Sanaia from Shark Tank

Sanaia shark tank

Keisha Jeremie presented her brand Sanaia on Shark Tank in season 10, episode 2. Sanaia is a brand of adult applesauce that is organic, gluten-free, and made from exotic fruits. Keisha grew up in the Bahamas, where she loved eating applesauce. When she moved to the US to attend college, she started creating her own homemade applesauce to cure homesickness. Her friends and dormmates fell in love with her creations. 20 years later, Keisha had created a successful career as a global head of a Fortune 500 company. But her love of applesauce remained the same.

While visiting home, Keisha remembered the unique applesauce she used to make as a college student. She mixed tamarind with the fruit-flavored applesauce to create a delightfully tangy mixture.

This made Keisha want to start Sanaia, an organic applesauce brand for adults. All adults who loved applesauce as kids and still craved it could now have it through Sanaia. Having Sanaia is also healthy as it doesn’t have any artificial preservatives. It is a healthy and nutritious product and can be enjoyed with toasted bread or even on its own. Both adults and children can enjoy Sanaia and its wide assortment of flavors.

Now you don’t have to feel guilty about having applesauce. Sanaia is a healthy alternative to this traditional snack. This product is also environmentally friendly, from its ingredients to its packaging. You can serve this versatile product in many ways, such as topping with oatmeal or yogurt, with ice cream, pie, toast, or even on its own.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Keisha entered the Shark Tank in search of $150,000 and was offered 15% equity in her business. She told her story to the sharks about how she loved applesauce as a child. She told them how this love transitioned into her creating Sanaia and what Sanaia had to offer. Keisha also gave out samples of the applesauce to the sharks. Keisha explained to the sharks how she spent 6 months researching the concept and also conducted a trial, generating $40,000.

Keisha informs the Sharks how she intends to sell her products on Amazon and is considering two types of packaging. These packaging options include glass jars and mini plastic cups with a foil top. Keisha also explained to the sharks that most of her sales were from people wishing to switch to plant-based, organic diets or those already vegan. Keisha also let the Sharks know that each jar of applesauce cost her $4 while she could sell it for at least $16.

Keisha had spent $250,000 of her own capital on the brand to enable it to take off.

The Sharks liked Keisha’s product but also had some criticism. Mark Cuban believed Keisha could avoid the glass jar and opt for the paper cup packaging, thus improving her margins.

Sharks Lori Greiner and Robert Herjavec refused an offer because they felt it wasn’t the right investment for them. Robert also didn’t like how the product did in trade shows.

Barbara Corcoran offered Keisha $150,000 for 75% equity in her company. Keisha immediately declined this offer. Kevin also dropped out as he thought the investment was too risky.

Mark Cuban was interested in Sanaia and offered $150,000 for 25% equity in her company. Keisha accepted this offer.

Is Sanaia an Active Company?

After the Shark Tank episode, the deal with Mark Cuban didn’t finalize. Sanaia went out of business as soon as Covid-19 hit. However, Keisha announced that she was relaunching Sanaia on April 2, 2022. She made this announcement on Facebook.

Our Review of Sanaia

Pros of Sanaia

  • Sanaia applesauce is 100% organic and natural.
  • This applause is much healthier than other applesauce products on the market.
  • Only Organic apples and other ingredients are used to create this product.
  • Sanaia applesauce is a versatile product and can be enjoyed with many different dishes.
  • This product comes in many different exotic flavors.

Cons of Sanaia

  • It is pricey compared to other applesauce products in the market.

Who Is Sanaia for?

Sanaia is for everybody who loves applesauce. Children love having it due to its delicious taste. Adults and senior citizens also enjoy it as its versatile and nutritious. You can use Sanaia applesauce as a snack late at night if you get hungry. You can also have it as amid meal snack if you are eating healthy and keeping fit. Sanaia can also be used when preparing a pie or baking muffins. This apple sauce is great for both cold and hot dishes. It can be used with lunch, dinner, or breakfast as your favorite accompaniment or topping.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Even though there are applesauce brands, none are as versatile and organic as Sanaia. Keisha began this brand in the first place because she saw huge potential in the market. With Sanaia, Keisha wishes to fill the gap in the market and give people a great product they can enjoy at any time.

Our Final Thoughts

Sanaia Applesauce has great taste and is an organic and healthy product. It’s available in unique flavors and can be used with many different dishes. The product might be more on the expensive side but should definitely be tried at least once. Sanaia applesauce can be eaten by children and adults alike. You can have it on its own as a snack or as a delicious topping. You can also use this product for baking purposes.