The Drip Drop from Shark Tank

the drip drop ice cream cone shark tank

For most people, ice cream is the best kind of comfort food. It is rich and creamy and can make bad days feel bearable. The thought of ice cream on a hot summer day feels like a luxury. However, one of the worst things about having your favorite ice cream is how quickly it melts. Within minutes, the sweet treat you were looking forward to all day has made its way down your fingers and onto the floor because you didn’t consume it fast enough.

Another issue with eating an ice cream cone is how messy it can get. Ice cream should not be restricted to a person’s age; it should be free for anyone and everyone to enjoy. However, most people cannot handle ice cream cones and get ice cream on their freshly washed clothes.

Oliver Greenwalk and Sam Nassif, the founders of Drip Drop, were only fourteen years of age when they came to Shark Tank. These two became the youngest entrepreneurs to show their new invention to the Sharks without being accompanied by an adult. At the mere age of 10, these two were out starting their successful business career and earning a load of money.

Inspiration struck when the two were at a local ice cream store and came across two small kids who had just eaten ice cream cones and had hands and clothes covered with sticky drips down their arms. Of course, there was nothing wrong with this sight; small children usually enjoy an ice cream by getting it everywhere. However, Oliver and Sam saw the mothers of the toddlers desperately trying to clean them up with handfuls of napkins, which seemed to do nothing but worsen the ice cream stains.

The pair recognized their love for ice cream but found it a messy treat to consume. This was when the two decided to create a product that would allow people to consume ice cream without any fear, even if they were in their work clothes and wanted to take an ice cream break mid-day.

Even though the two boys were young, they came up with a unique idea that would put an end to messy ice cream eating days forever. They constructed an edible wafer ring that was cut out in a way that would fit the edge of the ice cream cone. This ring would catch all drips, making it the perfect companion to your favorite ice cream.

Oliver and Sam were asking for a $50,000 investment and were ready to offer 20 percent equity to the Sharks in return. The best part about their invention was that it was useful, edible, and environmentally friendly. The solution to messy ice cream cones was now so simple that one did not need to think twice before purchasing the edible wafer ring.

Our Review of The Drip Drop

The silicon mold the boys had made to be fitted on the edge of the ice cream cone was made with 3D printing technology, which seems super impressive, especially since Oliver and Sam are so young. The estimated cost of the Drip Drop would be 3.2 cents, but the pair wanted to sell it at 10 cents. Considering that the young boys had everything figured out, we find the Drip Drop a unique product.

Pros of Drip Drop

Drip Drop makes all your ice cream dreams come true. It can be attached to every single ice cream cone out there, is edible, and you no longer have to worry about getting ice cream on your hands or clothes. The Drip Drop was a small creation so far, but with some investment, the boys wanted to hire a food engineer who would help them perfect the design and ensure that the Drip Drop was able to catch all excess ice cream.

Drip Drop had already won second prize in a school competition, and Oliver and Sam had also ensured that no one would steal their concept. They had a certificate and a patent to protect themselves from any controversies in the future entirely. We like that Oliver and Sam were so invested in their product and had taken all the necessary steps to ensure it would be a success.

So far, Oliver and Sam had spoken to several food industry experts who had told the pair that they would be more successful if they licensed their product and offered it to big ice cream manufacturers with a broad customer base. This way, no additional marketing would be needed to ensure sales.

Ice cream is a timeless product, and we were thoroughly impressed by Oliver and Sam’s creation and the way they were able to cover their entire base before showcasing their product in front of the Sharks.

Cons of Drip Drop

Drip Drop would double the price of regular ice cream, which seems a little extravagant. It begs the question, why would someone pay extra for a cone of their favorite ice cream?

Who is The Drip Drop For?

Drip Drop is for anyone who loves ice cream but is tired of always making a mess when consuming their favorite cone. It does not discriminate between genders and ages and can be enjoyed by anyone. Since it comes in different flavors, it focuses on a wide range of audiences.

Are There Any Alternatives?

So far, there are no alternatives to Drip Drop available in the market that would allow existing ice creams to be placed in a holder and consumed on the spot.

Our Final Thoughts

We love the idea of Drip Drop and how it allows everyone to enjoy their favorite ice cream cone without worrying about dropping it on their clothes or making a mess.

Enjoying an ice cream can be a hassle when you are in your work clothes because you really do not want to go back to your office looking like a child who cannot handle their food. However, with Drip Drop, we can enjoy ice cream whenever we want!