What Companies Does One Rock Capital Partners Own: A Guide to Their Diverse Portfolio

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One Rock Capital Partners is a private equity firm based in New York known for its strategic investments in a diverse range of companies. With a commitment to driving growth and performance improvement, One Rock works closely with its portfolio companies, providing them with the operational expertise and financial resources necessary to achieve their objectives. The firm’s investment strategy involves partnering with world-class operating partners, who bring in-depth industry knowledge and experience to the table, ensuring that they contribute significantly to the improvement and success of the businesses they acquire.

The private equity firm’s portfolio consists of companies from various industry sectors, demonstrating One Rock’s versatile approach to investment. By focusing on the potential for operational excellence and leveraging global resources, One Rock aims to create value and promote sustainable growth within its portfolio entities. The firm meticulously selects its investments through a strategic process, which allows them to identify and execute on opportunities that promote long-term success, making them an influential player in the private equity space.

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Key Takeaways

  • One Rock Capital Partners specializes in enhancing company performance through strategic and operational involvement.
  • The firm has a diverse portfolio, reflecting its wide industry sector interests and strategic investment process.
  • One Rock’s use of global resources and partnership with operational experts underpins its successful approach to sustainable growth.

About One Rock Capital Partners

One Rock Capital Partners is a private equity firm that excels at providing experienced capital and differentiated resources to middle-market companies. They work closely with their strategic partner, Mitsubishi Corporation, to enhance the value of their portfolio companies.

Founding and Philosophy

One Rock was established with the aim of utilizing a hands-on approach to help businesses grow and prosper. The firm believes in a combination of rigorous, strategic involvement and operational improvements to drive success.

Mission and Strategy

Their mission centers on the identification of companies with potential for growth and transformation. One Rock employs a detailed due diligence process to uncover value creation opportunities, leveraging their financial resources and operational expertise to foster significant strategic developments.

Partnerships with Mitsubishi Corporation

Through a significant collaboration with Mitsubishi Corporation, One Rock strengthens its ability to support portfolio companies, especially by providing access to expansive markets and a global network. This connection fortifies One Rock’s presence as a strategic partner capable of providing substantial international resources.

Investment Focus

One Rock Capital Partners strategically targets areas where they can leverage deep industry knowledge and operational expertise to enhance the value of their portfolio companies.

Sector Expertise

One Rock Capital Partners displays its sector expertise by investing across a broad spectrum of industries. It utilizes a hands-on approach and works with operating partners possessing significant experience in their respective fields. Key sectors include, but are not limited to, manufacturing, chemicals, health care, and energy services. For instance, One Rock owns companies like Monarch Landscape Companies and Island Energy Services, showcasing a diverse industry portfolio.

Value Creation Approach

The value-oriented investment firm is known for its operational focus in building businesses. One Rock makes use of its substantial capital commitments, targeting middle-market companies where they see opportunities for growth and improvement. The firm’s value creation strategy is heavily dependent on collaborating with operating partners, who bring in operational improvements and help in identifying strategies to increase efficiency and profitability. By following this approach, One Rock has managed to acquire and enhance the operations of businesses such as Airxcel and OLM Food Solutions.

Portfolio Companies

One Rock Capital Partners strategically invests in a diverse range of sectors, enhancing the value of their portfolio companies through targeted operational improvements. Their investments span from healthcare products to specialty manufacturing, reflecting their commitment to fostering growth across various industries.

Healthcare and Products

The firm’s interest in the healthcare sector includes businesses that manufacture and distribute healthcare-related products. They have invested in companies that focus on the production of medical devices and technologies designed to improve patient care.


In specialty manufacturing, One Rock Capital Partners has a strong presence, selecting companies with innovative manufacturing processes. These businesses often produce unique products that serve industrial and commercial markets.

Food and Beverage

Their food and beverage segment includes manufacturing companies known for producing quality consumables. This area of their portfolio focuses on the production, safety, and distribution of food and beverage items that meet consumer demands.

Distribution and Logistics

The firm extends its reach into distribution and logistics, playing a pivotal role in ensuring efficient movement and delivery of goods across various sectors. This includes the investment in firms specialized in auto retail and related services.

Business and Environmental Services

One Rock also eyes companies in business and environmental services, indicating an investment ethos that values sustainable practices. Within this category, businesses provide essential services that meet regulatory standards and promote environmental responsibility.

Process Industries

Finally, their portfolio includes entities within process industries such as chemicals, where operational expertise is leveraged to optimize production processes, reduce costs, and improve overall business performance. These industries are critical as they often supply essential raw materials to other sectors.

Operational Excellence

One Rock Capital Partners stands out through its commitment to enhancing the performance of the middle-market companies within its portfolio. This firm is recognized for implementing operationally focused strategies and providing world-class operational resources to drive growth and optimize outcomes.

Management Leadership

The leaders at One Rock Capital Partners embody a strategic mindset, honed for overcoming complexities in management transitions. They recognize the importance of fostering strong management teams to shepherd companies toward clear directives and measurable objectives.

Resource Optimization

One Rock’s philosophy centers around making the most of what middle-market companies already possess. They prioritize efficient use of resources—such as capital, labor, and materials—to ensure optimal operational output, which in turn drives profitability and sustainability.

Operational Strategies

With a keen eye for potential, One Rock devises and executes operational strategies tailored to each company. The strategies are designed not only to streamline existing processes but also to uncover new avenues for innovation and growth, pivoting these middle-market companies toward success in their respective industries.

Financial Resources and Commitments

One Rock Capital Partners leverages substantial financial resources to support its findings to optimize the potential of middle-market companies. Through strategic investment choices and robust partnerships, they afford their portfolio companies not only capital but also strategic guidance.

Capital Allocation

One Rock Capital Partners executes deliberate capital allocation to nurture growth within its investments. They identify companies with strong potential and provide them with the necessary capital to enhance their market position and operational efficiency. This involves making calculated commitments to industries such as chemicals, process industries, and healthcare products.

Investment Partnerships

By establishing prominent investment partnerships, One Rock Capital Partners amplifies its impact. Strategic alliances with its portfolio entities enable the firm to supply a combination of financial backing and operational excellence. They connect with companies, placing importance on operational improvement, as seen with their approach to enhancing the value of businesses like those in food and beverage manufacturing and distribution.

Industry Sectors of Interest

One Rock Capital Partners has strategically focused its investments across a variety of sectors. It aims to bring operational, strategic, and financial resources to middle-market companies, typically targeting those in specialty manufacturing, healthcare, food and beverage, and services and distribution sectors.

Specialty Manufacturing

They’ve identified specialty manufacturing as a key area, particularly valuing businesses that demonstrate innovation and a competitive edge in their respective fields. Their portfolio reflects a commitment to industries that are integral to a host of applications and consumer needs.

Healthcare Sector

In the healthcare sector, One Rock concentrates on companies that offer vital healthcare products. Their interest is in firms that not only deliver medical solutions but also support the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare services with advanced products that cater to critical health requirements.

Food and Beverage Sector

One Rock’s portfolio represents a strong presence within the food and beverage sector, emphasizing companies specializing in food and beverage manufacturing. They target entities that have established a robust market presence and are poised for growth, uniting culinary innovation with distribution effectiveness.

Distribution and Services

The firm takes a keen interest in distribution and services, recognizing the crucial role these sectors play across a spectrum of industries. By investing in companies that excel in logistics, distribution, and value-added services, One Rock ensures that their portfolio companies are equipped to meet the dynamic demands of the market.

Strategic Investment Process


One Rock Capital Partners employs a meticulous strategic investment process that is designed to enhance the value of its portfolio companies. This process is rooted in a combination of strategic, value-oriented decisions and an intensive operational focus.

Acquisition Approach

They start with a targeted acquisition approach, focusing on middle-market companies in North America that present unique opportunities. One Rock looks for complex situations such as corporate carve-outs, businesses that are undervalued or misunderstood, and those in need of management transitions. Through this lens, they identify companies with potential for significant operational and strategic improvements.

Growth Strategies

Once a company is under One Rock’s umbrella, they work to implement growth strategies that can create sustainable value. This involves deploying their operational focus to enhance performance, often by optimizing existing operations, investing in technology, or expanding market reach. One Rock’s dedicated team collaborates with management to ensure these strategies are executed effectively.

Market Positioning

The ultimate goal of One Rock’s process is to solidify each portfolio company’s market positioning. By investing strategically and prioritizing long-term operational excellence, they seek to position their portfolio companies as leaders in their respective industries. This attention to market dynamics aims to make their investments robust and well-prepared to navigate competitive environments.

One Rock’s Approach to Sustainability

One Rock Capital Partners integrates sustainability into its investment strategy, focusing on the twin pillars of operational excellence and environmental stewardship.

Environmental Responsibility

One Rock Capital Partners believes businesses should actively reduce their environmental footprint. By investing in environmental services, the firm seeks to enhance environmental performance across its portfolio companies. They prioritize resource efficiency and waste reduction, aiming to set an industry-standard in environmental care.

Community Engagement

The firm recognizes the importance of engaging with communities where its businesses operate. One Rock encourages portfolio companies to identify and participate in local community initiatives. This commitment extends to supporting events and programs that foster a stronger connection between business operations and community wellbeing.

Sustainable Operations

One Rock is operationally focused, which means sustainability forms a core part of their investment approach. The firm works closely with portfolio companies to implement operational changes that lead to long-term sustainability. This includes optimizing energy use, leveraging business and environmental services, and regularly assessing environmental impact to continually improve sustainability practices.

Success Stories

One Rock Capital Partners has a noteworthy track record of nurturing and advancing various companies. The section will explore the strategic approaches One Rock employs to foster growth in their portfolio companies. They focus on creating value through world-class operational improvements and bespoke exit strategies.

Case Studies

One Rock has a history of acquiring and transforming companies like Monarch Landscape Companies and FXI Holdings, leveraging their extensive operational expertise to enhance their market positions. These case studies serve as exemplary models of the firm’s hands-on investment approach and operational strategies.


Under One Rock’s guidance, organizations such as Island Energy Services have experienced significant transformations. They apply world-class operational strategies to optimize performance, drive growth, and position these entities to be more competitive in their respective industries.

Exit Strategies

They have also executed strategic exit strategies for entities like Compass Chemical and Airxcel. These exits are a testament to One Rock’s capability to identify the right time and approach to exit an investment, thereby materializing the value accrued through their stewardship.

Investment Team and Leadership

One Rock Capital Partners has constructed a robust leadership team to guide their investment strategy in middle-market companies. This team combines strategic acumen with strong operational experience, working closely with their Operating Partners to unlock value within their portfolio.

Executive Team

The Executive Team at One Rock Capital Partners consists of seasoned investors who have consistently demonstrated their capability to build value in coordination with Operating Partners and management teams. They include Tony Lee, Scott Spielvogel, and Kimberly Reed. Their combined expertise spans across various industries, proving critical for guiding the firm’s strategic direction.

Advisory Board

One Rock’s Advisory Board comprises individuals with a wealth of experience and knowledge from various sectors. This diverse group supports the Executive Team with insights and advice on complex transactions and operational challenges, ensuring strategic decisions are informed and balanced.

Operating Partners

The team of Operating Partners is a distinctive feature of One Rock, enhancing its operational capabilities significantly. These individuals have diverse industry backgrounds and collaborate closely with portfolio companies to drive operational improvements. The operating partner team recently expanded with the addition of Christine McClure, showing One Rock’s commitment to bringing world-class operational and strategic resources to its investees.

Contact Information and Support

One Rock Capital Partners maintains a robust support system for their clients and investors. Prompt assistance is provided by specialized teams dedicated to customer support and investor relations, ensuring that inquiries and concerns are addressed professionally.

Customer Support

The customer support team is the first point of contact for individuals seeking help or information pertaining to the services offered by One Rock Capital Partners. Clients may reach out via:

  • Email: for a direct and written response, clients can use the provided email addresses.
  • Phone: for immediate assistance, the team can be contacted through the listed phone numbers.
  • Reference ID: it might be required for personalized support or to follow up on prior communications.

Clients should also take note of the company’s cookie policy and the use of cookies and JavaScript on the website to enhance user experience.

Investor Relations

Investors interacting with One Rock Capital Partners can expect comprehensive support, including:

  • Direct Contact: accessible contacts facilitate discussions regarding investments and portfolios.
  • Terms of Service: clear guidelines on investment protocols can be found in the formal documentation.

Investor queries are addressed with priority, respecting confidentiality and attention to detail.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section answers common inquiries about One Rock Capital Partners and its business operations, providing clear insights into their investment strategy and impact.

What types of businesses has One Rock Capital Partners invested in?

One Rock Capital Partners has shown a diverse investment portfolio ranging from chemicals and process industries, to specialty manufacturing, healthcare products, food and beverage manufacturing, and distribution.

Can you provide a background on One Rock Capital’s acquisition of Mitsubishi Chemical’s aluminum business?

They acquired the aluminum business from Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, adding a substantial operation with a global footprint to their extensive portfolio of companies.

What are some of the notable investments and holdings of One Rock Capital?

Notable investments of One Rock Capital include companies like Robertshaw, FXI Holdings, North Pacific Paper Company, and Island Energy Services, among others.

Who is Tony Lee, and what role does he play at One Rock Capital Partners?

Tony Lee is a Managing Partner at One Rock Capital Partners, utilizing his vast experience to oversee the firm’s investment activities and its strategic direction.

What are the career opportunities and potential salaries at One Rock Capital Partners?

One Rock Capital Partners offers a range of career opportunities, and while specific salaries are not disclosed, they are likely competitive within the private equity sector given the firm’s stature and market position.

How does One Rock Capital Partners influence the operations of its portfolio companies?

One Rock Capital Partners enhances the operations of its portfolio companies by providing world-class operational, strategic, and financial resources to guide their growth and development in their respective markets.