Kymera Body Boards from Shark Tank

Kymera Body Boards shark tank

In season 10 of Shark Tank, the sharks saw a familiar face and had to jog their memory to put a name to the face. James Woods had baited the Sharks before in episode 7 of season 5 with his prototype, but none of the Sharks saw promise in his venture and stepped out. Mark Cuban even called Woods a “want-to-preneur” who had nothing to show for his tall vision. Daymond John dished out more criticism by calling Woods’ pitch the worst of its kind, and the other Sharks joined in the verbal beating.

Soon after his appearance on Shark Tank, Woods partnered with Adam Majewski, who helped him go live with his business. Although painful, Woods’ interaction with the Sharks bore him long-term benefits. Upon his return, James thanked the Sharks for giving him the reality check back then and enticed them with an opportunity of a lifetime, and this time, the Sharks were ready to bite!

What Is Kymera Body Boards?

Kymera Body Boards is an affordable alternative to jet ski rides, boats, and other high-end watercraft. Fashioned out of a surfboard, these body boards use electric motors powered by rechargeable batteries to operate. Inventor James Woods harnessed the thrilling skiing experience in a lightweight, portable, jet-propelled waterboard and made luxurious recreational activity accessible to everyone. Woods’ watersports equipment has a streamlined design and a tenacious penchant for speed. His product bodes well with individuals looking for an adventure and a good time on the waves.

James Woods and his partner Adam Majewski appeared on Shark Tank season 10 to pitch for their joint venture, Kymera Body Boards. The Sharks immediately recognized Woods from the previous season and were eager to know how he had faired in the past few years. Woods was happy to divulge his repositories as he took them down a memory lane.

After his appearance on Shark Tank season 5, Woods was contacted by Majewski, who wanted his invention for himself and knew many others who would want the same. The latter saw scope in the market and knew he could help Woods take it to the next level. The duo shook hands on the deal and managed to secure $350,0000 in lifetime sales, with a $2 million projection in annual sales. Woods thanked the Sharks for their advice and guidance, regardless of their harshness.

They were hoping to cozy up with a Shark for a $250,000 investment at the expense of 5% equity stakes in their business.

Daymond John opened the discussion with a playful quip at Woods’ bidding approach. He pointed out that Woods must be mad at them because the bid didn’t quite reflect the gratitude he mentioned in his pitch. Additionally, he struggled to understand the logistics behind the $5 million business valuation.

Kevin O’Leary also thought the valuation didn’t make sense, considering the low profits. He didn’t mince words when he wondered aloud about the low chances of him ever recouping his investment. Still, he offered them $250,000 for 5% equity stakes and a trademark royalty cut of $500 on every watersports equipment sold until he had $750,000.

Kevin’s offer elicited a fiery protest from the other Sharks, who found it unreasonable and unfair. Robert Herjavec even said that Kevin can’t get his money back from a business he helped go bankrupt. Lori Greiner encouraged Woods to shut down Kevin’s ridiculous offer and hear the other offers. At this, Kevin told Woods to see if he even had another offer before jumping the gun.

Lori and Barbara didn’t think the business was for them, and Mark didn’t find the numbers to his liking, so they were out.

Daymond came forward with a $250,000 offer for 10% stakes. Robert sweetened Daymond’s deal by increasing the investment to $500,000 for the same stakes; he thought they needed more capital to reach their goal and was eager to help.

Woods and Majewski accepted Robert’s deal.

After Shark Tank season 10, Kymera Body Boards sold its products through marine shops and offered international shipping on pre-orders. Their watersports equipment is available for rental directly to consumers through their website, but retailers can also register on their website. At the time of their Shark Tank pitch, Woods was working on a kayak and surfboard model, which are now available on their website along with the personal warcraft and body board.

Our Review of Kymera Body Boards

We found the Kymera Body Boards a cost-effective and hassle-free alternative for water skiing. Woods has made an exclusive recreational activity for the well-off and elites affordable to anyone seeking an unconventional thrill. The product is lightweight and easy to use and poses no real danger to the user as long as the safety measures are met. If available on beaches on a rental basis, Kymera Body Boards can hit the ball out of the park.

Pros of Kymera Body Boards

  • Jet-propelled
  • Powered by electric motors
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Cost-effective

Cons of Kymera Body Boards

  • Limited availability
  • Pre-order sales

Who Is Kymera Body Boards for?

Kymera Body Boards is for everyone who wants to ride the waves and feel the wind on their face and water in their hair. If you’ve ever found yourself eyeing the expensive jet skis or other exciting watersports with no means to try your hand on them, these electrical body boards help you soothe that itch within your budget.

Are There Any Alternatives?

James Woods worked on his prototype for ten years before making his first appearance on Shark Tank. His invention was a novelty then, but over the years, the watersports market has experienced an influx of jet-propelled and electrical body boards. Kymera’s leading competitors are SEABOB-Jet, Wave Jam, and Rescue (for lifeguards).

Our Final Thoughts

With the right motivation and business plan, we think Kymera Body Boards can become a staple in watersports equipment. From his appearance back in season 5 till Shark Tank season 10, James Woods has lost a lot of valuable time and opportunities. If he had managed to close the deal back then, he might have been able to up his competitors. With Robert in his corner, we hope Kymera Body Boards enjoys a smooth sail!