Tandem Boogie from Shark Tank

Tandem Boogie shark tank

Everybody loves spending time outdoors, particularly at the beach. However, to thoroughly enjoy those waves, you need a body board; but you need a bit more than a conventional body board to be able to enjoy the waves alongside your children and family.

This is what the Clark family realized when they were out spending a day at the beach. There wasn’t a body board available in the market that could easily carry two or more people for families to enjoy together. And since the Clark family loves spending time together, whether it be a day at the beach or launching a product together, they came up with the Tandem Boogie.

What is the Tandem Boogie?

The Tandem Boogie was invented by husband-and-wife duo John Clark and Manya Clark and is a body board intended for two people to simultaneously surf and leap on.

The device is a one-of-a-kind body board that opens up an opportunity for ocean lovers, families, and surf schools to enjoy riding the waves. Both expert and novice riders may enjoy the waves with this unique board.

The creators of Tandem Boogie wanted to make it easier for people to enjoy themselves and create memories alongside their family and friends while surfing the waves of the ocean. No matter the degree of experience, this device is made to allow anybody to participate in water activities with a partner.

The pair have spent a lot of their time surfing and paddleboarding alongside their 3 daughters and wish for all families to enjoy the ocean as much as they do.

This reinvented boogie board with a patent application has a better aerodynamic shape and can hold numerous surfers at once. What’s even better is that while not in use, it can be neatly folded into a small package that can be stored at home or transported with ease in any car.

Since the Clarks noticed the potential of their invention and had already made $43,000 in sales in only two months, they decided they needed to get the sharks on board.

Let’s see how their pitch went.

Tandem Board on the Shark Tank

John and Manya Clark, along with their 3 daughters, enter Shark Tank looking for a $100,000 investment in return for 10% ownership. They describe how they came up with the Tandem Board and that they had made approximately $43,000 in just 2 months. They also tell them that their product has a higher profit margin since it costs $150 to make and sells for $459.

The reason they need investment is to expand their sales outreach through retail stores as well as online platforms.

Lori and Mark Kevin don’t seem interested in a surfing product and, therefore, opt out. Robert, however, reminds the Clarks of a product he had invested in during season 5, which was very similar to this, and asks John if he would be interested in a partnership investment.

However, Daniel Lubetzky, the guest shark that season, absolutely loves the product and agrees on a partnership deal with Robert.

The deal is finalized between the Clarks, Robert, and Daniel for a 35% equity in return for a million-dollar investment.

Our Review of the Tandem Board

The Tandem Board is comparable to an inflatable body board, suitable for both water and snow. It is significantly larger than other body boards and can easily fit 3 surfers on it so that they can enjoy and ride the waves simultaneously.

The Tandem Board has several safety features, including EVA safety handles on the side and in front to protect the surfers.

This is most likely the reason why the Tandem Boogie webpage refers to this prototype as a terrific product for individuals of all levels of ability to surf the waves while having a safe and enjoyable experience.

Even yet, younger kids using the Tandem Boogie board alone run the risk of getting hurt. However, if utilized with an adult, children will learn to surf safely while having some fun as well because they’ll have a companion at their side.

Because it consists of the “soft-bump technology,” parents need not be concerned regarding their children’s safety when using this boogie board, as This feature makes it easier for individuals to use since it lessens the impact of approaching waves and greatly lowers the danger of it capsizing.

Pros of the Tandem Boogie

  • created using PVC components of military grade.
  • Given that it is constructed using the same elements as Zodiac boats, it is quite durable.
  • For individuals that employ GoPro cameras, it comes with a mounting attachment for their camera.

Cons of the Tandem Boogie

The major drawback of the Tandem Boogie is it is quite expensive as compared to other body boards.

Who is the Tandem Boogie For?

First of all, Tandem Boogie is the ideal design for boogie boarding or surfing newbies. This boogie board functions similarly to a surfboard with stabilizers with extra room for the instructor.

Even if you’ve used boogie boards before, the Tandem Boogie is a lot of fun for people who want to share their ocean adventures with family or friends.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There are presently no substitutes for the Tandem Boogie, and once this two-person body board obtains its patent, the concept will only be available from this company.

Our Final Thoughts

The Clark family has enjoyed one another as well as the waves together for a long time. The Clark family had a brilliant idea one magnificent day that inspired them to develop a fantastic product that takes the place of the conventional bodyboard.

This family invented the Tandem Boogie board to challenge other families and groups of friends and create special beach memories. A surfer of any skill set can profit from this surf board’s inventive design and experience the waves alongside their surfing pals.