Potty Safe from Shark Tank

Potty Safe shark tank

Potty Safe is a locking potty chair for children to prevent waste from spilling on the floor and other areas of the house.

Do your children make a spilling mess after they are done pooping? Does it become difficult to clean every inch of the house’s floors? Do you need a perfect potty solution to prevent the spilling of the created mess? If yes, Potty Safe can perfectly fit your needs.

Potty Safe is a locking potty chair for children that prevents the spilling of the mess once they are done. The locking chair locks the potty safe’s base compartment to prevent the children from making a mess of the waste. You can easily set it up and place it anywhere in the house. It works like a typical potty chair with an added advantage of a base lock.

It may be relatively easier to manage a single child in the early growing stages. However, when you have more than one child, they can give you a hard time at home. The most common parenting concern is potty training. Children tend to follow what they see. Since adults self-manage most personal hygiene tasks, children often follow in their footsteps to clean their potty chairs, but to no benefit.

Potty Safe has a child-proof latch that keeps the waste confined to the same compartment unless cleaned. The secured waste bowl does not move or leak while your child sits on it. Moreover, the base of Potty Safe features a non-slip feet space to save the children from falling. Another valuable feature is the splash guard, which perfectly serves the purpose for males and females alike.

The compact size of Potty Safe allows you to keep it in your bedroom, living room, or kids’ room. You can fit it in the smallest places in your house if needed. The seat provides ample space to suit an average-weighed child. You can also let go of the worry of standing on the top of your kid’s head to avoid potty disasters.

The Potty Safe creators saw considerable growth over the years. They invented the product at home out of personal needs. After pitching the idea to the world, the company launched its product in big stores like Amazon, Bath and Beyond, Bed, and Walmart. They received much praise for the idea and its practical shape. As of August 2022, Potty Safe has about $5 million in lifetime sales.

Colt and Stacy Hall felt the need for a locking potty chair when their children started walking. The couple searched for locking chairs in the markets but could not find anything close. Their failed search led them to build a locking potty chair for their children.

When the couple appeared on a Shark Tank episode to pitch their business idea, they told the five sharks about their business venture. They also described how they put all the savings into establishing the Potty Safe business.

Colt and Stacy sought $50,000 funding for 15% of their Potty Safe business. They could only achieve sales worth $17,000 in 2019, which concerned the Shark Tank investors. Despite their ongoing deal with Walmart then, the sharks found it too early to invest in the business. Daymond was the first member on the panel to bow out. Mark, Kevin, and Robert followed his idea and declined to help.

Lori took a moment to think about the opportunity. However, she also bowed before changing her mind and calling the couple back. She offered Colt and Stacy business expansion options, giving them a chance to take $50,000 for 20% of the business. The couple accepted the offer.

Our Review of the Potty Safe

Potty Safe is a one-of-a-kind solution to potty training problems. It can significantly reduce the mess growing children during their potty training period. The locking compartment keeps the waste locked unless an adult removes the latch to clean it. Moreover, you do not have to worry about leakage problems.

The best feature of the product is its versatility. You may not expect this much detail in a typical potty chair. Often children slip and fall while leaving their potty chairs. The non-slip feet area makes it a safe option among the other potty training solutions in the market.

Another advantage of having Potty Safe chairs is their self-management capabilities. You do not have to wait for your child to get it done. You may continue to carry out your daily tasks while your kid sits on the chair. Your kid would be unable to make a mess by spilling the waste on the room floor. You may unlock the chair and clean it once free from your chores.

If the default yellow color does not appeal to you, you can also find the Potty Safe chairs in white and pink. However, you may check the availability status before placing an online order.

While you may find many pros in the product, there is a slight downside to buying it. The waste container may not be as deep as you may have hoped. You may check with the seller beforehand to avoid any problems.

Here are the pros and cons of the Potty Safe chairs:

Pros of Potty Safe

  • Child-proof latch
  • Easy cleaning
  • Non-slip feet area
  • Compact size

Cons of Potty Safe

  • Smaller waste container
  • Limited colors

Who Is Potty Safe for?

Potty Safe caters to the potty training needs of growing children. You can use it to potty train your kids and prevent the spilling of mess in the room. Potty Safe chairs can also be a good fit for daycare centers.

You may use it at home, in schools, in play areas, and other places where children are in abundance.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Potty Safe is a new addition to the potty training product industry. The idea is unique due to its locking latch operation. It has a compact size with quality plastic to prevent the spilling of waste from the container.

Currently, there are no alternatives to the product in the competitive market. It might be one of the reasons why the company is making huge profits.

Our Final Thoughts

Potty Safe is an excellent addition to the market as a one-of-a-kind product. It is an affordable potty training solution with unique features. If you want to purchase it, you can check out the official brand website or online stores to get yours.