Ledge Pillow from Shark Tank

ledge pillow shark tank

Amanda, a businesswoman, pitched her product, the Ledge Pillow, also called the boob pillow, to the panel of investors known as the Sharks. The Ledge Cushion is an adaptation of a conventional foam pillow that enables women with breast augmentation or naturally large breasts to lie on their bellies without discomfort.

Women with large breasts or breast implants and those who prefer to sleep on their stomachs are ideal for ledge pillows. In the United States, somewhere between 5 and 10 million women had breast implants placed in their bodies. This product can assist ladies who have breast implants, nursing women, and patients who are recuperating from breast surgery.

Is the ledge pillow better than most pillows? If you have large breasts and have trouble sleeping on your stomach due to the discomfort, a ledge pillow might be helpful for you. However, many chiropractors advise their patients not to sleep on their stomachs since it is bad for their backs. Having stated that, even though it is feasible, doing so is not something that is encouraged.

Our Review of the Ledge Pillow

Amanda Schlechter developed the Ledge Pillow specifically for stomach sleepers with sensitive breasts. She had already been selling her product for three years before her appearance on Shark Tank, but despite this, her company was not successful.

Despite receiving excellent responses from female clients, the company went out of business. Amanda could have avoided wasting time and money by launching an online retail platform geared explicitly toward selling the item in question. When we visited the Ledge Pillow website, we found it had a relatively easy WordPress installation.

Her website did not have the vitality necessary for general product promotion, but it was perfectly suited to meet the requirements of a specialized affiliate marketing niche. She could easily double her previous sales with some effective search engine optimization if she took advantage of the exposure from being thrown to the sharks.

Based on our own experiences, research, and evaluations, we can declare that the Ledge Pillow is not something we would recommend from Shark Tank. Sleeping on one’s stomach can be painful to the back. The chiropractic community has advised people to avoid sleeping on their backs for long due to the risk of chronic low back pain exacerbating.

Back discomfort has been observed over the years by well-endowed women. Because stomach sleeping is one of the key factors contributing to lordosis (also known as swayback), if we were one of the Sharks, we wouldn’t agree to a contract either.

Unfortunately, they are not currently operating as a business. Before appearing on the show “Shark Tank,” Amanda already had a simple company for her ledge pillow, which hasn’t altered much since then. The company that made the Ledge Pillow is no longer in business. The company’s official website, which had also been utilized to sell the product, is no longer functional.

Amanda asked for $30K in exchange for a 25 percent ownership in The Ledge Pillow.

The Ledge Pillow did not leave an impression on the Sharks. Lori recommended Amanda change the name, then Lori went out. Kevin O’Leary thought the market was too small, and Robert Herjavec thought the market would have found her by now; hence, they both went out too. Daymond John quickly followed and commented that he could not contribute anything of value. Mark Cuban thought she didn’t want it badly enough before she left. Amanda left the tank without any fish.


  • Comfortable for people sleeping on their back
  • Lightweight
  • Portable


  • It may be expensive for some people
  • Contributes to back problems associated with sleeping on one back
  • Out of business (no longer selling)

Who Is the Ledge Pillow For?

In addition to being known as a boob pillow, the Ledge Pillow offers a unique take on the traditional memory foam cushion. It is recommended that women who have had breast implants or who are breastfeeding use a ledge pillow. This pillow is beneficial for people who sleep on their stomachs.

Are There Any Alternatives?

The Ledge Pillow is a wonderful choice for women who favor sleeping on their bellies and is designed specifically for that position.

Alternatives to the Ledge Pillow include the Pink Kush Support, intended for women with breast implants, and the Bosom Buddy, intended to reduce wrinkles on the upper chest when sleeping on one’s side. Both pillows are designed for use by women. Women going through this struggle have access to various additional options that may be accessed online. As a result of the expansion of internet marketing, more and more items are now easily accessible.

Our Final Thoughts

This pillow could benefit you if you have naturally large breasts, have breast augmentation surgery, or are breastfeeding and prefer to sleep on your stomach. Research has revealed that sleeping on one’s back increases the chance of back pain, yet, initially, women were quite enthused about the device.

People who sleep on their bellies frequently complain of experiencing back pain due to their sleeping position. The chiropractic community has long advocated that people should avoid sleeping on their backs to reduce the risk of worsening their chronic low back pain. It has been discovered that highly endowed women tend to suffer back pain over time if they sleep on their stomachs.

In conclusion, we realize that, even though it can lessen the discomfort associated with stomach sleeping, we do not advise using it. But regardless, if you are interested in purchasing this item, you have other options to consider because the company that manufactured it is no longer in business.