Shake It Pup from Shark Tank

Shake It Pup shark tank

If you are a pet owner and dog lover, you may relate with others in finding it difficult to get your hands on the right dog food your dog absolutely loves. While there are a gazillion options out there that are both healthy and tasty, there are also several bad options. This is something that frustrates most dog lovers since they can’t find the right food that their dog loves and is healthy for them.

Unbelievably, some canines are finicky eaters. A consistent meal might rapidly become boring for them.

This is when two dog lovers and second-grade buddies, Brett Maiolfi and AJ Crook, decided to create something for all the dogs out there to enjoy their meals a bit more. They came up with Shake It Pup, which is what you might need for your Pup to enjoy meal time.

Keep reading to find out what Shake It Pup is and what’s so great about this product.

What Is Shake It Pup?

Maiolfi and Crook bonded over their love for dogs, and that is what led them to become friends in the second grade. Both of them felt that there was a desperate need for good dog food in the market as they just couldn’t find the right options.

Since it was such a recurring theme throughout their decades-long friendship, both these schoolmates came up with a groundbreaking seasoning that not only adds flavor to dog food but also enriches it with nutrition and vitamins.

Shake It Pup is a convenient shaker bottle of dog food seasonings that are completely hand-made, organic, and can last for over thirty to sixty servings and is so easy to use; just sprinkle generously over the dog food and instantly enhance the flavor.

The creators of this food enhancer found that, because dog food may grow rather monotonous, many dog owners give their pets unhealthy foods and also human food. They, therefore, developed a plan to produce seasonings for dog food that resemble those we store in the pantry quite a bit. With so many alternatives, Shake It Pup provides up to 10 alternatives to modify the way your pups eat.

Noticing the demand for their groundbreaking product, Maiolfi and Crook decided to seek an investment from the Sharks to grow their business further. Let’s see how their Shark Tank pitch went.

Shake It Pup on the Shark Tank

The dog lover duo entered the Shark Tank in the 11th season looking for a $100000 investment in return for a 10% share in their business. Immediately interested in the entire concept of their business, the shark began to inquire more.

Maiolfi and Crook told the sharks that Shake It Up dog food seasoning had already generated over a million dollars in sales just last year, and in order to meet the increasing demand for this amazing product, they needed the investment to be able to produce, store, and package their product.

The Sharks were drawn to this product because they are aware that customers adore their dogs and are prepared to shell out top dollar for them to live happy, fulfilling lives. Immediately the offers started pouring in, starting from Kevin, who offered $100000 in return for a 50% ownership since he believes their marketing strategy has some serious issues. The next offer comes from Lori, who asks for a 3% equity along with a $1 royalty per every sold bottle until she recovers her investment, followed by a $0.25 royalty later on.

Mark Cuban makes an offer in return for 25% equity and tells them about his own dog food company, Wild Earth, and the duo gladly accepts his offer.

Our Review of Shake It Pup

Even though Shake It Pup is not entirely dog food itself, it can make any dog food taste better and make it more nutritious. Additionally, your little Pup won’t have to feel bored with the same monotonous meal as you will have access to 10 different flavors for all those days your dog needs that extra love and pampering.

Dog owners can offer several different flavors from Barkin’ BBQ, Peanut Butter Belly, Pizza My Heart, Bae’con and Eggs, Holiday Turkey, and many more with probiotics and digestion blends to tantalize their dog’s taste buds and provide nutritional benefits as well.

Moreover, Shake It Pup is made in the USA and only uses the best quality ingredients to enhance your Pup’s food.

Pros of Shake It Pup

  • 100% all-natural human-grade ingredients
  • Prepared with organic and local ingredients
  • Made in the USA
  • Contains probiotics
  • Gluten-free
  • Enriched with vitamins
  • Even cats love it!

Cons of Shake It Pup

  • Delivery takes time

Who is Shake It Pup For?

If your doggo is a picky eater, then this dog seasoning is for you. Now you don’t have to include unhealthy additives just to make your Pup eat his food. Shake It Pup will not only enhance your dog’s food, but your little Pup will await his meal time to indulge in the variety of flavors you’ve got to offer him.

It allows you the opportunity to prepare a different dinner for your dog every day like a personal gourmet chef. Not only will you be serving them a different meal each time, but the meals will also be nutritional and enriched with vitamins and probiotics as well!

Are There Any Alternatives?

Shake It Pup does have a competitor in the market called ‘Flavors,’ which is available on Amazon and is almost just like Shake It Pup but doesn’t have an extensive flavor range.

Our Final Thoughts

We absolutely love everything about Shake It Pup and how they have successfully promoted their brand. Even though their deal with Mark Cuban never materialized, they seem to have been doing pretty well, and an appearance on the Shark Tank certainly helps in skyrocketing the sales.

Shake It Pup has given dog owners a fresh approach to feeding their animals and ensuring their well-being.