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This SignalVault review will inform you about how this RFID protection device works and whether you will need one. Since high-tech crooks are increasingly arming themselves with RFID scanners that can steal your credit card information from a distance, knowing about such protection solutions has never been more paramount.

What is SignalVault?

SignalVault is a small compact device that keeps your credit card or debit card data safe. High-tech pickpockets are now resorting to RFID scanners to steal data from the RFID chips on your credit or debit card. Sadly, this is the key vulnerability of smart cards that crooks and thieves are exploiting to the max.

The trouble with this form of theft is that it is extremely insidious and very hard if not impossible to detect. The thief can steal data on your cards while you remain blissfully oblivious. This can happen anywhere, especially in public places such as shopping malls. Data can be stolen this way without the victim even realizing what happened.

Hence, you need a device like SignalVault or some other protective gadget to prevent such credit/debit card data thefts.

Are They Still an Active Company?

SignalVault is going strong. Just a day after the band got itself a deal on Shark Tank, it appeared on Lori Greiner’s QVC channel where it sold out in a few minutes. Considering that around 4800 units were sold in this truly short time frame, it is obvious that the protective high-tech gadget has a high sales potential. Certainly, worried consumers will want something like SignalVault to protect themselves from credit card data theft.

5 months after the Shark Tank debut, the brand appeared in another Shark Tank episode to present an update on how the brand is faring. Chris Gilpin said that following the Shark Tank debut, he had earned sales of over $2 million thereby allowing him to hire a dozen more people. Business activity picked up fast following the first Shark Tank. Whereas Chris Gilpin was working out of his home before the Shark Tank appearance, he then had to hire office space to accommodate his workers and fast-expanding business.

The brand is doing well and the founder Chris Gilpin’s net worth is estimated at around 4 to 5 million dollars.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Founder Chris Gilpin pitched his brand to the Sharks where he offered a 12% percent stake in the business in return for $200,000 in investment. After negotiations, he entered into a deal with Robert and Lori for $200,000 in return for 25 percent brand equity.

Our Review of SignalVault

We tried and tested the SignalVault RFID blocking card and found that it works as advertised. Overall, these cards score high in customer satisfaction.

Remember, you will need two cards, not one. This is what you will find inside the box, fortunately. The point is to sandwich your credit card between 2 SignalVault signal blocking cards to keep it safe.

One key drawback of the SignalVault cards is that they are so good at blocking signals that they can interfere with and even block your cellphone signals as some customers have remarked. Thankfully, there is a way around this. Just keep the cards out of your cellphone wallet.

SignalVault is an RFID blocker that boasts the following specs and features.

● Uses E-field technology for which batteries are not required. Hence, there are no issues with activation or charging.

● Protects hundreds of thousands of consumers around the world.

● Ideal for traveling

● Can fit in any phone case or wallet.

● Evaluated by the NTS for RFID signal protection and blocking

Inside the box, you will find 2 SignalVault cards for RFID signal blocking.

Besides the SignalVault cards, you can also order the TravelVault which is designed to keep your passport safe.

As you would expect, they are about the same size as your credit card. However, they sport extra thickness to accommodate all that RFID blocking tech. both of these RFID blocking cards have black sides with the brand logo on one side and instructions on the reverse side.

The nice thing about these cards is that they are easy to use and very convenient. You just have to slip these cards into your wallet to sandwich your credit card, and that’s about it.

Thanks to the compact dimensions and ease of use, you can place it with ease in all kinds of wallets for both men and women. Just make sure that you read the instructions carefully to place these cards the right way so that they work correctly.

We carried out a very simple test to find out how well it works in the real world. Make a trip to the nearest store that allows contactless payments. To pay, you have to bring the credit card close to the terminal so that it can be detected and the transaction executed. We allowed the credit card to remain in the wallet without removing the accompanying SignalVault cards safeguarding it. The terminal failed to detect the credit card. When we took out the credit card from the wallet and brought it close to the terminal, this time around it detected the card.

What this means is that hackers and baddies with RFID scanning tools hopefully won’t be able to pick up and detect your credit card when it is in your wallet with your SignalVault cards placed around it as per instructions.

SignalVault Pros

  • Very Convenient
  • Very easy to use
  • No batteries, passive technology

SignalVault Cons

  • Pricey

Who is SignalVault for?

SignalVault is for anyone who has RFID credit cards or debit cards and wants to stay safe from unscrupulous actors who use RFID scanners to steal data from cards.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There are several alternatives available to SignalVault.

RFID Blocking Sleeves Ultimate Premium Identity Theft Protection Cover

RFID Blocking Sleeve Holder Credit Card Secure Protector

Big Skinny Women’s RFID Blocking Plus Size myPhone Bi-Fold Slim Wallet

Our Final Thoughts

The SignalVault review explained how these cards work and even described the results of a simple test that shows how it performs in real life.

This protective gear is necessary for consumers seeking peace of mind who want their credit card info to remain safe.