Reely Hooked from Shark Tank

Reely Hooked shark tank

Living in the USA, it’s hard to find anyone who does not love fish dips. These small containers are a little package of happiness for everyone. From kids to adults, all love to munch on these. Fish dips are made from different types of fish like salmon, tuna, etc. They are healthy as well as delicious. Most fish dips contain omega-3 fatty acids, which are suitable for heart health. They also help in reducing inflammation and boosting immunity. Besides, fish dips are also a rich protein and vitamin D source.

But it is tough to find the perfect smoked fish dip. Many options are available in the market, but most are not up to the mark. They are either too fishy or too bland. But we have found the perfect smoked fish dip for you. This is a no-fail recipe that will give you the perfect dip every single time.

This recipe is from the popular TV show Shark Tank. The company Reely Hooked makes the best-smoked fish dip, and they were on the show to pitch their product.

James Arcaro and Steven Markley, the co-founders of Reely, hooked, made a great pitch on Shark tank. They managed to convince Mark Cuban to invest $75,000 for 25%. James and Steven were full-time firefighters with past business experience that motivated them to start this company.

Both co-founders narrate the process of how these smoked fish dips are made and packed. The sharks were a little unimpressed by the sales of the product. They had only made $10000 in three months. But they were surprised when the co-founders revealed that they had only started selling three months ago.

This smoked fish dip is worth trying. It has the perfect combination of flavors and is not too fishy. The company uses only the most delicate quality fish to make their dips. The salmon is smoked to perfection using hickory wood chips. This gives it a lovely smoky flavor that is not too overpowering. The dips are then mixed with greek yogurt and a blend of spices.

Our Review of Reely Hooked

This smoked fish dip is a definite winner in our books. It has the perfect balance of flavors and is not too fishy. The texture is smooth and creamy with just the right amount of spices. It is ideal for any occasion, whether a party or a casual get-together. This dip is sure to impress everyone.

The quality of fish used to make these smoky dips is excellent and premium. It has the perfect balance of oil and water, which makes it a healthier choice than other dips. Reely Hooked is our favorite smoked fish dip, and we highly recommend it to anyone looking for a delicious and healthy option.

This smoked fish dip has quickly become a party staple in our household. It is perfect for any occasion and is always a hit with our guests. The usage of greek yogurt is the right move. It shows the dedication to a healthy lifestyle. Reely Hooked is our go-to choice for a healthier and delicious fish dip.

There’s a slightly sweet taste induced by adding apple cider vinegar and brown sugar. Combining these two flavors is key to making this dip a success. This is one of the reasons why Reely Hooked is our top pick for a healthier fish dip.

The original flavor perfectly blended smoked salmon, greek yogurt, and spices. It has a lovely smoky flavor with a hint of heat from the black pepper. The flavor is refreshing and has a beautiful herby, vibrant, and zesty taste. It has a nice balance of flavors and is not too overwhelming.

Usually, we find conventional mayonnaise-flavored dips, which are a turn-off to tastebuds. However, the lemon juice in Reely Hooked makes all the difference. The perfect dip is for health conscious people who enjoy good food.

We also loved the calorie count and portion size of the package. One serving has 245 calories and, in total, 32 grams of protein. Overall, we absolutely love Reely Hooked and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a delicious and healthy fish dip.

The perfect balance of flavors, the right amount of spices, and the use of premium quality fish are perfect for anyone looking for a healthier alternative to traditional dips. It is a little more expensive than other dips on the market; however, the quality of fish used makes it worth the price.

Pros of Rely Hooked

  • The perfect balance of flavors
  • Not too fishy
  • Smooth and creamy texture
  • Greek yogurt is a healthier alternative
  • The use of premium quality fish

Cons of Reely Hooked

  • A little pricy

Who is Reely Hooked For?

Rely Hooked is ideal for anybody searching for a delectable and nutritious fish dip. The proper mix of spices, just enough salt, and high-quality fish make it an excellent selection for health-conscious people who enjoy great cuisine.

For someone on a protein-concentrated diet, this dip is perfect as one serving has a total of 32 grams of protein. The calorie count is also relatively low for a dip, making it an ideal snack or appetizer.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Yes, there are some alternatives to Reely Hooked. Some other options for smoked fish dips are:

  • Zero’s Smoked Fish Dip
  • Islamorada Fish Company
  • The Fish Company
  • Triumph Seafood
  • Acme Smoked Fish

Our Final Thoughts

Reely Hooked is our top pick for a healthier fish dip. The perfect balance of flavors, the right amount of spices, and the use of premium quality fish make it a delicious and healthy alternative to traditional dips. It has all the flavor without the guilt.

Full score for the person who gave the idea to use greek yogurt. However, the company is no longer in business. So, it is no longer possible to find this fantastic dip. Reely Hooked was our favorite smoked fish dip that was delicious and healthy.