Kymera from Shark Tank

Kymera shark tank

Kymera is a company that manufactures electric surfboards that have rechargeable batteries to power the boards. This is an excellent option if you want to try jet skiing but don’t want to fork up a large portion of your money.

Jason Woods invented an entirely new way of surfing waves with the Kymera Body Board. Jason Wood is a resident of Napa, California, who enjoyed regular trips to the coast.

Like many others, he observed that many people enjoy watching jet skis in the water, but it is not affordable for everyone to ride a jet ski.

A sea-surfing aficionado, Jason Wood couldn’t afford to rent the necessary equipment regularly. He was fed up with not being able to surf whenever he wanted, so he started his own equipment company.

Kymera Body Boards is the brand name that he manufactured and started marketing his bodyboards. Jason made the conscious decision to develop a product that is more accessible to the average consumer.

Jason’s had a lifelong interest in product design even when he was a student at a high school. Jason’s family helped him set up a store to bring his goal to fruition.

He also used to work as a video and light engineer for corporate events to support his goal financially. Jason tried to gather money through Kickstarter, but he could only raise $165,000 instead of the $250,000 he had hoped to.

During the fifth season of Shark Tank, Jason sought a $250,000 investment in Kymera for a 5 percent ownership.

Are They Still an Active Company?

Aside from selling bodyboards, Kymera Body Board also takes orders for surfboards, kayaks, and other PWCs. Kymera also manufactures and sells robots on the website.

Kymera has become a multi-million-dollar firm since its appearance on Shark Tank for a second time, with its distributors and merchants situated worldwide.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Kymera Body Board sold an original bodyboard from the show’s first production run for $1995. On the night of the show, he was only able to sell two bodyboards.

After a week, he had made six sales. Since its launch in August 2015, the Kymera Body Board has received offers for pre-orders only for $2995.

It used to cost $3750 to reserve a board for pre-order in 2016. Kymera didn’t provide customer service directly through their website, but it was available in 36 wholesalers and seven marine stores worldwide by 2019.

Jason believed that things might take a turn for the better as he made his second trip back to the Tank in five years in episode 1020. After Robert’s involvement in season ten, it appears that the deal with Robert failed.

Customers may also reserve kayaks, surfboards, and other watercraft via the company’s website.

Jason seemed to have learned his lesson the hard way! On the second appearance, Jason had already established an effective company plan.

He could gather more than $600,000 via several different financial avenues. He also teamed up with one of the world’s top boat manufacturers to ensure the distribution and sales side of the business.

However, Jason still required more money to improve Kymera’s inventory management system. He went to Shark Tank for that investment in search of $250,000 and a 5% stake.

Currently, there are 23 dealers for Kymera Body Board all around the world as of June 2022. The company’s website also allows you to order them. By the end of 2021, revenue for the firm had reached $5 million.

Our Review of Kymera

After his first appearance on Shark Tank, Jason has made significant advancements to his proprietary bodyboard. Previously, he had a relatively simple prototype.

Powered entirely by electricity, the newest Kymera Body Board is propelled by a jet engine. Besides the bodyboard, Jason has introduced three more sailing and surfing items like surfboards, kayaks, and personal watercraft.

Body Board

When Jason first conceived of this enterprise, he had the notion in mind to make inexpensive and sturdy bodyboards. His bodyboards are made of strong motors that power the Kymera Body Board, reaching up to 20 Mph.

When the battery is attached to his bodyboard, it weighs a whopping 70 pounds. The jet-propelled board may be used for up to two hours on a single charge, depending on the pace at which you operate it.

Personal Watercraft

One-seater jet skis have also been added to Kymera’s product line. The craft has a battery life of up to an hour and can cruise at a top speed of 35 mph.


Kymera Kayak is equipped with a two-way operation system. You may pedal it or use a jet propeller to power it. With its turbo mode, you can travel up to 20 miles at 7 Mph after you’re done pedaling.

Surf Board

You can sail at 25 Mph for around an hour on a single charge with Kymera’s new electric-powered surfboard, which is currently available on the website.

Pros of Kymera

  • It can be used for a variety of above-the-sea activities.
  • You get great value for your money.
  • It comes with dazzling colors and designs.

Cons of Kymera

  • Slow product turnaround

Who Is Kymera For?

Kymera Body Boards cater to the needs of all avid sailors and surfers. Kymera products allow customers to save a significant amount of money on rental surfing equipment.

For folks who want to sail and surf but don’t want to put in the physical effort, Kymera Board Boards are a great option because of their current advancements.

All jet-propelled and electric and Kymera equipment can be used for kayaking and surfing.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There are a lot of kayaks, bodyboards, and surfboards available for purchase. However, the vast majority of them are quite simple and lack jet propulsion.

When it comes to surfing and sailing, Kymera Body Boards stand out because Kymera sells engine-powered boards directly to the public at a fair price.

Our Final Thoughts

Kymera Body Boards came into existence because of Jason’s tenacity and will to achieve his goal. A brand like Kymera Body Boards has a promising future.

In the last several months, it has teamed with one of the largest board manufacturers and won Shark Tank’s national marketing.

Additionally, Kymera’s cooperation with Robert Herjavec will help the company get a more substantial presence in the industry.

On the other hand, Jason and the company need to optimize their supply chain further to speed up product delivery.