Clean Bottle from Shark Tank

Clean Bottle shark tank

Whether a sportsman or a school student, have you ever felt like your water bottle requires more cleaning even though you have scrubbed it in and out multiple times? The clean bottle is a product designed by David Mayer to create ease for only cleaning and maintaining the bottle. It took 54 prototypes in 2 years to get the product right.

The most exciting part is the marketing bit after the product was created. As the company did not have enough money to invest in marketing, they hired a mascot, a team member dressed up as a giant water bottle, who ran alongside riders at the Tour de France bike race.

This was the company’s attempt to get the limelight in the media and somehow make their way on TV. It worked, and the product got a lot of spotlights. This was a great way to showcase the product, and it says a lot about the creators’ creativity.

This product is highly different due to its most highlighted feature, which is that it can be unscrewed from the bottom. Does it sound strange? Yes, it does! But that is precisely what helps it stand apart from everything else.

This top and the removable bottom mechanism is a great way to keep the product clean and give more access to the user. When you’re cleaning the bottle, the bottom often goes unthought or ignored, but the clean bottle is a product that ensures that your beverages remain clean and hygienic, but with the proper care and attention.

Our Review of Clean Bottle

Clean Bottle seem to have been a success at the shark Tank! Dave Mayer took a risk and appeared before the sharks seeking an investment of $60,000 in exchange for a 5% stake in the clean water. Well, this sounded like a considerable risk.

He walked away with the shark contract. This is a huge deal as this product not only won the sharks but also showcased a lot of promise and trust. Having Mark Cuban on his side, Dave and his success have skyrocketed since then. The product offers various plastic and stainless-steel bottles of various shapes, sizes, and colors.

It is still working in 2022, and sales are only booming. The annual revenue of clean bottles is 4 million dollars as of 2022. That is a huge number which explains its success on its own. They also introduced products like a square bottle with a fruit infuser and a water filter. When I first appeared on the shark Tank, the valuation of a clean bottle was worth $ 1.2 million.

Today, with its booming success, it is worth $4 million. The numbers do speak for themselves!

Pros of Clean Bottle

Let us talk about a few of the pros of the clean bottle.

It Is Easy to Clean!

This is one of the most noticeable features and is the main selling point. In the bottle is a product that is the easiest to maintain even by a child.

Long Durability!

This product is highly durable due to the easy cleaning, as it will not catch rust easily and keep your beverage fresh for a very long time.

Perfect Prices

The pricing on the products that clean bottle offers is a game-changer. You can get products up to $11 on the website, and there is a large variety of mug bottles, sports bottles, fuser Square, and many other accessories.

A fruit infuser available on the website is up to $5, and a filter module can be bought for just $6. This is an excellent price for such a convenient product. So, for anyone looking to purchase a clean bottle, the clean bottle collection is the right place in terms of money and the value that the money is providing in the high quality of the product itself.

A Vast Range of Products

Well, the business started with simple sports bottles. It boomed with various other products such as mugs in fruit infusers, filter modules, sports bottles, infuser squares, and much more. And all of these products have the same mechanism that is easy to clean with a removable top and bottom.

Cons of Clean Bottle

Each product has a downside, or a clean bottle sort of gets it clean way out of the cons. For some people, the product may be a little expensive. However, if you explore the website and look at all of their products, you can also buy something for just $11 or less. So that is not entirely abandoned. While other products are expensive, they still make a good deal. So, all in all, there are not many downsides to this product.

Who is Clean Bottle For?

The clean bottle is a product specially designed for sportspeople. Though anyone can use it, it benefits professionals like cyclists, hikers, runners, yoga instructors, and many more. A product that was designed after 54 prototypes, a clean bottle is ideal for the perfect hydration.

If you are not a sportsman and have purchased this product, there is no harm. This product is mainly distinct for its easy-to-clean bottom cap, which is helpful for all audiences. So, there is no explicit warning or specification that it is only for a niche audience.

Our Final Thoughts

The Clean Bottle sounds like a great success, and it was not just on the shark Tank but also after appearing on the shark Tank. The fact that Dave Mayer was able to get a shark contract was not all that the product was able to receive.

But then net worth of $4 million, this product has been a massive success till this day. It is pretty motivating to know that the product is still running and selling like hot cakes even in 2022 – a decade since it first appeared on the media.