Schulzies Bread Pudding from Shark Tank

Schulzies Bread Pudding shark tank

Schulzies Bread Pudding is a dessert line created by Sarah Schulz, a humble home-based baker who set out to make the best bread pudding. According to Schulz, it all started when she wanted to eat bread pudding but couldn’t find any that would meet her standard. This got her creative juices flowing, and she came up with the idea to create her own pudding line.

Schulz claims her bread pudding is baked to perfection, with the secret ingredient being a lot of love. She had help from her family and friends, who would provide numerous recipes, allowing her to try test batches of bread puddings. Schulz says her bread pudding is the perfect chiller for the California heat.

The best part, however, about Schulzies Bread Pudding is that it highly considers the environment’s safety. Schulz is green, as all her ingredients are sustainable, while the dessert line’s paper bags are biodegradable. Schulz ensures to ship all the waste to compost heaps.

Schulzies Bread Pudding first started its operations in 2010 when Schulz would sell her wares at farmers’ markets. She next opened up a store in Venice Beach. Whoever’s a fan of bread pudding would love this dessert line, as Schulz creates 108 different bread pudding flavors. Some flavors include Tiramisu For You, All-American Bacon Maple, Radical Raspberry, and Kiwi-licious.

After the incredible success of the Venice branch, Schulz next traveled to San Francisco and opened up another branch there in the last quarter of 2012. What helped Schulz boost her sales was the campaign she launched before opening the San Francisco store. The kickstarted campaign helped Schulz raise over $11,000 for equipment purchases, allowing her to open her second branch.

Schulzies Bread Pudding had been doing well for an initial home-based dessert line. However, it seemed like Schulz needed more financial help, allowing her to expand her company and take it to the next level. This need for resources made Schulz visit Shark Tank, hoping to get at least one of the sharks to invest in Schulzies Bread Pudding.

Schulz made a solid first impression, as she directly asked for a $160,000 investment for 20% equity. She made her case while handing out her bread pudding samples to the sharks, hoping to sweeten them with her delicious baked puddings.

The owner confidently told the sharks about hiring someone to run her Venice Beach shop for her. This made one of the sharks, Barbara Corcoran, question whether she was ignoring her corporate duties as an owner. Schulz said she was busy running the San Francisco branch that helped her make $190,000 in sales.

Schulz continued telling the sharks about the brick-and-mortar store she opened a little distance from her San Francisco store. But were Schulz’s business trajectories enough to impress the sharks? Mark Cuban called her dessert parlor a “yogurt store with bread pudding.” At the same time, Kevin O’Leary thought Schulz’s sales had dropped after she moved to a much bigger store.

Unfortunately, no shark believed much in Schulz’s business plan, as they didn’t consider investing suitable. Barbara loved the bread pudding but couldn’t imagine herself making money with the owner. This led to Sarah Schulz leaving Shark Tank without getting a deal for her business.

Our Review of Schulzies Bread Pudding

Sarah Schulz made the most delicious baked treats in the form of bread puddings. Anyone who has a sweet tooth would’ve undoubtedly enjoyed eating such sweet treats. The bread is made from dairy products, including milk, eggs, and cream, making it as moist as possible.

Schulz ensured to add a wide range of flavors to her bread pudding line, giving everyone something they would enjoy. The range of flavors allowed Schulz to enjoy higher sales throughout the company’s run. Bread pudding is a recipe not everyone can master, but Sarah Schulz was not one of those people.

Her bread pudding recipes combined the perfect blend of different ingredients that would taste incredibly tasty. Throw in a few different flavors, and get yourself the ideal chilled and baked treat for the summer.

Schulz’s product was never the issue that prevented her from getting a deal from the sharks. If anything, the sharks loved her bread pudding so much that they kept going for seconds.

However, the main problem was Schulz’s lack of a practical business plan. If she hadn’t opened up a store just when she had started making sales, the sharks might’ve had a different answer.

After Schulz exited Shark Tank, she closed her San Francisco parlor and continued selling her bread pudding jars online. This was a more practical approach on Schulz’s part, which helped her make higher sales than ever. However, in the last quarter of 2016, Schulzies Bread Pudding officially went out of business, as evident from its last social media post.

The reasons for Sarah Schulz discontinuing her dessert line are unknown, but she undoubtedly had a good run when she was in the market.

Pros of Schulzies Bread Pudding

  • It provides the sweetest treats.
  • It uses sustainable ingredients to make the products.
  • A different variety of flavors is available for customers.

Cons of Schulzies Bread Pudding

  • It wasn’t a suitable business plan.
  • The lack of marketing prevented growth.

Who Is Schulzies Bread Pudding for?

This dessert line is for anyone with a strong sweet tooth. People who generally love all kinds of desserts would love eating these chilled bread puddings, as they would’ve provided them with the ultimate satisfaction for their sweet cravings.

Alternatives to Schulzies Bread Pudding

An alternative to 3 is another home-based dessert line run by a mother-son duo called The Gourmet Bread Pudding Co. The dessert line doesn’t have an official website, but the owners market their company through social media platforms.

Our Final Thoughts

Overall, Schulzies Bread Pudding has a good run in the market, as it provided people with sweet teeth with the best dessert they could’ve asked for. Unfortunately, the company eventually ran out of business, but nobody can deny the incredible taste these bread puddings had.