:

  • The app doesn’t allow users to change the meditation sounds
  • The yearly subscription is a little on the pricier side

Who Is Simple Habit For?

Anyone wishing to start meditation or unwind after a long day will find Simple Habit an excellent tool. Since meditation has been shown to help people improve overall mood, those struggling with anxiety or depression can also use the app to reduce their symptoms and feel calmer.

Additionally, those who lead busy lives and lack time to attend physical meditation workshops might benefit by purchasing the app’s premium edition and starting to meditate at home whenever they get the time.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Here are a few alternatives for Simple Habit:

  • Medito
  • Head Space
  • Declutter The Mind
  • Smiling Mind
  • The Breathing App
  • Buddhify
  • Breethe
  • Inside Timer- Meditation App
  • Ten Percent Happier – Meditation & Sleep

We have put Medito at the top of all the other alternatives for Simple Habit as Medito is a free application offering numerous meditation routines to its users. However, what stood out to us the most about Medito is that apart from being an app, Medito is also a non-profit organization which aims to help people around the world improve their mental health.

Unlike Simple Habit, the organization believes people should have resources to help tackle mental health issues such as depression and anxiety for free so that even the ones who cannot afford them can access these resources.

Our Final Thoughts

We believe that in today’s world, everyone should have a health and wellness app like Simple Habit on their phones. The app will remind you to prioritize your mental health, and what makes it stand out is its ability to provide customers with personalized meditation regimens.

Whether you are new to meditation or want to start working on your general well-being, downloading Simple Health is a great way to begin your journey to wellness.