NOHBO from Shark Tank

NOHBO shark tank

There is no doubt that some of the most important advances in technology are made possible by innovations in materials science. The discovery of new mass-use materials can impact various fields while simultaneously satisfying basic human needs and reducing plastic and waste. One such invention is the paraben-free, sulfate-free, waste-free, water-soluble shampoo balls, invented by NOHBO.

After years of research in the laboratory, NOHBO, a company based in Melbourne, Florida, launched its Drop line of personal care in 2018, the first in the world, soluble in water in drop forms. The idea behind these shampoo balls is to replace plastic bottles of shampoo with plant-based balls that are activated by friction or water. Since they’re water-soluble, they get dissolved, making them a waste-free product.

Behind this outstanding eco-friendly idea is the mind of a young entrepreneur, Benjamin Stern, the CEO of NOHBO, from Melbourne, Florida. NOHBO eliminates the cycle of reducing, reusing and recycling. It simply eliminates plastics. It replaces them with a biodegradable outer film designed to break down quickly in shower water. Underwater, the Nohbo drops are activated and ready for direct use. Other company products such as soap bars in sheets dissolve in 2-3 seconds and foam almost instantly.

Environmental care extends even to the product’s outer packaging, made of biodegradable plants derived from sugar cane that prevent excess moisture that could destroy the product. The containers, when discarded, will return to the earth to become compost.

This sustainable beauty and personal care¬†startup got its start on ABC’s Shark Tank¬†show. Benjamin successfully pitched his idea on the show in February 2016 and won the favor of one of the billionaire investors on the show, Mark Cuban, who bet for the project with $100,000.

Our Review of NOHBO

Although the product pitch on the Shark Tank show was a success, not everything was easy for Benjamin. The young entrepreneur failed to overcome some initial shortcomings of the product. But he persisted, and finally, in 2018, made his innovation successful. Cuban admired Benjamin’s success on the Shark Tank update and shared that he expects the company to go global and turn into a $100 million company in the next few years.

The amount of plastic packaging in American products has increased more than 120-fold since 1960. Almost 70% of that waste accumulates, and every year, an area equivalent to 1,200 football stadiums floods US landfills with shampoo bottles and other personal care containers. Indeed, the global reliance on single-use plastic is devastatingly impacting our oceans, wildlife, and health and has a high environmental cost. Due to its slow decomposition process, plastic accumulates in seas, oceans and beaches worldwide.

That sector of the world industry, which invoices 500,000 million dollars a year, continues to depend on plastic and is an important part of global pollution. The European Union’s decision to ban single-use plastics by 2021 pushes consumers, beauty brands, hotel chains and even corporate giants to consider sustainable packaging alternatives for beauty and personal care products. NOHBO has proved that plastic packaging is unnecessary and has formulated an innovative way to eliminate it from personal care products.

Produced without chemicals or harmful ingredients, NOHBO is a biodegradable ball of vegetable origin, 100% residue-free that fits in the palm of your hand. Once in contact with water and rubbed in, Nohbo begins to dissolve into a hair shampoo.

NOHBO Drops are made up of two parts: a biodegradable outer film designed to break down quickly in shower water and an anhydrous moisturizing liquid of natural origin, based on shampoo, conditioner, body wash or shaving cream. This shampoo is available in different aromas, such as cherry and sandalwood.

Stern’s dynamic venture has expanded its global presence, so in addition to marketing its line of products, it is partnering with leading beauty and personal care brands interested in plastic-free packaging alternatives for their products.

Recently, in a round of seed funding, NOHBO received contributions for its expansion for 3 million dollars, contributed by “headhunter” investors such as Material Impact, Safer Made and Radical Investments, the branch of the Mark Cuban companies dedicated to this industry.

Pros of NOHBO

  • Biodegradable shampoo balls reduce the number of plastic bottles
  • Water-activated, container-less shampoo balls that are sulfate-free and paraben-free
  • Best to carry when going on a trip in terms of practicality since they can be stored anywhere without the risk of staining the rest of the luggage.
  • Available in different scents-Japanese Cherry Blossom and Smoky Sandalwood. Unscented shampoo balls are also available.
  • Available in different perk packages of 2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months and the distributor pack

Cons of NOHBO

  • The only drawback of NOHBO shampoo balls is that they are a bit expensive, although users believe they are well worth the price.

Who is NOHBO for?

NOHBO stands for No – Hair – Bottles. The mission of this product is aimed at finding sustainable solutions in personal care product lines, both for hotels and end consumers, to get rid of unnecessary and polluting plastic bottles.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Many beauty companies are aimed at the same goal as NOHBO’s. They manufacture eco-friendly products, such as biodegradable wax microbeads, soluble laundry and cleaning products, reusable bottles and waterless shampoos. Some of the prominent names include Better Living Products, New Wave Enviro, and Molly’s Suds. However, there’s currently no alternative to NOHBO with the exact features and qualities that NOHBO offers.

Our Final Thoughts!

Indeed NOHBO is an outstanding product that can significantly contribute to reducing the amount of plastic packaging worldwide. There is nothing better than a shampoo that does not need a container and is activated by water. No more plastic bottles that we already know can take up to hundreds of years to degrade with NOHBO shampoo balls.