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Brand Yourself is an online rep or status management firm established in the United States. It offers software and services to assist businesses and individuals in outranking negative search results by creating new content and websites. It follows a freemium forum, in which certain services and tools are supplied for free, but paid memberships and professional services are also available.

The startup was formed in 2010 by three Syracuse University students. In 2015, the company appeared on Shark Tank, where it rejected an investment offer from Robert Herjavec. The COO and the CEO of the company participated on the BBC show Dragons’ Den in 2018, where they accepted an offer from industrialist Peter Jones.

In Shark Tank, Brand Yourself co-founder Patrick Ambron provides an online status management platform to the Sharks. When Pete Kistler was having trouble finding work, Ambron, along with Evan Watson and Pete Kistler, launched Brand Yourself in 2010.

The founders were looking for a way to administer what comes up when you type and search your name on Google, but all they discovered were incredibly expensive systems that cost up to $25,000. They set out to demystify and simplify the process of managing what appears in Google searches, giving users control. Brand Yourself was the first search engine do-it-yourself result management service.

The procedure is straightforward: submit the profiles or websites you want people to find when they search you, and then follow the procedures to improve their Google rankings. When the results of the Google search change, Brand Yourself sends you an alert and tells you who comes across your Brand Yourself profile.

They were recognized as the overall SXSW StartUp winner, included Under 35 Coolest Entrepreneurs, on the designated Inc Magazine’s 35, and the White House Impact 100, gaining national prominence as a top authority in the ORM business. Brand Yourself has already received over $5 million in funding, as well as numerous other important accolades and press.

The Founders of Brand Yourself

While attending Syracuse University, Evan Watson, Patrick Ambron, and Pete Kistler came up with the idea of starting a company together. Soon after graduation, they formed a partnership and started a company known as Brand Yourself.

Pete holds a bachelor’s degree in computer technology and a master’s degree in management studies. Evan, in contrast, concentrated his study on business and entrepreneurship development. Patrick has a master’s degree in psychology and a bachelor’s degree in advertising.

Brand Yourself originated as an outcome of his post-college predicament before appearing on Shark Tank. Pete Kistler couldn’t obtain a computer programming job in 2008 since his name was similar to that of a popular drug trafficker.

The event drew the attention of both the social media and mainstream media. There is no evidence that a person with the same name ever existed, hence the story could be fabricated.

As a result, with the aid of his undergraduate pals, he founded the business in 2010. Soon after, they were able to get $300,000 in funding. In 2012, they raised $1.2 million in business enterprise capital funding, then in 2014, they raised $3.3 million in funding.

In March of 2012, Pete, Patrick, and Evan founded Brand Yourself. Brand Yourself, as an online reputation management platform, allows businesses and individuals to leverage positive content to reduce unfavorable search results.

In 2015, Patrick Ambron made an appearance on Shark Tank, asking for $2 million in exchange for a 13 percent stake in Brand Yourself.

Brand Yourself on Shark Tank

Brand Yourself approaches Shark Tank with a $2 million offer for 13.5 percent of the company. He talks about his biography and makes a case for his company. He gives the example of Ivy Leaguer “Bob.” Patrick has the ability to bury or erase “Bob’s” awkward pictures from various search engines. The investors are still debating the $15 million valuation while he speaks.

He made $2.2 million in the first two years of operation. Mark has a problem with social networking. He claims that while search engines may not be able to find postings, embarrassing stuff can still be located within people’s accounts. However, the founders of the company leave the stage without an offer. Brand Yourself and Sharks reached an impasse.

Brand Yourself Update after Shark Tank

The Shark Tank Blog is posted on a regular basis with news and follow-ups on business owners who have participated on the Shark Tank television show. Patrick claims that their presence on Shark Tank resulted in $1 million in sales. The year after his appearance, sales increased to $1 million. They have around 70 employees and a $7 million yearly income as of June 2022.

Our Review of Brand Yourself

Brand Yourself was launched in 2010 to help businesses and people manage their personal information and reputation on the internet. It is a company based in the United States of America that manages internet reputations. The company provides tools and services to assist businesses and users improve their search rankings by creating new websites and content.

This service operates on a freemium model, which means you can use some of the tools and services for free, but you’ll have to pay for premium access via a membership and professional services costs.

Brand Yourself’s services and technologies have helped businesses and individuals outrank negative search results. These programs have enhanced the internet privacy and reputation of millions of users. The fundamental elements of Brand Yourself are free; however, further features and services may require a monthly subscription charge.

Most of the users are happy with the modern and sophisticated UI on the website. Once you’ve logged in, your dashboard, which is straightforward and easy to use, will show you your reputation score and online reviews.

The goal of Brand Yourself is to keep you updated on people’s interest in your brand so that you may capitalize on it, grow your business, and gain client loyalty. Brand Yourself also keeps an eye out for your personal information on the internet and assists you in dealing with data breaches. You can include this automated service in your DIY subscription.

You can use Brand Yourself to erase your personal information from 35+ data broker websites and keep track of it so it doesn’t resurface. So, overall, Brand Yourself has done a pretty good job at removing unwanted content off the internet.

Pros of Brand Yourself

  • User-friendly interface
  • Cost effective solution

Cons of Brand Yourself

  • High market competition

Are There Any Alternatives?

  • Reputation
  • Bird Eye
  • Swell
  • Yext

Our Final Thoughts

After exiting the pitch without a deal, Ambron’s experience on Shark Tank resulted in $1 million in sales. As part of its Series A round, the company raised an extra $2 million. The funding was led by New Atlantic Ventures, with participation from Barney Pell and FF Angels. During the extended Series A, the company was profitable and planned to use the funding to expand the Brand Yourself product line. As of November 2022, Brand Yourself employs over 70 people and makes over $7 million in annual sales.